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  1. Week 3, Day 4 Such a bad bench day! Eat - I ate 200 calories over. I'm not too upset about this because I have been really hormonal this week and I've undereaten a couple of days so I'm still on track for the week, but it doesn't count as a tick for today. Drank all my water. Sleep - Again no. Got to bed at 11:45 but had to be up early so didn't get as much sleep as I wanted. Lift - Yes, but probably shouldn't count. I was so exhausted, I was shaking when I did my first bench set and it just got worse from there. I failed my 3rd rep at 40kgs (which I did fine the week before last), had to drop the weight down, and even then I failed my third rep again. Felt terrible, but my coach reminded me it's all about consistency and I've been crap at that this year. Didn't go hang with my friend afterwards because I was feeling way too emotional. Went home and cleaned instead. Everything just felt off, it was such a weird day.
  2. I've never really understood - what is a water cut? Do you just drink less so you dehydrate and weigh less?
  3. Week 3, Day 3 Another good day I'm feeling so good about how I'm going this week. Eat - Ate on plan all day, ended about 100 calories under. Drank all my water. Sleep - Slept on schedule. Almost got to bed early, but remembered once I was all tucked in I'd left my son's breakfast chicken kebabs under the grill instead of putting them in the fridge, so had to get back up again. (He gets chicken and rice for breakfast because he doesn't eat much during the day at school and the early protein balances out his energy for the day and he doesn't like eggs) (I get asked about this a lot ^_^) Lift - Nothing scheduled today, but I did all my knee physio exercises and 15 minutes of foam rolling. I've also been really good with my unofficial goals of keeping up with the Warriors Challenge forum and doing my daily to-do list. I sneakily weighed myself this morning and I'm down a kilo but I won't record until after my official weigh on Saturday morning
  4. Week 3, Day 2 Third perfect day of the Challenge! Eat - Spot on all day. Didn't eat one of my meals and had 200-odd calories left at the end of the day. Drank so much water, I was really thirsty all day. Sleep - I got home after lifting, did all my chores, watched some of the Chinese drama I'm watching on Netflix, and then had half an hour left. I was worried if I started playing Torchlight I wouldn't be able to stop after 30 minutes, but I did it and got to bed exactly on time Lift - Legs day in the lead up to starting Westside: I am so exhausted today, so I have declared it a rest day and I don't have to try and fit any cycling in today. I've made plans to fit cycling in Thursday, Friday and Saturday so I should still reach my goal this week.
  5. You should print them out on canvas as modern art!
  6. Ha, I did that when I started as well! I ended up having to roll the bar down my spine onto the kitchen table, which is... not ideal Squat racks FTW
  7. Week 3, Day 1 Had a lovely day despite the lack of sleep from the night before. Also my second perfect day for this Challenge! Eat - Stuck perfectly to my eating plan. Had more calories than I anticipated left at the end of the day so I had some eggs and toast which was awesome. Sleep - Went to bed on time and got up a little late, so yay for sleep! Also had a short nap at 2pm to get me through the evening. Lift - Finally a proper yes for cardio! Went for a bike ride around the local man-made lake. Did 3 laps for a 45 minute ride of 12 kilometers. I'm so glad to have my bike back.
  8. Week 2, Days 6 and 7 Bit of a rubbish end to week 2. I weighed myself Saturday morning, and was happy to only be up 400g, given that I had had three off-eating days and did absolutely no exercise. I think when that's 1 off-eating day with normal exercise I'll be looking at a loss each week. Eat - On Friday I was doing great, but then I got home and I was feeling a bit low so ate 200g of rice with some butter mixed through. Because I had some calories to spare, I only went over by about 100 calories but still counts as a miss. Saturday I took and tracked my free-eating day. I had a chicken schnitzel sandwich that I made myself at home, it was the bomb. Didn't get through all my water Friday, but I did on Saturday. Sleep - Slept really well Friday night. I never sleep on Saturdays because I have a regular role-playing group. We were at a really interesting bit of the plot until one of the guys was like "See as it's quarter to 4, we might want to wrap up soon" and we were all like "damn". I didn't bother trying to sleep after that, I went home and played Torchlight and did some cleaning until it was officially Day 1 of Week 3 (6am is the time I count as changeover). Lift - Nothing. I got my bike rack set up Friday, planned to ride on Saturday but then I had a migraine and had to spend the whole day being bored in a dark room until my brain stopped imploding. Sunday was a lot better, and I'm about to post for that
  9. But only if you weigh less than 40 kilos
  10. Thanks guys I really appreciate the support. I've managed to sort out my problems mostly and I think it will be okay. I put way too much pressure on myself this year, and I'll try and learn some lessons for next year. Week 2, Day 5 Eat - Yes. Ate under my calorie goal (JUST) but not all the right foods because I went to lunch with a friend and had a chicken schnitzel roll for lunch. I didn't have chips, which was good. Then I had to work back so I had to buy my son dinner, but I didn't buy me dinner (yay!) - I made mine when I got home after he was in bed. I did eat a couple of his hot chips but I tracked them. Drank all my water. Sleep - Also yes. Was meant to do more washing and studying, but instead I collapsed into bed. Slept really well. Lift - No. Was meant to be cardio. I planned to ride my bike for half an hour, but it was already so late when I got to my Mum's place to pick up my son and I had to get him fed and home to bed. I really need to save up for a good rowing machine so I can do some cardio from home. That's one of the downsides about being a single parent - once they're in bed you're locked in to staying inside for the rest of the night I went out today and bought a bike carrier for my hatchback! So now I'm not reliant on my parents to bring it places for me, and it will make getting a ride in during the day a whole lot easier
  11. Ha! I did that once, I asked a lady if she was a cross-fitter and she was a little insulted because she was a powerlifter. It's just that cross-fitters are often really cut and she looked really great - it was almost definitely a compliment
  12. *lol* That is so cute! I'm going to have to try that with my jerk cat
  13. Same! I also have a douche cat. She peed on my table the other day because I changed her litter and she didn't like the new brand I bought.
  14. Week 2, Day 4 Despite my best intentions, I had a minor meltdown today. My son was sick, I was freaking out about money and work, and it just felt like it all piled on at once. The only thing I got right was water. I knew intellectually I was emotional eating, and I put up more resistance than I usually do, but in the end I still just ate to feel better about the crappy aspects of my life. The other thing I did was made my diary of MFP private, and today I tracked everything I ate yesterday. I figured embarrassment about what I ate doesn't keep me on track, it just stops me tracking, so I'd be better of keeping it private and even logging awful days instead of just logging the good days. I'm feeling a little better today. I think I'll buck up a bit when I have a plan sorted for how to fix this mess I'm in.
  15. I really like riding around the lake. I just got my bike fixed, so I'm planning to do some of that on the weekend. The difficulty is finding time during the week. I should try and teach my son to ride better so he can come with me.
  16. Thanks guys I'm still feeling a bit under the weather, both physically and a bit mentally, but it'll pass. I got really down because instead of getting a tax refund apparently this year I owe the tax office money. I'd been relying on that money for PAX and now I'm trying to figure out how I can fix this. Week 2, Day 3 Struggled through my day at work, got my third wind and then there was a thunderstorm with hail and everything and I love thunderstorms so it was great. Eat - Ate on track and drank all my water. Because I was up at 4am, I had some toast then which I wasn't supposed to, but I made it fit in my calories for the day. Sleep - Slept really well. Took 2 night cold and flu tablets, and because I forgot they knock me out I slept straight through all night and even through both my alarms until I was late to work today *lol* Lift - Thunderstorm conspired against any attempts at cardio.
  17. That's 79 kilos, and you need to be at 96 kilos which is 211.6 pounds So only about 36 pounds to go! Seriously, you are so awesome
  18. Wow, you couldn't have told from the video! Way to put the effort in! And I wasn't trying to start anything, I was just curious which comps you'd be going in I've only been in one comp, and my coach and I agreed beforehand I wouldn't attempt to squat because I couldn't get down to parallel at all. So I technically bombed, but it was still a lot of fun. I'm hoping to compete again next year.
  19. Week 2, Day 2 Another weird day. It was a Public Holiday and I was coming down with what my son had all weekend. Eat - Ate too little. 400 calories under, but still counts as a tick. Also drank all my water. Sleep - Had a napcident... ...(see Lift) and then couldn't sleep at all. Went to bed perfectly at 11:30. Told myself if I lay there long enough I'd drift off, stared at the back of my eyelids till 3am, then said "bugger this" and got up and watched Chinese dramas and played Torchlight till it was time to get ready. Now it's lunchtime at work and I am so very exhausted. But if I sleep before tonight I'll just have the same problem tomorrow, so I just have to power through. Hopefully I'll get my third wind soon. Lift - Was meant to be a squat day, and because it was a Public Holiday the session was going to be earlier in the day. After lunch my son just wanted to lie on the bed and read, so I did the same. Next thing you know, I wake up, Marcus is asleep, the sun was going down, and I had five missed calls from my mother who'd offered to mind my bub during lifting. So... oops :-/ The whole thing didn't seem to effect Marcus though. He went to bed straight after dinner and slept till 7am this morning. He must actually have been unwell, he never goes to bed without reading for at least an hour.
  20. Every year I go to a science fiction and fantasy convention and every year everyone gets the post-con flu I always assumed it was because we didn't go outdoors enough, but now I see there is a post-camp flu equivalent!
  21. I would watch this TV series.
  22. Looking easssy What are the depth requirements for the comp? Is it a Powerlifting Australia comp?
  23. Week 2, Day 1 Good start to the week! I felt like it was a good start to the week, but after typing it all out I guess it was more of an average start to the week Eat - Ate weirdly. It was the first day of daylight savings (coming into the Australian summer) and my bodyclock was wayyy out. I had breakfast around noon, then had dinner at the usual time, then decided to have another couple of eggs in the evening before bed because I was still hungry. So in a way good because lots of protein and not much fat, but ended the day about 200 calories under. Still counts as a tick. Drank all my water. Sleep - No good. Combination of daylight savings and a general restlessness meant I was up till about 3am, then my son woke me up at 6am. Lift - I did about an hour of sweeping and picking up lawn refuse, which I guess kind of counts as cardio? I was super-tired afterwards. I helped my son get set up with a few plants. I'm personally an absolutely terrible gardener, but he really enjoys it (he does a gardening program at school) so here's hoping my black thumb doesn't rub off on his strawberries, sunflowers and tomatoes
  24. Awesome! That's exactly what I'm going for If I start looking too far ahead, I start to catastrophise a little. Which is basically what happened when I'd lost 39 kilos. I thought "So one more kilo then I've lost 40. Then soon I'll be under 100, then I'll be at my goal weight, and more people might start hitting on me in social encounters and it would be uncomfortable" - so I put 10 kilos back on :-/ So I need to focus really strongly on the process and not think about the outcomes. Which actually is probably good advice for my writing as well Thank you
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