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  1. Well, the Open is officially over for this Crossfitter. 24:57 scaled. Next year, I'm hoping to go RX. I'm going to go die now...
  2. I do love Urban Chestnut!!
  3. So, I was part of this convo way back on page 2, and then dropped off the face of the planet for awhile. Just popping in to say hi to my fellow STL nerds and see if anything exciting is going on.
  4. So, I'm late to the party, as I JUST got back on NF, but wanted to say hi to everyone #intheopen. What are you hoping to see/not see tonight? Any predictions? I'm saying death by db thrusters.
  5. Not dead...just sorta feel that way. Seems I've been hit by the flu bug...will check in when I'm not running a fever...
  6. Yeah, the ankle is better. Still have a bruise, but its just a surface bruise now. No structural damage.
  7. Ugh...Super Bowl Sunday (hell, the whole weekend) is a blur. Too much food and beer.... But, good news, I'm all healed!! Good workout this morning: Squat: 5/5/145 OHP: 5/5/75 BOR: 5/5/95 Bench: 5/5/95 Pullups: 5/5/Assisted. Moved the pin up two plates on the pullups today! Making real progress towards that first unassisted pull up. Someday, I will catch that white whale! Oops...wrong Moby... That's better... I caught Steve's article about the 30 days of selfishness, and it got me thinking about how often I put other things ahead of my fitness. Like this past weekend. I had two parties (Cards Against Humanity on Saturday, and some sporting event Sunday), and I allowed myself to reason away why I could eat like I used to. So, for the next 30 days, I'm not allowing anything to come before my fitness. That includes getting stuck at work and having to visit the dreaded cafeteria for lunch. Did well today, though, and got tilapia. Would have rather had salmon, but the cafeteria isn't exactly Mesa Grill... Last week, I'm only giving myself a B for the workouts. Missing that one isn't so bad, but I have to stop reasoning away why it shouldn't count against me. Everything else was an A, though, so I'm still happy with things. Track the food: A. Yes, I had to go back in and add Saturday and Sunday after the fact, but I took pictures of everything I ate, which made it easier. Be Strong: B. Missed a day due to injury. Not mad at myself, but like I said, I can't make excuses... Cardio: A. That said, I still don't like doing cardio. Hoping for warmer weather so I can do sprints up the hill by the lake. I feel like a hamster on the treadmill/eliptical/rowing machine.
  8. Got my workout in yesterday, and then the day went downhill. Work is really stressful right now, so didn't get a chance to post yesterday, or much today. Figured I would log in and getm y workout from eysterday up, though. Tomorrow is work from home, so hopefully it goes better... Squat: 5/5/140 Bench: 5/5/95 Over head press: 5/5/65 Bent over row: 5/5/90 Pullups: 4/8/Assisted Hope everyone is doing well. I'll be on more tomorrow.
  9. This is how my week 4 started out.... Hoping after resting yesterday and (mostly) today, I'll be good to go to lift tomorrow...
  10. You are doing such an awesome job!! Glad you're getting great weather out there. Its cold (not snowing, thank goodness) -- too cold to workout outside without my lungs burning.
  11. Tweaked my ankle in an amazing display of grace and form as I fell down my stairs yesterday. Hopefully all is better and I can get back to it tomorrow...
  12. Gah...not a great start to the week. Somehow, either clumsiness or sleepiness, I fell down my stairs yesterday morning and tweaked my ankle. I don't think its sprained or twisted or anything like that. I think I smacked it on the railing. BUT, it hurts. Moreso today than yesterday. I skipped the workout yesterday to make sure it wasn't a sprain since its hard to squat/press/row without a stable base. I'm going to get in my cardio this evening, but its likely going to be rowing, since my ankle is still quite sore. Hopefully, the mix of advil and rest will let it feel well enough tomorrow to lift. Here is where I am to date: Track the Food: A -- This has been easier than I remember. the first challenge, it was a chore to go in and track everything. Not so much this time around... Be strong: A -- This is just for last week. I'll take off the point for missing yesterday with the next wrap up Cardio : A -- Gack...I really don't like doing cardio. I need to find a more fun way to do it. COME ON SPRING!!!
  13. The issue isn't WANTING to see everyone, the issue is having TIME to see everyone. There is the chance that Adie might be moving to STL this summer, and if that's the case, I need all the vaca I have to pack her apt up and drive it home.
  14. This morning started off well. Got up and made leftover taco meat omelettes for breakfast. My son responded with "Dad, these are amazing!". My plan to slowly work him towards chorizo is progressing nicely Got to work, and someone brought in bagels and doughnuts for a co-worker's birthday. BLEGH! Glad I had breakfast before I got here. BUT, they also brought in fresh -- not the free crap they give us in the snack hall -- coffee from St. Louis-NOT-PANERA-Bread Co. Good yet free coffee makes me smile Since I had my boy this morning, cardio will need to wait until this evening, but I have wall-balls, box jumps, lunges, and kettlebell swings in my future.
  15. My FW and I are outdoorsy, so our wedding will likely have a big game menu -- venison, boar, etc. But we've talked about a Doctor Who or Firefly themed cake...
  16. WHY IS THIS RACE NOT IN MISSOURI!?!?! Seriously, the Denver race is the closest race to "places I go"... No Vegas, no St. Louis, and San Diego is next month, so that's out. Going to Denver means going to Pueblo, and I don't have a week in June to go visit my sister, especially since I just got back from there... *ponders how to go to Colorado for a weekend without sister knowing about it*
  17. Yoga scares me. I'm not coordinated enough to be bendy. I'll stay over here, lifting really heavy things...
  18. That race that Stars posted looks awesome, but not sure how I can get to Denver and NOT go to Pueblo to see my sister. She might kill me, which would take this from a short weekend trip to a full-fledged week vacation... Keep up the great work!
  19. Well, wasn't going to, but it looked SO tasty.... And, it fit my macros.
  20. Oh, the brisket...soo good. And, broccoli salad as a side! Ended up getting it as a sandwich, though, because it just looked so tasty. Food coma commencing in 3......2......1......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  21. I think we are "protein loading" at lunch today. My fave smokehouse just tweeted that their brisket is on special today, and after lifting, I want a bit extra protein in my diet. Plus...NO CARBS!! We have Panera all over the place, except here, its called St. Louis Bread Company. Because this is where Panera started...and they kept the original name in STL...
  22. Assuming skipping will actually let you rest and relax, and you won't feel stress or guilt from skipping (and not getting paid), take a breather. Everyone needs a mental health day from time to time. However, if its just going to make you feel guilty and stressed from calling in, then, pardon the bluntness, suck it up and go. Unless you have video games to play. Always pick video games.
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