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  1. I am so in for the next challenge!! I will definitely be having a great holiday, actually I am headed to your area of the world Nol, part of my vacation is in Paris. I have never been before! And congrats! on stabilising your autoimmune condition, that is no easy task! I was diagnosed with PCOS earlier this year, so I am only beginning to get my hormones balanced.
  2. Yassss those are huge accomplishments!!! that's amazing!!!
  3. That is a loaded question haha. so much is different.. and still the same.. still trying to get fit!! How the heck are you?? I am going to wait for the next challenge because I am on vacation next week for 2.5 weeks... won't be seeing much of a gym in that time and eating wayyy too many carbs.. But I will cheer you on anyways!! you go girl!
  4. Funny story, I was just thinking about you guys the other day and just hadn't gotten around to booting the site back up. But I am here still.
  5. Helloo!!! New week! Who's still with us????
  6. Hello beautiful. It has been an adventurous week!! I have spent the last 5 days with no internet in the mountains camping. I was supposed to go for this wicked hike but forest fires in the area have made that a no go, so I ended up walking around the village for a few hours geocaching, so I think I walked the town like 5 times over haha!! It was as good as a hike! I need to get back on track diet wise. ugh! camping food is never the healthiest and my camping companions are not the healthiest either.... So here's to a fresh week!
  7. Hey everyone! How was everyone's last week? Are we killing it? or do we need some serious Nerdian Love?? I am sorry I have been a terrible captain. I have been very busy and since recovering from my sickness, I have run a 5km, getting ready to go camping and hiking this weekend, and I am down 2 pant sizes since starting at Nerd Fitness about 6 months ago! So I am in a celebratory mood right now!!! Any takers for this challenge??
  8. Hi I am still creeping around. I still can't seem to kick this cold. My father-in-law thinks it's hay fever, and I am all like "nnnoooooooo!!! I don't think so, I have NO allergies or anything like that." it sucks. I've still been trudging through eating well and stretching well. I have done my trainer workouts but nothing beyond that, as I can't handle them apparently. ...ugh... I have virtually no patience for myself, I recognize that I am sick and that that limits my abilities, but I am still beating myself up... which is negating my self love challenge!!!
  9. If it's ok with you, I will make that the official challenge Sorry guys, I have been sick sick sick.. it's attractive (NOT)... I am seeing some awesome things, what a great support team we have going!!
  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!!! thank you for your service to your country. It's hard to know when enough will be enough, but it always takes hitting the bottom to know something has to change! I am glad you are here with us to make that change! Welcome aboard! Also great choice of inspiration!!!
  11. Ps if you haven't already done it, Mini Challenge two is up!
  12. Ack the worst! I am the same way, be super good for a week or two and then I binge!! and what I learned from that is I have to have balance. I have to think that I am not denying myself, I am just choosing the cute cosplay outfit over the extra large piece of cake. (usually my compromise is a small piece of cake, that way I get some deliciousness and don't feel like I am denying myself) my binge habits have lessened incredibly when I don't deny just make a better choice or have a really small bite so I get the satisfaction without over doing it!!
  13. As long as you are ready to rock n' roll and be awesome team players then welcome aboard!!! Just make sure you catch up on Minis and do your intro paragraph so I can add your lovely face to our wall of fame!!!
  14. Hello Beautiful people! I hope that last week was the perfect start to your challenge. Yes Hans, I think that would be a great 2nd challenge! But let's expand too. Now that you are a week in, what maybe needs tweaking from your challenge? What can you do to help yourself, or do you maybe need to make it harder if the challenge is too easy? Let's get the best challenge for ourselves as we can for maximum results!!
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