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  1. Because I have a crapton of stuff going on in May, I have skipped this challenge, quit Facebook, and have given myself a time schedule and chores list for the first time in my mothering life (since I started having kids). But I still had to come back here to my guild to give a shout out, because I reached 10k steps in one day for the first time ever!!!!!! No one else in my real life will get how cool that is, haha. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  2. A wrap up to this challenge: Got most of my goals in solid at least two days out of every week, but didn't do any of the extras or bonuses, and had a hard time being consistent when schedules were off for spring break or travel. Also, I have come to the conclusion that I am tired of feeling tired. My sister gave me a Withings watch as a gift and I have been tracking steps and sleep. It confirmed my suspicion that I get about 1000 more steps on average than what my phone records because it isn't on me all the time. It also confirmed that my sleep sucks, I only get about 2-3 hours of deep
  3. Okay, so a bit of a long absence. Spring break + rain meant a lot of indoor time and kid entertaining and not a lot of getting things done. I was so happy that it was only a week and things went back to regular schedule. A few thoughts: Yoga in the early mornings at 5 work best. I can reach 6k steps and more (my ideal goal) per day if I mow the lawns or walk to kids school for drop off and pick up, plus daily activity. I LOVE gardening. Dr. Focker has recognized this and told me full steam ahead! He said forget the dishes, cleaning the house, etc. Do the garden. Because it
  4. Okay, then that relieves me of the whole steps counting thing! I don't enjoy having to track anything. I did do about 20 min of yoga stretches Friday morning before I got distracted by a question from my kids and left my mat. I ended up cleaning house before we left, and then our room was a bit away from the conference area so I got my walking in multiple times (15 min worth of reward overall I feel). Absolutely ate way too much wonderful food and Japanese candy/snacks. I was encouraged by the fact that my body stopped aching so much and handled the walking better, so more walking and yo
  5. Thanks everyone! Came to report on the last few days. Walked kids to school on Monday (need to record how much this is exactly) and Thur. Worked in garden Tues, which I count as physical activity. Been a lot of rain and I dont work in the garden until it dries out a bit (soil compaction). Did language study and tasks like a boss. Made fabric signs for two friends that have been waiting months for them, fixed the breadmaker with new motor that arrived from eBay (old $5 junker that makes delicious bread!), and worked on budget/calls for the office. 55 minutes added up. Played Yoshi's Island
  6. Mom of three, married to "Dr. Focker," and currently living in a remote area of Oregon, trying out homestead skills and whatever else I can get into at the moment. Last challenge, I had some real opportunity to soul search about motivation. In fact, sickness for everyone in the family, travel, and many other things showed me just how much I need to change my tactics in order to motivate in the face of life's habits. Zero week ended up being amazing! Sunday of zero week Dr. Focker and I walked a mile. Monday I walked to my kids school for the first time to pick up one child and pushe
  7. Quick summary, but basically the cold/cough thing totally razed our household. Dr. Focker was the last to fall, and luckily I only got the mild sniffles. Little Eva though, poor girl, she got a perforated ear drum out of it all. Super expensive ear drops and some recovery time and we are all back to normal. Going to start up a new challenge now. This challenge was typical of what I would consider damage control - always reacting. I am hoping to get ahead of that. Better weather helps. Need to have a better plan for next winter! Sent by my Navi-powered device!
  8. I ended up going out of town last weekend as a special trip with my exchange student and infant son, leaving the older two kids and Dr. Focker at home. Last week Little O got the heavy cough/cold thing, now this week Little E got it, and then Freibird the infant caught it the other night finally, and I have minor cold symptoms. It has been a very difficult week. Very little sleep, coughing and crying children, and little time for self care. I honestly dream about prof massages. I bought myself one almost 10 years ago and it was the best ever. Since then I have dropped hints, mentioned, bl
  9. Oh, the skiing was awesome!! I am so glad Dr. Focker talked me into it. First time ever that someone watched all three kids and we were just adults out having fun. I wish I didn't have so much anxiety about the kids, but I still enjoyed myself immensely. Sadly, I did have one side effect from the weekend - heavy, active baby combined with skiing soreness and driving stiffness to make my shoulders and neck an absolute mess. Day 3 and it hasn't changed no matter what I do! Hopefully it will get better soon. In the meantime, onward! Sent by my Navi-powered device!
  10. Going to have to chalk the week/end up to being away from home, not much I can do about it. Been keeping to most of my goals - the physical fitness one is my biggest adversary, as I feel exhausted after a day of caring for, lifting in and out of vehicles, and chasing three kids (my youngest started trying to walk). It has been all I could do to keep up with them, and I don't get naps every day any more (sad...). Anyway, supposedly I am going skiing today... I am actually not that excited, to be honest, but Dr. Focker (the husband) feels I need to push myself and do it. I used to love ski
  11. Thanks for the support! This week is flying by much faster than I expected. I'm just going to slap down my goals real quick: Daily movement - yoga for 15, beginning bodyweight circuit, or intentional walking Japanese daily study - Using WaniKani, Memrise, or Bukuu on my phone, or even my paper books. Office daily check in - make it a point to sift, scan, and update myself on my to do lists and piles (I am a pile maker) Make a self-care sheet sometime during challenge - a write up with pictures of the special exercises I need to do for my pelvic area, diastasis rectii, postu
  12. Back in to the forums! https://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/95212-Alexandrite-Tackles-the-Motivation-Level Sent by my Navi-powered device!
  13. Don't know how many of you grew up playing Yoshi's Island, but this level called "Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy" about sums up how I feel when motivation starts to wane/gets distracted, when I start to feel my goals/to-do's getting slippery in my mind, or when things unexpected happen and I reel from the shift. This is what I am battling right now. How to keep going, how to stay on track, and how to make progress when the world feels like that^ more times than I care to admit. I'm a mother of 3 little ones, with big goals of physical fitness, gardening, international exchange, crafting, a
  14. So I turned in my refund request for Rising Heroes after himming and hawing about it for weeks. It just isn't working for me at all. Coming back to the Assassin Guild where I had moderate to fun success in the past, and have really enjoyed the journey here with others! Looking forward to it~ Time to go fix my signature and such...
  15. So I went ahead and joined Rising Heroes and gave it a shot. 60 day money back guarantee. I think the onboarding stuff they have you do is a great run through - it is basically what you should be doing with self-led challenges anyway (measurements, goals, personal objectives). And the story and team aspect are very similar to our mini-challenges, which are hugely popular, so I can see that being appealing. The only downside I see right now is the massive influx of people joining until they close off recruitment on Thursday. It's over 2k people and the Facebook group is overwhelmed.
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