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  1. Gah. The challenge is over? Yeah, it's over. I guess that means I really do need to come up with something more useful than the remnants of a pattern I half-assed for a temporary trip (sigh) Before I worry about that, though, let's do the [WEEK FIVE UPDATE] and get it over with. PAI: 7/7, 100%. While this looks good, it's actually kind of an illusion. Thursdays are apparently now the day I run three miles because my PAI residuals run out and I get thoroughly disgusted with myself (sigh) At least said run was somewhat less unimpressive this time around; the last week I had less than
  2. Addit: BOOK CONTRACT HAS ARRIVED. It's not awful -- they're not taking everything from me to pay for the privilege of publishing my academic work, and I should come out of it with all arms and (imaginary) firstborn intact -- but if my rather obsessive ecocritical book on Tolkien and wilderness sells more than 200 copies I just might make enough to buy a celebratory glass* of champagne (sigh). But still, it's a contract. With this on my CV I might even have more of a chance finding an academic position. We'll have to see. Now I *really* have work to do... *Not quite a bo
  3. The Sierras are seriously one of the most photogenic places in the country. If you ever get the chance you should definitely visit so you can make people jealous too I saw in your thread you've been achieving some serious hiking goals yourself -- congrats!
  4. Well, poop. It's already Tuesday? Of Week Five? Ugh. That means I totally missed my post-adventure update window (sigh) I guess it works out better to do a [WEEKS THREE AND FOUR UPDATE] anyway, because Week Three (skiing in Tahoe) was much more interesting than Week Four (back at home in my unseasonably chilly and inconveniently unheated home surrounded by the unorganized detritus of my loop-stuck life). Week Three PAI: 7/7, 100%. Travel might not be great for my bank account, but it's brilliant for my exercise! Work: 5/7, 71%. Steady improvement
  5. It sure seems to me I solved this problem once before, using a shortcut on the Bluetooth keyboard, but for the life of me I can’t remember what I did (or perhaps an IOS update changed things to the point where it doesn’t work any more — either way, all of my desperate key-bashing has thus far proven fruitless). I suppose I could embed SmugMug links, or something, but it’s just such a pain I looked at real estate again on Sunday night (sigh)
  6. Tuesday already? Oops... I guess that means I’m late with my [WEEK TWO UPDATE] PAI: 7/7, 100% Yay mountain adventures! Even in a relatively lazy week this was trivial to achieve. It’s nice, but the ease of success is also a fairly sober reflection on how sedentary I am at home (sigh) Work: 4/7, 57% Not a passing score yet, but 4 is better than 2 and something is better than nothing. The reading I’ve been doing hasn’t been all that helpful for my current project, honestly, but it is sparking other ideas for articles, which is all to the good (assuming I ever actually, y
  7. Week One of my unexpected whirlwind adventure has turned out to be as crazy as I thought it would be. South Lake Tahoe is a crowded and busy sort of tourist destination, and I was staying in the very center of touristdom, and it showed in all of the little things that annoyed me all week. Spoiler for annoyances: But oh, the lake, and oh, the mountains, and oh, the pine trees with snow on them ❤️ The way squalid crassly commercial city ugliness gets built up around enjoying stunning natural beauty (cf Niagara Falls, NY) makes me despair of America sometimes, but that
  9. This from the girl who literally moved halfway around the world and had her first child in a foreign country away from her entire family and support system — and is currently cultivating her newly-purchased Shire smallholding while simultaneously getting paid to do creative writing in the form of narrative game design? I shall consider it a grand compliment from someone who knows whereof she speaks You’re too kind, actually. It’s not really difficult to entertain the odd random adventure when the only person I have to worry about is myself (shrug) When someone doesn’t have a famil
  10. I *do* remember the hill! I remember it being a doozy. I also remember that I was desperate to try and help you carry the load, but your wiggly ruck was having none of it... Seems to me I mentioned afterwards how that particular hill would be great for your PAI YOU HAVE A PET PHEASANT. Oh my goodness. You’d better watch out or you’re going to be saying or-ig-AH-no soon (because I seriously can’t think of anything more English-countryside-weird than a pet pheasant on the patio ). Congratulations on the exciting job, and the final settlement on the London plac
  11. Greetings all! I’m sliding in here late, on the last day of Week Zero (yes, I know, the challenge has already started for most, but my challenges start on MONDAYS dammit). My previous few challenges have been focused around trying to establish home routines that support my current reality of post-grad-school unemployment, and I’ve had a bit of success, I guess. I had planned on continuing that for this challenge, but, well, life happened, and I now find myself at the beginning of a quite unexpected adventure Spoiler for the (kind of long) story: Since instead of puttering a
  12. Welp, the New Year challenge is over. Good riddance, if you ask me (sigh) 2021 started with such a low bar to clear that improvement over its predecessor felt like a slam dunk, but, well, here we are... I did manage to keep it together a bit better here at the end. Here's the [WEEK FIVE UPDATE]: PAI: 7/7 [100%] Yay, residuals. Outside: 4/7 [57%] Still a failure, but, hey, improvement? Routines: Morning 28/28 [100%], Work 20/28 [71%], Home (22+1)/28 [82%], Evening (27+3)/28 [107%] Look, a passing Work score! Yay! (To be fair, this is mostly because
  13. Better, thanks. Well enough that I can mostly move during the day and don't need painkillers and muscle relaxants to sleep, anyway. I'll take what I can get (even if I am still really creaky in the mornings). And this week's pizza was much better too!
  14. WEEK FOUR. Seriously. What can I really say about Week Four? Well, I could say all sorts of horrible things... ...but I won't. Instead I'm going to say that I squeaked out a passing C grade for the first time this challenge, and I actually managed two perfect days on Monday and Tuesday before everything went to shit. Thinking positive, right? Anyway. Here's the official [WEEK FOUR UPDATE}: PAI: 7/7 [100%] Outside: 3/7 [43%] Routines: Morning 26/28 [93%], Work 16/28 [57%], Home (24+1)/28 [89%], Evening (28+3)/28 [111%] Delights: 0/3 [0%
  15. AAAAAAAH ANNYSHAY'S BACK HOORAY Welcome, friend! Wonderful to see you! Hope your challenge is going well! I'm actually struggling a lot with setting intentions in the evening. I don't have a great system for it (yet) and over the last week or so it's actually done little more than make me feel shitty the next day when I don't even come close to actually accomplishing the things I do manage to write down. There's quite a skill to setting daily intentions, much more of one than I thought when I decided to try it, and I clearly need more than a bit of practice Hope you're
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