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  1. Not really, the quality of instruction at Middlebury is so high that several of my professors have said I'd be hard pressed to get that kind of instruction in Russia or anywhere else. Also, I'm gay and engaged to a guy who has dual Russian/American citizenship. From what his friends tell us and we read about the situation, I don't think it's paranoid to think that it's more than a little dangerous for me to go.
  2. March 31st, 2015 C on food, no workout, but B on water. Woooooo.. April 1st, 2015 A+ on food! And a nice workout, very different from what I normally do but all part of the YAYOG. Water's going well, probably another A today.
  3. Monday, March 30th B on food - had a burrito for lunch, because, well...it was that or go hungry. D: Rule #1 is Don't Be Hungry. It only leads to even worse decisions. Worked out, woo!! A on water. Today was the first day of classes and it was FANTASTIC. I loved my advanced Russian grammar class sooo much already.
  4. I can't say I've noticed anything particularly other than peeing more often? lol, but I'm sure it's helped my bf% drop - today I measured it and although the calipers are I think seriously underestimating it I've definitely dropped several % points since the last check 3 months ago. It says I'm 17% and I'm like "d'aw, that's cute, but no more like 20% but it was probably around 25% in January. Either way, I'm well on track for my goals for November. Today I worked out, leg day, easy but so hard. My legs are very strong, but apparently have very little endurance for going all out - although
  5. All week been AWESOME with food except for Wednesday when I had sushi (somuchriceyum) but I had planned for that so thus the goodness. Worked out Wednesday and today, planning another one tomorrow. Today also included a 6-ish round-trip hike with a nice long stop at some natural hot springs in the middle for a really fun soak. Actually felt confident enough to follow the example of some others and go in naked, and surprisingly didn't feel shy or self-conscious at all. I guess that's what getting into shape does for you? I thought I wouldn't feel confident lie that until I was closer to my g
  6. Tuesday, March 17th C on food A on water No workout. Wednesday, March 18th B on food A on water. Most exciting workout EVAR! Yesterday I did 10 diamond or close-grip push-ups AND 10 normal stance push-ups with my feet elevated on a chair. A few months ago I could not do better than holding a plank pose for about 10 seconds in these positions and now I can do PUSH-UPS! :D Glowing. I'm glowing! How could I not be? I'm so thrilled!
  7. Middlebury is a college and specifically I was admitted to their summer Russian intensive. It's incredibly competitive and considered by many to be the best domestic summer Russian program in the U.S. March 16th, 2015 Worked out, feels nice. It has helped clear my head from a lot of the stuff that's been going on. I think this is probably the thing that really gets in my way - I get too deeply into my head and working out starts to feel secondary when it really needs to be primary. Have a B in food today, a Thin Mints before breakfast, those darn Girl Scouts. Water's going well, already had
  8. Oof, the cold happened and then it was dead week, and next week is finals. I always forget about how these things impact my ability to do a challenge. Monday, 3-9-2015 A on food, if I recall correctly. B on water No workout Tuesday, 3-10-2015 A on food A on water No workout Wednesday, 3-11-2015 Worst day. Found out that my school won't help to pay for Middlebury. I have to come up with about 3k soon or they'll give my spot away. Scholarship deadlines have pretty much all passed, loans are a bugger and I doubt I'd get one anyone (not that I'm not going to try if I have to) so it's down to b
  9. This week's lesson has been: Don't workout the day after you feel "recovered" from a cold - you will relapse for having overexerted yourself and spend the rest of the week in snot-filled hell.
  10. This week on Game of Colds Monday and Tuesday...total losses as I laid around feeling like shite. 3-4-2015 Worked out, leg day and went easy on myself and LO I can walk today so I must've done something right in spite of the fact that it was definitely no walk in the park. Feeling a bit worse for wear today, so it may have been too soon but I was just so antsy. A on food - go me! B on water. Very stressed about finding out whether my department can provide the summer funding for the program I was accepted into. If not, it will be pretty damn difficult for me to go. If so, almost all my p
  11. Yeah, this is what I based my usual goals on is monitoring the color. From experience, I know about 6 glasses will get me to "lemonade" LOL
  12. 3-1-2015 B on food. As soon as these freakin' Girl Scout cookies are gone, this well be so much easier... A++ on water - I lost count of how many glasses of water I drank today. A on workouts for the week as long as we count today as part of last week and I kinda do, lol. I have ordered some neoprene pads to use when doing Let Me Ups with my fiance's desk so that the corner of it doesn't cut into my hands. Means I'll probably do a leg day tomorrow, or maybe rest? Not entirely certain. Today was back/core muscles and I gotta say that it totally changed my mood around to work out. I know I k
  13. Thanks. Fortunately, I may be able to secure some funding via my department at school so we'll see. Your day sounds freakin' great, nice and productive but relaxing too!
  14. Intercostal strain sounds effing terrifying. O_O Kudos to you for only feeling frustrated!
  15. *drooling* did *smack lips* somebody say *tries to mop the floor* Brazilian?!?
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