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  1. Spreadsheet snapshot Wins report 6/30 Some of these 'planned for today' things have been hanging around for a few days now
  2. Spreadsheet snapshot Wins report 6/29 Someone else<*cough*mybrotherinlaw*cough*>'s poor planning ended up constituting an emergency on my part and I have now changed my flight I'll be home Monday of Week Four now (a few days later). Whatever. It'll be fine...
  3. Spreadsheet snapshot I think I might have to give up on the morning pages until I get home Wins report 6/27 Wins report 6/28
  4. #AdventurerMom on the job! Thank you so much Well, the way I see it, since they wouldn't give me the booster I went ahead and took care of achieving the extra antibodies myself I'm hoping so. When the market was flying high I had more cushion, but that's all evaporated now and I'm really going to have to figure something out. This is a great practice. It helps tremendously to remind yourself you can do hard things. But I'm prone to struggling with the whole "you USED to be this awesome person but are really now kind of useless" attitude, and if I go over my list of prior accomplishments too much I can get stuck in the past. So there's a balance here. Thank you for the push I will try and keep up. It helps that my sister re-did her office and I have a (reasonably) quiet place to escape to and work instead of trying to do it on the floor of my nephew's bedroom, so I'm hopeful Thank you! Not all of it got done, but enough did that I successfully got out the door and made it to my destination, and everything that didn't get done will certainly be waiting for me when I get back. I appreciate you stopping by!
  5. Catching up... Wins report 6/24 Wins report 6/25 Wins report 6/26 The doing of things was extremely curtailed by a difficult and annoying travel experience and a day to try and recover, but it could have been worse, I suppose. With today's Monday energy I'm going to try and climb back on the horse. In that vein, please allow me to present my (on-time!) [WEEK ONE UPDATE]. Week One spreadsheet Not too bad, all things considered. Lots and lots of extra credit lifted me from a failing grade to a solid B, and this is why we love extra credit After playing with this over the last few challenges, I have found that having a set time as an extra credit opportunity really does help with finding the activation energy to get started on something. I don't think I want to make a set time the actual requirement, though. If I do that and miss it, I'm very susceptible to an attitude of "well, I've failed the task and won't get the green box anyway, so I won't bother to do it at all." If I miss an extra credit time, it's an annoyance -- but I can still get a win out of it, and therefore am much more likely to do the thing anyway. More of this doing of things, please and thank you Weeks Two and Three are likely to be tricky. I'm trying to figure out what I can hang onto and what would be more trouble than it's worth. I've missed the mark on a bunch already this morning, but I think going forward I'll try at least to achieve these things every day: PAI, gratitude, morning pages, water, active hours, 3 wins, and my supplements/teeth/face routine. If I can get into (and hold onto) a morning update process here I will. My sister and her family are notorious drama llamas, though, and it's possible I won't have the spoons. We'll just have to see. Good luck everyone in Week Two!
  6. Spreadsheet snapshot Wins report 6/23 Not the greatest day yesterday. Only did one of the things -- one thing that took ALL [BLEEP]ING DAY -- and it was stupid hot, and it eventually turned into a muscle-relaxant evening (which more or less halted the doing of things). But now many things must absolutely be done today...I'm leaving early tomorrow...
  7. Spreadsheet snapshot Wins report 6/22 Bad brain chemistry day yesterday. Bad back pain day today. Doing things is hard But if I hurry and start the fiction session in the next three minutes I will earn an extra credit point, so here I go...
  8. Spreadsheet snapshot Wins report 6/21 Did the things. Plus BONUS things! Probably wouldn't have done the things without this practice. Looking forward to more doing of things
  9. Spreadsheet snapshot Wins report 6/20 Right now it looks like daily digital updates here will apparently need to happen in the morning as reports on the analog work of the evening before. But I guess that's OK.
  10. The world is changed. I can feel it in the water. I can feel it in the earth. I can smell it in the air. Greetings everyone! Your friendly neighborhood disappearing Adventurer/Tolkien scholar/mythologist here, returning to the NF challenge boards after yet another successful but mostly silent challenge. Having a thread going here really does work some sort of mysterious magic on my ability to get things done. So, despite my (quite characteristic) utter lack of updates and interaction last time, I'm back again, to keep on keeping on. The last few challenges have more or less been clones of each other because I just didn't have the wherewithal to do the thinking necessary to update them. I was hoping to do so this time. Ha ha. NOPE. Same-old same-old. I have made some tweaks to some of my long-standing routines to take advantage of their rock-solid status, and -- since I am facing a summer that may involve some very extensive changes in my life -- to shore up the familiar ground where I'm standing so I don't fall down as I contemplate those changes. Spoiler for Adventure™ report from the end of last challenge: Spoiler for THE PLAN this challenge: Spoiler for discussion of upcoming possible changes in my world: Anyway. As per my usual, I make up for weeks of silence with a ridiculously sprawling and overwritten brain dump of a post to initiate the new challenge If you made it all the way through all of that, you are a hero -- thank you for poking into my little corner of this crazy space where we all try and create positive new stories for ourselves. Good luck everyone! Day One! Let's go!
  11. Well, I guess since @Ann of Owlshire's appearance hauled my thread out of its dead-last position in this huge forum party, I guess I might as well do a quick update while it's here at the top and I can see it without digging for it. (I am totally not procrastinating the nonfiction writing I need to do today. Absolutely and TOTALLY not ) Even if I say it myself, I think I did a pretty darned good job of carrying on in Week Zero (overall score: 79%, thanks to more rocking of extra credit), and an even better one in Week One (a solid B score of 85% with less extra credit and more actual tasks -- go me!), and there's nothing else to do but just keep chugging along here in Week Two. Looking at the spreadsheet, the following observations jump out: I'm (generally) doing well at doing my writing work, and this is a good thing. I'm starting each week strong on the physical health side of things (yay Monday energy) but I lose momentum by Thursday or Friday and the weekends kind of turn into stinky piles of garbage (not great but could be worse). I suck at cleaning my house no matter the day So, normal jogging, really There is one huge life-goal highlight of Week One I'd like to gush about for a second: my book was officially published on Tuesday!! Spoiler for pics and excitement: Ahem. Anyway Hope everyone else is having a great challenge! I
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