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  1. I cheat a lot on prep / Trader Joe's has a ton of pre cut veggies, fresh or frozen, and even has frozen garlic cubes and pre diced onion in a re-sealable bag (that's my favorite - I hate dicing onions!) The deli meat is s good idea, I've chopped sausages and salami up but they get really salty. I know big soups/crock-pot recipes yield a lot but I'm bad about cooking on the weekends, which is why I need to plan better. Soup is definitely looking better with winter! My friend posts photos of frozen crock mixes where she chops, seasons, and freezes a whole bunch of stew ingredients in gallon freezer bags and then just dumps them in her crock pot each week to heat for dinner. She says it reduces her veggie rot and she's got pre made meals ready to go, which looks really easy I've wanted to try it out.
  2. OK three months in and progress is slow slow slow, barely any fat loss over my tiny growing muscles, which are probably protein starved. My eating habits have been hardest hit, especially over the holidays. Last year I put ten pounds on between Halloween and New Year's (eek), must avoid that again. So - new challenge! Inspired by my Cook Serve Delicious game addiction I am going to turn my focus on FOOD (cause lets face it - food's awesome it shouldn't be a source of fail!) Step 1: Develop diabolical plan for total kitchen domination using cheap, mostly pre-prepped (but healthy!) foods and Zen approach to utensil use to reduce cleanup time Step 2: Create 30 day challenge focused on food WITHOUT worrying about exercise goals at the same time (after achieving Bruce Lee hood) Step 3: Include DESSERTS in all above plans - because if I don't choose my bosses I will fail any random ones that come my way Step 4: Start online log of all progress/failures to ensure accountability and keep better track of my eating and cooking habits Step 5: Upon failure or obstacle stop, review, and go through steps again using different plan (Pinky and the Brain style yo) Further to above I will use my social/+3 charisma to work harder on enlisting the support of friends and to laugh in the face of ridicule at my early attempts at cooking veggies. Tally Ho!
  3. I'm in Petaluma / maybe no Rebels but i play with a crew of nerds on the Meetup group called The Geekery. There's also The Rebel Craft Collective
  4. Our house has been invaded by ants, which my cats are worthless against. Maybe cats would help with mice though? Your Minecraft world might be easier for building / hunting but maybe there's inspiration there to use for building simple daily quests? Like gathering wood/materials, doing one 8 bit square worth of construction, killing/trapping 1 rodent, etc.? I admit a guilty revelry after fighting off five waves of ant invaders in one weekend.
  5. Awesome coffee idea! And music is totally worthy loot. You got this!
  6. One thing that's helped me with emotional eating is identifying which emotion makes me eat and when I'm most likely to get hit with a snack attack. I stress eat and I'm usually stressed at work, so I focused on what I eat at work first -- I put up a sign on my desk saying "Don't Feed The Pirate" and politely refused all sweets my coworkers offered me. I had to make sure to pack lots of healthy foods/snacks everyday to get me through. I started with lots of fruit - raspberries, grapes, apples - because they're sweet and I've got a sweet tooth, so whenever I wanted the sugar I went for fruit instead. Even though fruit isn't good for weight loss I dropped about 5 pounds in one month just switching to it over cookies/M&M's/cakes/donuts. Also when I get chocolate cravings -- which I get a lot, especially on my monthly -- I found going for mint tea helped. I don't know why but somehow my chocolate kick gets satisfied by mint, maybe because I'm used to having chocolate mints.
  7. My first day of failure on my 30 day challenge, day 16....Good thing October has 31 days!! Try try again tomorrow :)

    1. Ba'sini'on


      With each failure you learn and get stronger! Glad you're not giving up

  8. Very helpful answers -- thank you!! Time is not of the essence, as we'll likely be too broke for a wedding for at least another couple years and we're in no rush. We technically already have our home together so the lift is more just ceremonial rite of passage idea (with a little revenge, not gonna lie - I hate getting picked up). This would be more like a master goal/quest with lots of little quests building up to it I just need to plan that part out. - I could maybe structure my mini quests as lifting different size kids (baby, toddler, elementary school kid/50 to 60 lbs, middle schooled/70 to 80 lbs, etc.) if I can find enough volunteers. - Right now I can carry our 30 pound Corgi (chubby dog lifts for the win, amen!) for about 10 min on hikes when she gets tired / she's particular about being carried "Queen" style directly under her legs with my arms at a 90 degree angle while keeping her back straight. I can still carry a 10 pound backpack while doing that, but lifting on my back is always easier - Fireman carry might work, the Princess carry was an icing idea (hence parenthesis) but I don't think he'd be too un-compliant either way / the foot height difference is pretty daunting, even if I could try Princess carry it'd look more like Scooby-Doo/Shaggy carry - Form = Must Practice, yes, thank you / I hurt my back long time ago in high school trying to lift something the wrong way so I try really hard to watch now whenever I lift anything if I'm doing it right
  9. I am new to Nerd Fitness, started early September and trying to keep up the Beginner Body Workout 3 x weekly and have at least 2 x Paleo meals a day. With my first month almost down keeping up with these changes, I wanted to start setting up goals/quests/challenges and work towards leveling up. My main goal is to (Princess) carry my fiancé over the threshold to our home and rock a chainmail bikini (For reference: My fiancé is 6'4" and currently weighs 149 lbs, that's a foot taller and 10 lbs less than me - assuming he doesn't gain weight) What quests should I look at to support that goal? I understand I need strength/weight training, but not sure which workouts support a goal of actually lifting people.... I also need visualization, otherwise lifting weights gets very dull for me. Lifting things is much more rewarding -- bricks, furniture, etc. -- so I like to gauge my strength but what I can lift in real life, not just how many reps & weights I can do. I know it's pretty far off right now, but I get Dwarf tossed daily by skinny Elf boy and he needs to be taught a lesson. I've seen lots of powerlifting ladies on this site so I know it's possible!
  10. Dear Lord - it seems I work at Big Rock Candy Mountain. My first week of attempting healthier living and I had to turn down free ice cream, two consecutive cupcake parties, free bread/bagels, and my boss's unending supply of peanut M&M's. To face my daily battles I imagine I am a orc mercenary stationed in a sugar plum fairy kingdom - must bring meat

    1. Strickland5
    2. Purple_Panda


      Orc standing in Sugar Plum Fairy Kingdom with thought bubble of 'meat' above him. I'd pay $20 for a poster of that.

    3. Brunsonja


      Thank you Strickland5! And Panda I think you are on to the most motivational poster idea ever - I would totally hang that on my cubicle.

  11. I clicked on this thread because I'm subconciously drawn to "sugar" and the little devil on my shoulder thought "oooh, what sugars be here"....I thank everyone for teaching my brain a lesson. I did decide to just keep my one packet of Stevia in my coffee in the morning. Paleo/non-paleo/vegan/gluten free/low fat/bulk up/slim down/whatever -- I just want my one packet of Stevia in my coffee. That's really all. Thank you all again, I think I'll go back to reading the veggie threads now.
  12. Thanks for the inspiration / Rocky knows what he's talking about. Checking in, I've completed 1 week of the beginner workout routine. Need to tackle the next hill -- tracking my calories so I actually lose weight. I hate tracking calories. For now I've been focusing on swapping them out for healthy foods but eventually I know I'll have to count them and beat them down until I can get closer to my goal. Bring on da veggies
  13. I started my Rebel Fitness journey Tuesday after finding the site Monday. I started with the ten minute walk, which I did to the grocery store to buy up some meat, veggies, and fruit. Wednesday I got another walk in and had started trying to make two outta three meals a day Paleo. Thursday I hit a snag - identify your number one hurdle? You gotta be kidding me. I'd put-off/failed getting healthy several times. So many factors had drained my energy to change - work, two hours commuting everyday, an over-zealous geek activity schedule, etc. How did I identify the main villain? Friday came and I had to step up and do the beginner work out. My friends had planned a Battlestar Galactica game night after work and I had slept in late, running out in sandals. As my Friday progressed I knew I was supposed to take 20 to start working out. I wasn't dressed for it and I didn't have time to run home to my weight set. I kept thinking of why I should start Monday when I was prepared. But something in me said no. The Rebellion was different. All I had to do to finish my quest for the day was work out. After work I drove to the park. I threw all my jumper cables and junk into my road emergency kit (aka makeshift dumbbell) and hiked up the hill to a flat spot. Pretty sweaty I counted that as my warm up and started in. Twenty minutes later I was done! I felt good. I stretched and wobbled back down the hill. I returned the road kit to the trunk and drove off to betray humanity with my loving toaster boyfriend. At the end of the day I figured it out - my number one hurdle? Me. I'm almost through my first week of Rebel Fitness. This time, I want to make it count and make the changes so I'm not a hurdle - I'm just a Level One Warrior.
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