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  1. I am so in for the next challenge!! I will definitely be having a great holiday, actually I am headed to your area of the world Nol, part of my vacation is in Paris. I have never been before! And congrats! on stabilising your autoimmune condition, that is no easy task! I was diagnosed with PCOS earlier this year, so I am only beginning to get my hormones balanced.
  2. Yassss those are huge accomplishments!!! that's amazing!!!
  3. That is a loaded question haha. so much is different.. and still the same.. still trying to get fit!! How the heck are you?? I am going to wait for the next challenge because I am on vacation next week for 2.5 weeks... won't be seeing much of a gym in that time and eating wayyy too many carbs.. But I will cheer you on anyways!! you go girl!
  4. Funny story, I was just thinking about you guys the other day and just hadn't gotten around to booting the site back up. But I am here still.
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