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  1. AAAAAND, contrary to indications, I am again still alive... Late start and utter lack of updates notwithstanding, I have actually been able to chock up some fairly decent success this challenge. Here's a quick multi-week update to try and get myself caught up: PAI: Wk1 7/7 (100%), Wk2 7/7 (100%), Wk3 7/7 (100%). Yay me. One or two short cardio sessions on the elliptical outside my bedroom (the one I cleaned off and set up last challenge, thanks past me) seems to supplement my reasonably active daily life enough to keep this number where it's supposed to be. (We're not goi
  2. Hi hi hi yourself! Welcome! Und viel Glück beim Deutsch studieren -- wenn du üben willst, schreib mir hier
  3. Yeah, well, it's Day Two of Week Two and I'm just getting around to the challenge write-up, but as Éomer would say "late is better than never" so here we are Last week I was hoping to put together a full-on Tolkien-quote-heavy, beautifully conceived, and thoughtfully categorized challenge, but as it's clear that's not going to happen I'm now at the point where I'm just going to throw something up to provide a bit of narrative structure to the spreadsheet I'm already filling in each day. After the last challenge sort of petered out (I got totally derailed by current events and nev
  4. Like Bilbo, I am alive...but I do seem to have been knocked on the head or something, because apparently I missed seeing the end of the last challenge But whatever. It's a new day and a new week and a new challenge, and I'm here for it. There is a spreadsheet. There will be a challenge write-up (in a day or two I hope). Here's to continuing Adventures!
  5. I second this HARD. Thank you, folks It helps to feel heard. I'm trying to shift my thinking as best I can.
  6. Random mid-week update because I don't really have anyone to talk to about this and I think it might help me to type out a rant. Here's the truth: I am absolutely heartbroken about current events in Afghanistan. Spoiler for mild political objections and angry seething: This is real life, I guess. It's not a nice neat story where things work out in the end. In real life, sometimes -- well, sometimes the bad guys win
  7. It's Monday! What does that mean? Well, among many other things, you reading these words means I actually managed to do TWO weekly updates on time, which I think might be a NF challenge record for me Hypothesis confirmed: I feel better when I exercise. News flash, I know Here's the [WEEK TWO UPDATE]. Spoiler for length: Overall score for the week: 23/28, 82%. A solid and quite creditable B performance. I mean, if I'd ever vacuum a room occasionally this would probably be an easy A Hope everyone else is hanging in there through th
  8. Huh. This is really interesting, thanks for sharing the reference. I really like the idea of tapping intuition to highlight the things that are most important; it's a bit like Personal Kanban in that way. I'll have to think about it. I have a problem turning lists written on paper into ~*hIsToRiCaL aRtIfAcTs*~ though; I wonder if I could figure out a more-ephemeral way to do the same thing? A Doodle board, maybe? I looked and found a book or two he's got out; maybe I'll read one of them at lunchtime one of these days and see if I can glean anything else interesting.
  9. Welcome back to you too! It's certainly no weirder than the fact that they're both done Fingers crossed. It's going slower than I'd like, but it is going. So glad to see you
  10. This is a lovely idea, thank you. I emailed my Mom after reading it That probably would have made me happier if I hadn't been THREE MONTHS of unanswered texts behind in getting back to her But relief in closing an open loop might not be quite happiness, but it is certainly an improvement nevertheless!
  11. Monday? Monday. Right. Monday. Time for the [WEEK ONE UPDATE].* Recovery is -- slow. Annoyingly so. But it is happening, and I don't want to let any stupid brain chemistry imbalances ruin my appreciation of that fact. My tooth still hurts -- but it hurts less each day. The house is still a disaster -- but it is less of one than it was last week. I -- well, trying to positively reframe my insistence on being miserable feels stupid, but that's kind of the point, isn't it? Anyway, here are the scores. Spoiler for length: Overall score for the week
  12. Hey, you're back! Me too I hear you have some visitors at Owlshire -- give them a hug for me! Sorry to hear about the Mr's diagnosis. You guys DO eat clean! Insulin resistance is shit Have you read The Obesity Code by Jason Fung? The title is a bit narrow (the book is as much about insulin resistance as it is about obesity or weight loss). I found it interesting in the same pop-science, most-of-it-is-pretty-good, hmm-wait-that-sounds-a-little-weird way I felt about Intuitive Eating. The diet and weight loss babble annoyed me, but the underlying science m
  13. Salut mon ami! Tojours content de te voir. Thanks, it has certainly been a challenge, but that's kind of how life is sometimes. I saw that your good news has arrived -- congratulations! I can't wait until you're in a position to tell us all about it
  14. "He was not held long, and hobbits have an amazing power of recovery." ~ Gandalf, speaking of Pippin after the incident with the Palantír of Orthanc Long-delayed greetings to the Adventurer's Guild! Your favorite Tolkien obsessive here, returning from a (mostly but not completely) figurative journey through perils and wonders, there and back again, maybe not quite to the crack of Doom but I could certainly see it from there I've missed two or three of these challenges while attending to the craziness of my life over the last few months. Things finally came to a head this past week
  15. Gah. The challenge is over? Yeah, it's over. I guess that means I really do need to come up with something more useful than the remnants of a pattern I half-assed for a temporary trip (sigh) Before I worry about that, though, let's do the [WEEK FIVE UPDATE] and get it over with. PAI: 7/7, 100%. While this looks good, it's actually kind of an illusion. Thursdays are apparently now the day I run three miles because my PAI residuals run out and I get thoroughly disgusted with myself (sigh) At least said run was somewhat less unimpressive this time around; the last week I had less than
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