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  1. Saturday was my first triathlon. Finished close to last, but it was a blast.

    1. Lou186000


      congrats, what an awesome accomplishment!

    2. Raincloak


      super! What distance?

  2. Thanks S.S.! Looks like I'll be completing my 10 mile goal shortly.
  3. 7/13 biked 4mi in 30min. 7/15 ran 2.4mi. Most oppresive conditions ever. Can't run on the Mississippi path until summer's over. 7/18 biked 8mi in 1hr. Woot! 7/20 ran 2mi in 25min. 7/21 biked 2mi really hard. Today I ran 1.4mi without stopping to tennis practice with my fiance. And wore my Ohm Ridin' shirt PLUS NF cap of awesomeness. I'm adding trail running to my list of things to do. Looks like perfect practice for retrying the PCT. Thank you Ginger Runner.
  4. Ran 1 mile in 11 min. Walked/ran 1 mile in 15 min.
  5. Sunday: biked 4.54 miles in 31:10. Monday: biked 4.97 miles in 32:05. Tuesday: ran 2.6 - 3.1 miles in 31:35+ min. Every route Happy's does is supposed to be a 5k and my phone app may have messed up. Not sure. And it wasn't any easier than last time. While my ankles behaved better, my legs were pretty tight from my recent exertions. Also, there were probably 70+ people there, whereas last time there were only about 20. And this time there were barely sprinkles.
  6. Biked 3.14 miles (5k) in 21 min. I'll have to put a band-aid or something on my ankle reflectors so they're not digging into my skin. Still, I'm happy. I planned to run this morning, but I fell asleep too late last night. I'll have to be more conscious about my bedtime when I plan on training on work mornings. Also, when I have my own kitchen, I need to make the equivalent of George's Coach's plate. It has little tomatoes, sausage slices, grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, and mustard. Sounds like a good start to a bento box! Just needs some green veggies. Fruit for dessert. Ba Bam! Sleeveless Hoody: $48 Neon Pink Longsleeve: $45
  7. I ran 3.13 miles (5k) in 38:10 min yesterday evening, and it was freakin awesome. Despite my tea burns from that morning, my upset stomach from overcaffinating on 1.5 servings of black tea, and the pouring rain, I decided to go to Happy's Running Club. I am happily surprised that I already have the endurance for it. My biggest threat is actually my ankles (particulary my right one), which were feeling strained not halfway through. It slowed me down quite a bit, having to walk now and again to make sure I didn't go over my limit. So, I'll be seeing if there's anything I can do to strengthen my ankles in the next few weeks. I'll still run next Tuesday. This is uber exciting. I hope it keeps raining Tuesday nights; it was quite refreshing.
  8. Just ran the first 5k of my journey!

    1. messingaboutinboats


      congratulations! what a big step!

  9. Just paid the entrance fee for the Oct. 18 Duathlon. It's getting real.

    1. Raincloak


      buying my ticket for Sept 22 marathon. *highfive*

    2. Ohm Rider
  10. This sounds absolutely delicious. I'll be trying it.
  11. Alrighty! This morning I biked 2.37 miles in 16:30. Uber beginner level? Yes. Twice as far as last time? YES! Also, I just stole the saddle cushion off my dad's bike, so that should really help my distance next time. Also, I bought gear yesterday. Jerry was kind enough to do a quality check. Ankle Reflectors: $9 Helmet: $24 Socks: $8
  12. Yay first Battle Log post! This week I decided I want to do an Iron Man. I've never been "athletic", but I've always enjoyed sports (particularly soccer and martial arts). However, after watching some YouTube videos on the Kona World Championships, I decided I want to have that experience. No one can stop me from doing it; it's all on me, which are the best odds I can ask for. So! A few days ago I biked 1.24 miles in 7:40 minutes. It was drizzling when I started, and within a few minutes was pouring down rain. It was refreshing though. A day or two later I ran/walked 1.1 miles in 14:46. This morning I ran/walked 1 mile in 11:26. Had I not stopped to walk about 0.6 miles in, I'm guessing it would have cut 0:45 off my time. The next time I run will probably be with a running group this Tuesday. They do a 5k, so we'll see how much I can run it.
  13. Ba BAYUM. While I've always "wanted" to be healthier, physical fitness and clean eating always drops in lue of "the other thing." But today, rather than chasing this abstract goal, I've created a plan. I am going to do an Iron Man triathlon in Kona, and I am going to train my butt off to get there. I'll start with running and biking. I'm beginning on my mom's bike from Germany, meaning it's 20+ years old. On Tuesday I'm running with a local club to practice running with a crowd. So that's a 5k every Tuesday night. If I feel I'm ready, on October 18th I'll enter a duathlon. Once I've paid off my student loans in a few months, I'll do one of two things: buy a proper road bike (for competitions and practical travel) or buy a membership at the Y for ~$50 month to use a pool. One thing that always threw me off schedule is my constant back-and-forth between my house and my best friend's house. *Not a problem any more! When I sleep at my house, I'll go for a bike ride. When I sleep at his, I'll run. It'll be a pretty even distribution. I might just get a new pair of shoes so I have one at each place. Bonus: SInce I've been considering the Iron Man, it's been so much easier to turn down the crap food. Yay! I like feeling healthy. So, time to start making my Battle Logs.
  14. 3.28 MILES! I did have to slow down a few times because of stitches, but it was badass nonetheless.

    1. Strickland5


      Miles is miles, don't matter if they're done at a sprint, a jog, or a walk. Congrats!

    2. Lokesbrah
    3. emyerson
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