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  1. Hey so I'm looking to do a gradual marathon training program over the course of a year. My friend recommended hal higdon's programs but the novice program I saw is 18 weeks and I'm looking for a gradual program over the course of the year. I've had issues with shin splints and knee pain in the past when attempting to run and I think that's because I try to do too much at the beginning. I'm willing to pay for an app that tracks my runs and things like that (it sounds higdon's app does that). Generally i run on the treadmill at my local gym but Minnesota also has nice trails that I may train o
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    macro diet

    I have a meal plan for my macros based on my ht and wt (im an overweight guy at 5'10 and 246lb who is trying to lose weight and still gain muscle), my boyfriend is trying to do the same meal plan to support me but he is only 5'7 and 150 lb and wants to gain muscle. Does anyone know what his macros should be on a daily basis? I am not sure how to calculate it.
  3. Currently I just have one pair of running shoes, but the last couple of months I've really gotten more consistent about weightlifting 4x/week and want to progress with that. I love leg day but someone told me I'm not wearing good shoes for barbell squats. I saw online that some articles recommended romaleos from nike which are $150. Does the shoe really make a difference?
  4. I've been consistently working out for about 3 or 4 months now. I've been able to really push myself and have made good progress that I'm proud of. I know that I should be eating more protein, more veggies, less carbs. But I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder that is especially bad in the evening, to the point where I'm driven to eat bad food to cope, this anxiety also makes me unable to sleep and I end up being too tired to make healthy meals myself and often choose what's convenient. I'm on a daily medication for my anxiety but it's still been tough to cope with and it's making kee
  5. I'm not a great cook and don't have a lot of money to devote to it. But I keep hearing that most of seeing results at the gym is having the right diet, and this is something i have been really terrible about. However, while thinking about why I have been so bad with my diet and eating right, I think it boils down to not planning meals ahead of time and therefore going for convenient/unhealthy options. Are there example meal plans on here somewhere that could give me ideas on how to do this properly? Or do you want to share your experience on when you started planning your meals? Thanks
  6. I play imperial on jedi covenant. pvp all the way! Bench pressing patients back to health! Can't wait!
  7. Hey all, I'm Michael, a star wars nerd (anyone play SWTOR?) and nursing student. You would think nurses to be some of the healthiest people around... 2 years of nursing school has taught me that is not the case. For the past 2 years I have gone from 145lbs to 210lbs. I've spent 3 months confined to the cardio machines at the gym, too afraid and intimidated to step into the weight room. I've lost about 40 pounds already but I still feel a bit haphazard and without real discipline. I recently met a friend who was willing to help ease me into the weight room, and he also recommended Nerd Fitn
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