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  1. Week 2, Day 3 So, so tired. Eat - Another tick. Right foods, and right on my calorie limit. Sleep - Got the right number of hours for this challenge, but still so exhausted. Lift - Nothing scheduled for today.
  2. Week 2, Day 2 So I completely fell off the rails while I finished my assignment. I slept in 2 hour shifts, ate everything I could get my hands on, and didn't get to lifting. But it's in now so I can get back on track! Eat - Perfect day, right on my calorie goal and the right foods. Sleep - Tick, but I feel like I could have slept for three days. I'm used to be able to pull two all-nighters in a row around exams and assignments when I first went to uni. Now I have to sleep 10 hours a night to make up for 3 days of shift sleeping. Lift - I almost didn't go to lifting due to severe sleep deficit, but instead I put on some super upbeat encouraging GO FOR IT YOU CAN WIN THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS AND GET TO STATE YOU'RE THE MOST AWESOME! music and got all pumped up and ended up squatting pretty well in terms of technique even if the weight is still low. 20 kg x 5 reps 32.5 kg x 4 reps 45 kg x 3 reps 50 kg x 2 reps 55 kg x 3 reps 55 kg x 3 reps 55 kg x 3 reps 55 kg x 3 reps 55 kg x 3 reps 55 kg x 3 reps (121 pounds) Thing I learned: I really need to get to a point where I don't let everything slide when I have an exam or assignment due, but I'll start thinking about that in 2 weeks when it's time to start getting ready for exams I'm at least really happy I didn't let the whole week go, and picked up straight away once my assignment was in.
  3. Week 1, Day 4 Had a bad day. I've been super stressed out about work and my assignments and being sick and then I just kind of crumpled into a corner trying to get rid of the rest of my migraine. Eat - I was doing well until the evening when I went to my friend's place and had fish and chips for dinner. Ended up being 300 calories over. Drank 2l of water. Sleep - Got to bed around 12 and woke up at 7, which isn't awful but I felt reallly tired. Lift - Still had the remnants of my migraine, so skipped lifting. Thing I learned today - When Bhutan were going from being a monarchy to being a democracy, they had mock elections to teach everyone how democracy worked. They had four "parties" that they allocated a colour and a party platform. Yellow (which had the platform of "traditional values") won pretty convincingly! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bhutanese_National_Assembly_election,_2008#Mock_elections
  4. Week 1, Day 3 Got my Human Rights Law assignment finished and handed in. Woooooo! Eat - Half a point. Recorded all my food, and stayed within my calorie goal, but had lunch in the food court because I was disorganised and forgot to bring my own chicken. Drank my 2.5l of water. Sleep - Big no. Finished my assignment at 1am and got about 4 hours sleep. Lift - Nothing planned for Day 3. I'm going to do a thing I learned each day as well because maybe I'll get better at life stuff if I think about it some. Thing I learned today - Don't cancel the meeting, even if you're sure they're going to say no. I was so convinced this meeting this afternoon was a waste of time and that we should cancel it, but my supervisor was all "No, go and wow them with all the work you've already put together and maybe they'll see how valuable this process is" and that actually happened. It's an Xzibit kinda day
  5. Ha! Europe always sounds fun through. I've always wanted to go to Scotland. And Canada. Everyone loves Canada When I was in high school we'd sign the Canadian national anthem because we were trying for this alternative cool thing and that worked out exactly as well as you might have expected.
  6. Week 1, Day 2 I have a migraine. It is un-fun. One big tick again today for eating. Ate a little under because the migraine made me less hungry. Drank all my water, had only 2 diet cokes. I'm about to go to bed now so that's also a plus for today in the sleep column Lifting was not good, because my migraine spiked so badly after each set of squats that I could barely see. I hated having to leave, I really want to get back to the level I was at before I injured my knee and then succumbed to a variety of illnesses, but after my third working set I couldn't continue. Squats today was: 20 kg x 5 rep (44 pounds) 32.5 kg x 4 reps 45 kg x 3 reps 50 kg x 2 reps 55 kg x 3 reps 55 kg x 3 reps 55 kg x 3 reps (121 pounds) My 3RM for squats is 75 kilos (165 pounds), so this is frustrating. Still, I was squatting okay, the strength was there, my knee injury has healed and it was only the migraine holding me back. I really think I'll be back where I was in a few cycles. Hope you all had an awesome day!
  7. Your squat looks great! Super consistent and you're getting good depth. It took me ages to get to depth Also that omelette looks awesome.
  8. So because I'm an Australian I just finished the first day of Week 1! Eat - Big tick. Forgot to eat my last meal of the day so I was a little under. Stuck to 2 diet cokes. Drank all my water. Sleep - No tick :-/ It's past midnight and I'm still awake. But I don't have work tomorrow and I have an assignment due on Tuesday. It's looking good at the moment - I'm actually intending to sleep tonight. Often when I have an assignment due I don't because there's too much to get done and not enough time. Lift - Also a nope. Because today's Sunday, I was supposed to go for a half an hour walk and I bailed. In my head I said it was to work on my assignment, but then I watched the last episode of Full Metal Alchemist instead and cried a lot. Still, not a terrible start. I'm feeling pretty in control of everything! (knock wood)
  9. Ha! My friend is reading through old comic books and posting funny bits on Facebook, and at the same time I read your post he put up this: Good luck with the challenge! I am on a similar challenge in terms of focusing on getting the basic pattern right
  10. My goal for the 4 weeks is to get my process down pat. Backstory I was very overweight, then I lost a lot of weight going to a nutrition guy who deals a lot with bodybuilders. Then, when I had lost 39 kilos, I freaked out at the thought of having lost 40 kilos and fell completely off the wagon. The good part is that I know I can do it. I know that if I follow the process, I can eat enough that I'm not hungry and still lose weight. I just have to get the process right again, and not get stuck in my own head. On a personal level my time is very tightly scheduled. I work full-time, I'm studying for my law degree at night, I am a single parent (though my son goes to his Dad's place on the weekends) and I powerlift twice a week. I'm also learning Italian for 15 minutes each day and I write at least one sentence of my novel a day. I've made huge progress in the last few years coming from sitting around all day eating nothing but crap to being active, more organised, and only eating crap some of the time. But it's time for me to make another push at habit building. Goal 1 - Eat I'm going to aim to follow my nutrition plan 100%. The most difficult thing about this will be not eating chips - I love Twisties way too much. My brain is already trying to negotiate "Well, what if I do well for 6 days a week, or 4 but mostly good on the other 2?" but I'm just going to gently remind myself that chips are not an essential and you could go a whole year without them at it would be okay. The other obstacle will be exams. I am in a pattern of throwing my eating goals out the window during high-intensity study periods, but there's no reason why that has to be the case. My water goal is 2.5 litres per day. The obstacle here will be Diet Coke and Red Eye. I will cut out Red Eye and I can have a can of diet coke with lunch and dinner. Goal 2 - Sleep I am really bad at getting enough sleep on a regular basis. I've improved a lot. When I started out getting fit several years ago I was sleeping about 4 hours a night. I'm now up to about 6 hours a night. It impacts on my lifting because I'm already so exhausted by the time I get there. My goal is going to be to go to bed at 11:30 and get up at 6:30, which gives me time to get everything together to get my bub to school and me to work. The obstacle here will be I don't like going to sleep when there's so many other interesting things to do in the world. I'm going to set an alarm for 11:20 to remind me to get ready for bed, and record my time asleep, time awake and how energetic I feel on waking each day. Goal 3 - Lift I have had a lot of trouble these last 12 months with injury and illness. My RMs have dropped considerably, and it's because I haven't been able to go consistently. My goal is to make sure I lift at least twice a week, and to do at least 3 half-hour cardio sessions a week. Lifting should be okay as long as I can avoid getting sick again, but the cardio I find hard because I have no time. I'll schedule one for Thursday with my son, then do half an hour each day on the weekend. Looking forward to getting back where I was. I'm happy that I'm managing to get my plan in gear before I get right back where I started - at least I'm making progress each time!
  11. I've been away a while. I lost a bunch of weight sticking to a very healthy diet with the help of a nutrition person - I got down to the point where I was 1 kilo away from having lost 40 kilos in total - and I just went back to eating way more unhealthily. This year I've regained 10 kilos. I'm still down from where I was - and the article about respawning helped me a lot. There are a lot of things that I now do by habit which before seemed impossible to me before. I have a healthy breakfast every morning (two eggs, two egg whites, some spinach and a piece of toast), when before I had a red eye and some salami on crackers. I have a healthy lunch every work day (150g chicken breast, 150g veggies, piece or two of bread and small amount of butter), when before I would buy lunch or go without. I have a consistent pre-training meal (protein shake, banana, toast with peanut butter), when before I would have another red eye and maybe some nuggets and be starving halfway through my workout. I most of the time have a healthy dinner (eye fillet steak, veggies, rice), when before it was either oven food (nuggets and potato gems) or takeaway. Though recently I have started eating sausages again and they are so awful yet so good. So really I've made huge progress. In fact, writing it out that way I feel pretty good about myself I also used to eat huge packets of chips almost every night, and now my problem is I have them a couple of times a week. I have takeaway several times a fortnight (down from a week, or a day!) and I'd like to cut that down as well. What I need to work on now is - Starting consistent cardio. I powerlift twice a week, but I really need to be doing three lots of 30m cardio a week as well. Stopping eating chips. I have no idea how I'm going to go about this at the moment - everything I've tried has failed. I went cold turkey - I ended up bingeing. I tried to cut down - I ended up bingeing. I'm thinking of maybe saying I can eat as many chips as I want, but only on Saturdays. Any advice anyone has around this would be super appreciated. Focusing on the process, not the goal. When I started to gain the weight back, I panicked and went back to the mental habit of "How can I get back as quickly as possible?" and then ended up in a starve/binge cycle again, though with nowhere near the depth of fluctuations as previously. So I need to stop thinking "I need to lose X kilos in 2 months" and go back to "I need to eat this today". I'm thinking about starting IIFYM as well. Thanks for listening!
  12. Day 20 - Holy cow, only 57 days to go!! I had a good session today. Man I missed lifting! My shoulder is going to be giving me grief for a while, but I am absolutely dead set on doing a three lift comp in the first half of next year. Food/Drink 2474 calories Breakfast: Last of the cheese and bacon pullapart, Red Eye.Lunch: Chicken Schnitzel and chips.Dinner: Takeaway Chinese.Snacks: ChocChip Cookie, Powerade.Piece of Fruit: Banana.Water - 2 litres. Sleep 7 hours Exercise Lifting (full workout on Fitocracy): 4 sets of 5 bench press at 20 kilos.2 sets of 5 deadlift at 40 kilos.The weights are really light but even then my shoulder was niggling at the end of the deadlift so I had to skip my last set and modify my assisted work. My PBs before injury were 51 kilos for benchpress and 97.5 for deadlift, but I realise it's going to take me some time to get back up there. Also did my physio work at lifting. Overall I'm feeling pretty darn satisfied with today and this week.
  13. Day 19 Life is very stressful at the moment. I am really doing my best not to eat everything. I'm trying in particular to buy small packs of chips when I emotion-buy rather than huge packs, so if I do eat them all it's less bad than it could have been, Food/Drink 2,101 calories Breakfast: Ham and cheese pullapart, Red Eye.Lunch: Ham and cheese pullapart.Dinner: Fish and Chips.Snacks: Twisties.Piece of Fruit: Banana.Water - 1 litre. I was away from my desk for most of the day taking minutes in a meeting so I didn't drink as much as I usually do at work. Sleep 7 hours. Really getting into the swing of this "sufficient sleep" thing. Exercise 30 minute walk. (2.2 kms, 13.35 minutes per km average pace - but the program stuffed up at the beginning because I had battery saver mode on which I didn't realise till the 5 minute mark notification said I'd walked 200 metres (um, no) and so those numbers are slightly off.)
  14. Day 18 - Last of the Catchup Posts Today was bad in pretty much every respect. I took my son to the zoo but then I got a massive migraine so went home and just spent the afternoon sitting in the dark wishing my head would explode and get it over. Also, I feel like I should clarify that what I eat is not necessarily what my son eats. He's so into fruits and vegetables (even when offered other things) that I sometimes wonder if he's a changeling. I once went to a nutritionist, and she said if I just ate more like him I'd have no issues. Actually, he was practicing his handstands up against the wall the other day and he has defined back muscles! I was so impressed Food/Drink 2461 calories Breakfast: Lefover Pizza, Red EyeLunch: Leftover Salt & Vinegar Chips (in bed with migraine because I couldn't bring myself to make food)Dinner: Brown rice and cabanossi, garlic bread (basically whatever was in the fridge and didn't need prep work)Water - 1 litre Sleep 2 hours - friends over, then Doctor Who (they're simulcasting it here in Australia, but that means 4:50am) Exercise Walking around the zoo only.
  15. Day 17 A small victory! This was by far the lowest Saturday I've had to date, and I went out and bought a large water bottle for home so I drank more water than I usually would in a weekend. On the negative side, I managed that many calories with the lowest nutritional value possible. Food/Drink 1930 calories Breakfast: Last of the leftover ChineseLunch: Cheese Rings. ( )Dinner: Pizza (friends over)Snacks: Handful of popcornFruit: BananaWater - 1.8 litres. Sleep Went to bed late, but then my son let me sleep in, so 8 hours. Exercise No, too much running around between events. Basically it went - got up, gave son breakfast, ate, took son to gymnastics, cleaned up, gave son lunch, took son to his friend's house, chatted awkwardly with parents for an hour and a half, went home, cleaned more, had friends over. I need to get my exercise out of the way in the mornings on Saturdays because the rest of the day just never stops.
  16. Day 16 I'm going to need to start planning ahead for social events, so that I eat lightly during the day if I'm going to eat a billion calories at night. I also need to get something in place for breakfasts because the "I'll work it out in the morning" plan doesn't work when I wake up late (as I always do) and then say "Stuff it, we'll get something on the way, just get in the car". Food/Drink 3593 calories Breakfast: McDonalds (drive-through because running late) Lunch: Leftover ChineseDinner: KFC with friendPiece of fruit: BananaWater - 2.5 litres Sleep 8 hours. I'm getting used to getting this much sleep. I'm starting to get tired earlier. Exercise I can't remember, I think I did some mobility work but not much.
  17. Day 15 - the day I got back to lifting! So about 11 weeks ago my bench was a bit weird, and my coach said "there's something up with your shoulder". I've got some shoulder bursitis and a tear in something I need to lift things with. So I stop lifting to let it heal, which is annoying and leads to me putting on about 4 kilos. But last night I went back and I wish I'd gone back last week instead of stressing about it. Food/Drink 1920 calories Breakfast: Cheese and bacon roll, Red Eye.Lunch: Spagetti Cabonara with girls lunch.Dinner: (saved for me by parents for after lifting when I picked up my son) Chinese takeaway (no entree, weighed out a serving).Snacks: Red Powerade.Sleep 8 hours. Exercise Mobility Work Box Squats - 20 kg x 5 reps - had to stop after the third set because of pain - whole workout on Fitocracy. I have to remember that it's going to take time to heal, and so I have to be honest about how I'm feeling to not set myself back. This is hard for me because I want to push myself when I lift, but I want to go to a 3-lift comp in February so I have to work towards that. So incredibly glad to be back! Edit: Forgot to add - I'm changing my goal from walking half an hour each day (which has never happened and is almost impossible given my schedule) to walking half an hour three times a week.
  18. Congratulations about the show! I'm so excited for you. You'll have to put up a publicity still if you get one And I'm going to buy scallops at the markets tomorrow to try out in that recipe. Should be good, seeing as the only bad review on there is from someone who doesn't like scallops! *lol* Also, I just started playing Dragon Age Origins as well so we'll have to compare notes. Alistair's ending in the run through I did of Dragon Age just killed me.
  19. Day 14 - Complete with meltdown and lots of graphs! I hate to be a walking stereotype, but it was a very emotional day. Thanks hormones! https://i.chzbgr.com/maxW500/7032014336/h4C39F6CC/ Actually, that woman doing the biting looks exactly like my grandma when she was young. Food/Drink 3442 calories - eat ALL the emotions! Breakfast: Bacon and Egg Focaccia.Lunch: Nothing.Dinner: KFCSnacks: Cookies, Salt & Vinegar chips, Cheese RingsPiece of Fruit: BananaWater: 1.75 litres. Sleep 7 hours Exercise Mobility work in the morning. So, how did the week go in general? Time for graphs Again, there is a fairly clear link between water consumption and calories. And again, not so much a link between sleep and calories. Unless anyone better with data interpretation can see something? I've also compared my results for Weeks 1 and 2 in total and as an average per day: Overall, my water consumption and sleep have increased, but so have my calories. I think a lot of the calorie consumption this week was hormonal (must. have. SUGAR!) so I think I'll be able to improve fairly easily on this over the coming week. My weight remained steady at 129.4 (though I weighed myself on the morning of day 15 and I'd gone up to 130.2 - still, I'll count as 129.4 given that's the weight on the day and also because there's hormonal weight which I know from experience will be gone in a week). I'm happy with the improvements I've made, and I'll just work a little harder over the coming week on keeping my calorie count a little lower on average.
  20. Day 13 Food/Drink 2208 calories Breakfast: Ham, cheese and mushroom bread roll.Lunch: Char Kway Teow.Dinner: Sausage, bread, veggies and chips.Snacks: Cookies, Cheese Twisties.Piece of Fruit: Strawberries.Water - 2.5 litres. This was a fairly good day. Sleep 9 hours. I've been so incredibly tired. Exercise No. I've been so incredibly tired.
  21. Okay, ignore that last. I've worked out why I was extremely tired and hungry for three days, and then collapsed in a puddle of waterworks and emotion. You'd think living the same pattern out over and over again every month for decades would mean you recognised it when it started happening, but no, it catches me by surprise every time I'll update from the last two days shortly.
  22. I feel like there is no point today. My script got refused because I lost it - they reckon I can just make do till it would have expired normally in October, I can't focus on my job, I keep crying because I've stuffed my entire life up. Even this log, all I'm doing is demonstrating to the world my inability to meet even the smallest goals. I don't even know why I'm typing this.
  23. Day 12 - Still very tired but not so insatiably hungry Food/Drink 1984 calories (double-plus good!) (that's a literary joke for you) Breakfast: Ham, cheese and mushroom bread roll.Lunch: Chicken schnitzle and chips.Dinner: Pork chop, mash potato and corn cob with orange and mango juice.Snacks: Cookies. They're 45 calories each and I love them so much.Piece of fruit: Banana.Water: 2.25 litres. Sleep So much sleep! I went to bed as soon as my son was sorted and the washing was in the machine. 9 hours. Exercise No, because I went to bed ridiculously early.
  24. Day 11 - Constantly Hungry and Tired The title pretty much says it all. I ate way too much, but I was soooo hungry, even as soon as I'd eaten my stomach was growling. Food/Drink 3124 calories - again, at least I'm getting better at tracking when I'm awful. Breakfast: Leftover Pizza and a Red EyeLunch: Pork chop and potato gemsDinner: Bacon, egg and cheese sandwich with potato gemsSnacks: Cheese and bacon roll, chips, 1 glass of champagne at party, chocolate doughnut.Fruit: Not.Water - 250 mls. I don't drink water well at home. I think I need a specific water glass and jug like I have at work. Sleep 8.5 hours. Exercise Mobility work. My hip is really tight again :-(
  25. I hate running, but I keep looking at the Zombies, Run! app and thinking that looks like fun. Which one were you thinking of?
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