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  1. Yesterday, I learned the lesson that candy gives me no pleasure anymore. Also, I feel better in the morning when I net at least 1,000 calories the previous day.

  2. Got brave and left campus to explore the shops surrounding it. It was fun. :) There was even an arcade! With DDR! Might go back there when I have money to actually play a game.

    1. Moriartea_time
    2. Brawlrus


      If you hang around enough, I've found that there are people that don't like to play alone and will pay for you to play with them. Maybe it's just MY experience, but those people exist.

  3. Just 15 pounds to go, now, to get to 130. Then, I see how I feel and go from there. At least now I've got a good BMI. :)

  4. Ate many small meals/snacks throughout the day, all with some protein and fat included. Dinner was 4 oz. poached salmon and sauteed, spiced vegetables in a half tablespoon of canola oil. Small but satifying. 1,080 calories eaten in total and some exercise done through power walking. Planning on going to sleep early to recharge from the deprivation of the week. Today was a good day. :)

  5. I'm probably just panicking again. Going back to my normal diet and trying to be consistant about it.

  6. Okay, I'm going to do it. Starting this weekend, I'm going lower carb and replacing the energy with fats and protein. Maybe if I take it a little at a time and eat more veggies and less grains then I'll not have to feel that sharp spike in my head and the sleepiness when I eat carbs! :D

  7. Ate a bowl of steel-cut oatmeal with made with almond milk, strawberries and blueberries and a scoop of whey protein. Why do I feel tired and a bit hungry?

    1. AlexCold


      That's an easily digestible meal, with little fat. Drink some water to fill up.

    2. Steppinon D'Arrows

      Steppinon D'Arrows

      Ah, I forgot to mention the tablespoon of walnuts (that's 1/2 an ounce)

      Also, I drink a ton of water. It helps to get rid of headaches in the morning, or so I think.

  8. I've quit Maintainance Month. Going back to 1411 at "lightly active" and, hopefully, a loss of 1 lb per week. Got scared of gaining weight.

  9. Okay, I've decided: March Maintenance Month for Metabolism Make-up starts today! :D

  10. Actually committing this time to less exercise to reduce stress and lose wieght. Set myself at sedentary and counting anything extra as exercise.

  11. H-he's not really dead, we just have to find...! No, he's gone, someone else must have his katra. Um, maybe Shatner or Takei...

  12. Might have quinoa intolerance... and I was so excited to enjoy it too...

    1. Brawlrus


      I find I have to take it in small doses, or I'll be in the bathroom a lot.

  13. Call me a quitter and a weakling, I cannot go low-carb for even a day. Can't think or exercise right. Not going to stick it out.

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    2. kaelvan


      I tried low carb diet before, almost starved myself to death. As danica says, do what's best for you. There's so many diets out there, there's bond to be one you can easily do.

    3. Steppinon D'Arrows

      Steppinon D'Arrows

      Not sure I can, broddah, but thank you for the well-meaning encouragement. I think I just really wanted the excruciatingly painful cravings to stop from when I went too high recently and it worked but then I failed a practice test twice and I feel exhausted. I normally feel good on a moderate-carb plan, like danica and kaelvan suggest.

    4. shaar


      You can still do it!! We are all unique, what works for one may not work at all for another. Stay positive and trust in the trial and error process, it takes time~ <3

  14. Yep, did good with exercise today. All that resting gave me some energy. Going back to my exercise routine with reduced intensity and hopefully I'll regain full strength and increase it back.

  15. Caught some kind of stomach bug yeaterday. Now I feel guilty for not being able to will myself into exercising today like I do every day.

    1. Steppinon D'Arrows

      Steppinon D'Arrows

      Actually got to walk around a bit today. Overdid it a bit but I feel better after resting.

    2. Surakha


      Right back at you with the not overdoing it ;) clear liquids, then rice or crackers, then food. Stomach bugs are the TOTAL WORST.

  16. Six pounds in six weeks. :D And soon to try to do it all over again. Hopefully with a lot less stressing and panicking.

  17. Over 30,000 steps today! :D Also deciced to change my status to "active" on MFP and up my diet to 1600 calories to gain energy for more things.

  18. Note to self: buy pecans.

    1. Moriartea_time


      Yes. Pecans are SO GOOD.

  19. Everyone with a Fitbit, join fitforfood! It starts today! :D Let's all help people together!

  20. Left my Fitbit in its charger back home. I completed all my goals and then some on it but I'm going for a walk around the mall shopping with some friends and I feel like the idiot I'm sure I am without it and I can't go back and get it.

    1. Moriartea_time


      That sucks. Is there anyway to tell your Dashboard you've been out and about?

    2. Steppinon D'Arrows

      Steppinon D'Arrows

      I guess I could put it in through MFP but I don't really want to bother. I just found out, though, that because it thought I just sat there for hours, it reduced my calories burned. :(

    3. DaygloNirvana


      Sure, you made a mistake, but an idiot? Hardly. Nobody's perfect.

  21. Joined fitforfood on Fitbit and spent 1,000 higi points on two other charities. I like feeling that I'm doing good for more than just myself when I power walk. :)

    1. Moriartea_time
    2. Chris-Tien Jinn

      Chris-Tien Jinn

      How do we join?? Im'm on FitBit too.

  22. Boiling and soaking steel cut oats overnight really does cut cooking time in half! :D

    1. Teirin


      if you have a small slowcooker, you can cook them overnight: http://www.bobsredmill.com/recipes.php?recipe=1795

    2. Moriartea_time


      I will have to try that.

  23. Might be fighting something. Going to take off from school and rest today.

  24. "Go slow", he says. But how do I know what is too slow or too fast? I'll just keep exercising the ammount I am and focus on nutrition. I'm sure that once I get the weight off getting fit on maintenance would be easier.

  25. Reached all my goals today sans 30 active minutes. With all I did today, I'm just glad I got done what I did.

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