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  1. 382 aiming for 400, I'm in awe I'll be lucky if I ever hit 200
  2. Week 1, Day 1 Eat - Ate on plan, yay! Also drank all my water. Sleep - Unfortunately yes, got 7 hours of sleep. Wasn't planning to as I have an exam tomorrow, but I guess better now than tonight. Still need to do a lot of reading. I should never have tried to do two subjects in one trimester. Working full-time, with an 8-year-old, and with lifting as well... Lift - Was meant to do 30 minutes cardio but didn't get to it. Now I'm going to go read the section on drafting of statements of claim, wooo!
  3. Thanks! I've read through that, it's basically confirmed for me that I'm alright without paying for it Mostly I use YouTube videos, podcasts and books I pick up at the second hand markets. Speaking to people would be good - the iTalki link in that article looks really interesting! I might have to replace my headset after all. I also love Coffee Break Italian on Spotify - nothing like listening to Scottish people teaching you Italian
  4. I'm learning Italian because my son goes to a bilingual school. They teach in English two and a half days a week and in Italian the other two and a half days. Unfortunately he's not picked up Italian as quickly as the other kids, so I'm learning so we can speak it at home. I looked up Rosetta Stone and holy cow is that an expensive program! The website also doesn't seem to go into much detail about what it actually involves. It's just "hey, we're so awesome, give us 300 euros". How are you finding the acquired version ^_^? I really liked Influent, which I got on Steam, which is a game where you walk around an apartment and learn the words for everyday objects. My home-based vocabulary improved fantastically And my son has been correcting my pronunciation (because his teacher is an Italian lady) so he's been much keener on learning. Good luck with the Spanish focus
  5. Are the two things related? Are you studying how to teach vocal performance? I find it all fascinating, I've always wished I could sing well but I'm a car karaoke kind of person And does it involve other kinds of vocal performance? Also the Danger Method looks really interesting. I tend to work from about 5 reps down, so to 10RM looks a little terrifying Your goals sounds great, good luck with them!
  6. I had to look up what Nordic Walking was - that looks really interesting! And good luck with your squats
  7. Musicals are great. I took my son to see Matilda for his 8th birthday and that was great. Now I just have to wait 2 years for Hamilton to come to Australia! Hope Sweeney Todd is awesome!
  8. Yay, there was a picture for this! As an Australian: *sighs* *goes to google what 14 pounds is in kilos* (It's about 6 kilos )
  9. Sorry to hear that :-/ If you're interested, my coach does distance programming and I can put you in touch. Otherwise, just keep at it - you'll find someone Maybe there's a lifting club near you?
  10. Last night while I was listening to Human Rights Law lecture I was playing Borderlands 2 (I have to have something to do with my hands) and found an area I hadn't seen before! And killing the creeper got me a new character skin I <3 you Borderlands
  11. I love charts so much, this is me: Yes, that's Jessie Graff! I love the face of the lady behind her With cardio, I like long bushwalks (but I never have time because my days are pretty tightly scheduled until I finish my law degree) and I like cycling. At the moment my back tyre is busted, but my Dad reckons he can fix it up so I just have to get him over here I wonder if trampolining counts as cardio?
  12. Do it! Good luck with your trainer! I started lifting from home, and then moved to going to a coach and that was great because there was stuff I didn't even know I was doing wrong. What classes are you doing for school? I'm doing a law degree part-time at night, and I have two exams over the next 7 days :-/ Best of luck with the challenge!
  13. But seriously this and in those heels:
  14. Though I'd get the foam roller anyway, it's such a good buy in terms of recovery My hip flexors are much better from using one.
  15. The last challenge fell completely apart. I got another migraine and ended up eating and sleeping my way through week 4. My goals for this challenge are mostly the same as last time - Eat Eat on plan 6 days per week. I can eat whatever I want on Saturdays (I was doing this anyway, but it was starting Friday evening and ending Sunday night so I'm going to try and contain it). Also going for 2.5l of water per day again. Sleep 7 hours per night, preferably going to bed at 11:30 and getting up at 6:30. Lift Lifting twice per week, 3 x half hour cardio sessions per week. I'm going to try and make these riding or walking with my son because I had to work up to doing one session of C25K and then was reluctant to do it ever again. I will give it another go in the future, but for the moment habit building is more important. The Main Problems 1) I have an exam at the beginning of Week 1, so that is likely to be a poor sleep start to the week. 2) I am going to the theater with my Mother in a different city in about Week 3 but that's on a Saturday so hopefully it won't impact too much on my eating. 3) I hate cardio. But I do have to do it so I just have to try and make it as interesting as possible. Thing I learned Looking at the data from my last Challenge it's really interesting to see where I was going well and where I was stuffing up. So the only thing I got right in Week 4 at all was sleep Week 3 was technically my best week, and I need to put way more effort into Week 1. My win scenario for this challenge will be to do a little better than I did last time, knocking away a bit of the fortress so I can eventually get to the French idiots inside who keep hurling insults about my parents.
  16. Week 3, Day 3 Eat - One more day spot on! I'm really happy with how I'm going this week. Even though I worked back late and my Mum offered to have a pizza waiting for me when I got home I stayed strong. Also drank all my water. Sleep - Also yes. I'm really enjoying getting enough sleep. Lift - I was meant to go for a walk with my son today, but I had to work back late, so he went to his Grandma's for the evening to play with his cousins. Thing I learned today- I work *much* better after everyone has gone home for the evening .
  17. I am exactly the same I love taking my son on bushwalks, or riding around the lake, but running is just the worst. I'd like to be able to run 5K, because that seems like something I *should* be able to do, but I don't know if I actually *want* to *lol*
  18. Week 3, Day 2 Eat - Spot on again Really happy with how my eating is going this week, and with far fewer cravings than last week. Also drank all my water. Sleep - Got enough sleep, yay! Lift - Had a fantastic day at squats. My coach said my first working set was the best I've squatted in three years. Managed to go the heaviest I've been all year. Still 10 kilos below my 3RM, but I feel like I'm finally building some proper momentum. 35 kg x 5 reps (77 pounds) 45 kg x 4 reps 55 kg x 1 reps 60 kg x 3 reps 60 kg x 3 reps 60 kg x 3 reps 60 kg x 3 reps 60 kg x 3 reps 60 kg x 3 reps (132 pounds) Also managed to get my bum off the ground in the single leg glute bridges . Thing I learned today - About the Jane Austen book Pride and Prejudice - "In 2010, scientists named a pheromone identified in male mouse urine darcin, after Mr Darcy, because it strongly attracted females." Thanks Wikipedia!
  19. Welcome! I started lifting in my loungeroom with a barbell I got on special, so I know how you feel My advice would be film each of your sets, because sometimes what it feels like you're doing and what you're actually doing are two different things. Hope it all goes well for you!
  20. Week 3, Day 1 Eat - On point all day. Ate a little under because I skipped a meal. Drank my 2l of water. Sleep - Got enough sleep, yay! Lift - Did a session of C25K. I'm not sure how committed I am to running. I will try and keep doing two sessions per week. Thing I learned today- My shower uses 8.5 litres of water per minute. I know because my son's homework was to wait a minute with the shower on and then see how many litres it was, and then do the math to work out how much water we use during each shower. The answer is generally too much. Also the Italian word for litre is "litro".
  21. Week 2, Days 5-7 Okay, it was not a great three days. Eat - Over my calorie limit each day. Saturday was the worst because I went to my Dad's place for Father's Day lunch and ate way too much Chinese food, and then I went to my friend's place in the evening and ended up having pizza. Sleep - Soo much sleep. It was great. I feel caught up on sleep. Lift- Didn't get any cardio done :-/ Thing I learned - Thanks to my 8-year-old son for this one
  22. Ha! Good point, yes, I should have phrased that more precisely. I can't agree there. Evidence in an Australian criminal matter has to be proved beyond a reasonable doubt. In this particular case, the circumstantial evidence was very strong. He had fresh cuts on his face that resembled scratch marks, he was seeing another woman and lied about their relationship to the police and sent her an SMS telling her keep quiet. The wife was found 13 kilometers away from the house but with leaves from plants that grew in their garden in her hair, and I think there was also some car evidence too (from memory based on the Court of Appeal decision, but the High Court I don't think mentioned it). And the reason the decision of the High Court is interesting here is that if there is a reasonable hypothesis consistent with innocence, it was usually accepted that the jury couldn't convict. So even though he said he was at home, and the circumstantial evidence pointed to murder, it could be a reasonable hypothesis that he did cause her death but didn't meant to kill her or cause her serious injury, therefore it could have been manslaughter, therefore he shouldn't be convicted of murder. But now, even though his testimony was inconsistent with both allegations of murder and manslaughter, it would be okay to assume that because he kept lying he was conscious within himself it wasn't manslaughter and find him guilty of murder. If you're interested, the decision is here - http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/cases/cth/HCA/2016/35.html - and here's an article that talks about some of the precedent issues it sets - http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-08-31/high-court-sets-precedents-testimony-post-offence-behaviour/7801628 This is why I love law, it's fascinating
  23. Week 2, Day 4 Still exhausted, but getting near the end of my responsibilities for the week. I told everyone I'd host a morning tea on Thursday for Children's Cancer Research, so I went over to my friend's place after lifting to make cupcakes and didn't get home till like midnight. Eat- Again, right on target. I didn't even have a cupcake after I finished making them, which is unheard of! Sleep - Nope. About 5 hours. Lift - Okay, but not great. My coach pulled my last working set because my form wasn't on point, but the weight didn't feel heavy. I worked hard during my accessories, and I'm happy I got to lift twice this week at least. Bench Press: 20 kg x 5 reps 30 kg x 4 reps 35 kg x 3 reps 40 kg x 3 reps 40 kg x 3 reps 40 kg x 3 reps 40 kg x 3 reps 40 kg x 3 reps (88 pounds) Thing I learned today- Apparently, your phone logs when you plug it in to charge. I know this because the Australian High Court just handed down a decision about a murder case, and the guy accused said he'd been sleeping at from 10pm, but his phone showed he plugged it in to charge at 1:30am. Which the prosecution then used with other circumstantial evidence to show he'd murdered his wife. The decision is pretty interesting if you're into law because it says that if you lie TOO hard, then the jury is entitled to assume you did the worst possible thing. So in this case, it could have been manslaughter, but because when he was charged with murder he kept lying about how he never even saw his wife that night and didn't admit to manslaughter, therefore it was okay for the jury to assume murder. God I miss sleep.
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