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  1. Remember last year when I wasn't going to do the holiday challenge and you shamed me into it with Shire picspam? I remember Always wonderful to have you here Well, we are definitely getting the storm. Use of the pass is still kind of up in the air though It definitely was! Spoiler for the "what the heck was I thinking" shot I took of the crazy bouldering after I made it down:
  2. Monday evening? Of Week One? Already? Yikes Time for the [WEEK ONE UPDATE] then. PAI: 7/7, 100% I woke up on Friday with the number in the sixties, but a couple hours' worth of social ballroom dancing sorted me out Then all of the packing and schlepping and unpacking on Saturday started me off on the climb to a point where next Friday I hopefully won't be looking at another max day to stay over 100. Outside: 5/7, 71% I missed this on Monday and Friday, both times because the day got eaten up by driving to Reno (Monday for shopping, Friday for dancing). The rest of the week I turned myself out for short walks in the Incline Village area; there was still no snow to ski on, and I couldn't be bothered to drive anywhere to go hiking. I am on a better track this week, and hopefully I will manage a perfect score. I mean, seriously -- I'm in a location that ties with several other friendly wilderness areas for my favorite place on the planet and I have enough cold- and wet-weather gear to outfit three of me on any given day. AND IT'S SNOWING! If I can't bother to go outside for ten minutes then why the heck am I here? Routines: 27/28, 96%. I blew off the Theragun session on Friday because I got back from Reno so [BLEEP]ing late and had to leave so [BLEEP]ing early on Saturday (to avoid the extremely draconian measures a resort struggling with COVID staffing shortages put in place to ensure compliance with the check-out times), otherwise this was perfect. I think I picked a good balance -- there's enough oomph to get me to do stuff when I don't want to, but not so much of a requirement that I can't meet the standard with a minimum of effort. #YuleCheer: 2/3, 67%. Every time I saw something that reminded me of this task I was driving, and when I wasn't driving I kind of forgot I was supposed to do it I'll add a cheery hobbity image to this post to start me off better this week. Adventure: 2/2, 100%. Well, sort of... Spoiler for length and pics: Projects: I didn't make any progress on PCA or cards, and the index is going a lot slower than I hoped. I'd totally be done by now if I had any idea what I was doing But this is the first index I've ever tried to write, and there were more than a few false starts until I finally figured out how it's supposed to work. I should still make the deadline though (fingers crossed). After all of that, with a few extra credit points, I ended up with a surprisingly high 89%. Not bad for Week One! Now I'm holed up in my well-stocked and cozy condo and hoping against hope that this storm will bring lots and lots of snow but not so much wind that the resorts won't be able to open midweek. Seriously, I can't win with this whole feast-or-famine thing. There was no snow forever, now we're having a proper Sierra blizzard, and current projections suggest sunny weather after the storm on Thursday and Friday, with all the resorts expecting to fully open this weekend. And I have to leave on Saturday Ah, well. Here's to enjoying what can be enjoyed (and not focusing on what can't). That's the theme of this challenge, isn't it? Finding better Yule Cheer than expected? May everyone find the #YuleCheer they want, need, and deserve!
  3. AAAAAAAAH there is SO MUCH GOODNESS in this thread and I've been missing it! Yay, PAI! PAI is delicious. Nobody doesn't like PAI Mmmmm, PAI If you think you're getting weird results (earning way too much PAI or not nearly enough for your level of perceived exertion), you might want to check that your max heart rate in the FitBit app is a reasonable number. I had to enter a custom one because the standard formulae are so wildly inaccurate for me -- for most of the various calculation options my age-based max HR is somewhere in the low 170s but my real number, as measured at one of those fitness test places back in the day, is right about 200. YAAAAAAAY!!!! <Kermit flail> Congratulations! Colleagues and cats and tea and Harry Potter and sushi and parties and LONDON -- it sounds like an amazing week. How wonderful that you were able to enjoy all of that, and then still get to go back home to the Forest I love the big PAI days because they give me a few days of effortless goal achievement -- but when they drop off that 7-day rolling average and I go from the hundreds to the thirties overnight, I don't love them any more Late to the party but following for picspam and PAI. What a great start to your challenge!
  4. Holiday greetings to the Rebellion! In the spirit of my last two holiday challenges, I'm back to make an effort to seek out moments of #YuleCheer in and among the random and ofter exhausting adventures that generally characterize the holiday season for one over-educated, under-employed, somewhat-unmoored wandering mythologist Adventurer. I'm sneaking in late (as usual) as today is the first day of Week One for me (challenges start on MONDAYS and I refuse to listen to talk that says otherwise) but if I can get this up before midnight I'll call it good. The real challenge tracking happens over on the spreadsheet, but here's a breakdown to put some narrative flesh on the spreadsheet's bones. PAI: I will keep my PAI score over 100. I've been doing this for a few years, and it works as well as any other arbitrary measurement designed to keep me moving, and it actually requires me to get my heart rate up for a time as opposed to simply counting steps. To get to 100 I generally need at least two short (or one long or very intense) proper cardio sessions a week. Outside: I will go outside every day for at least ten minutes. I'm in the second week of a six-week trip (see Adventure description below for details) and I want to take advantage of the opportunity to see things I love that I generally can't get in Southern California (pine trees, mountains, snow). Routines: Every day, first thing in the morning I will do a meditation/HRV reading and do Julia Cameron-style morning pages, and right before bed I will write in my gratitude journal and do at least the Sleep routine with the Theragun. In recent challenges I've been attempting to keep up with a long list of routine habits. I won't try and do everything -- it is a holiday after all -- but I want to keep these four going because when I blew them off in the craziness of the last week I felt icky about it. #YuleCheer: Three times a week I will post something highlighting my enjoyment of this holiday season, extra credit for more (up to 1 per day). I've done this for the last two holiday challenges and I like what it does for my mindset. If I'm noticing how pretty that bright silver ornament is nestled in dark green pine, or smiling at the colorful patterns of lights in the darkness under a fluffy snowfall, I'm not seething about family drama or feeling sorry for myself. Since I also need some encouragement to keep this thread updated (for proof of how awful I am at this, see pretty much every one of my NF challenges ever), updating this thread will count for this task. Charming hobbity holiday images encouraged but not required Adventure: Twice a week I will leave the cocoon of my various comfy temporary homes for some sort of adventurous activity, extra credit for more (up to 1 per day). Spoiler for trip description: Should the snow gods prove kind, I hope to get a few days of skiing or riding in before I leave. If not, well, I will have to figure out some more hiking options to meet my adventure task (preferably with fewer incidences of questionable decision-making but I can't make any promises on that). There is also the option to drive to Reno for a some ballroom dancing at a holiday ball this coming Friday, which since I know not a soul in the city will totally count as an adventure Projects: As this (like most) is a working vacation, before Christmas I have three personal and professional projects to complete: a) submit a paper proposal to the Tolkien Studies area of the Popular Culture Association National Conference (deadline 23 Dec), b) mail my holiday cards (deadline next week sometime), and -- this is the big one -- c) edit the page proofs of, write the index for, and submit the final version of my forthcoming academic book on Tolkien and wilderness (proofs deadline 13 Dec, index deadline 3 Jan, ideally I'd send it all at the same time before I leave for Buffalo). Spoiler for book discussion: So. That's the challenge. It's a bit more complicated than expected for a short holiday challenge while traveling, but I think it should do the job anyway. Here's wishing everyone all the Yule Cheer you can enjoy, and not a drop more!
  5. Yes, absolutely. I always feel a little bad when I see how everyone else is posting and liking and commenting regularly and I'm generally wondering "how has it been three weeks already?" but even if I don't update things, having the challenge going is SO helpful. So -- parsimonious posters unite? Thank you! It was definitely the high water mark of the challenge -- everything kind of went downhill from there Well, I'm feeling pretty good about them, actually. That Week Five tho... Thanks everybody! Sorry I took so long to respond. See you all over at the big holiday party!
  6. You are certainly no later than my response Thanks for the good wishes. It was very painful this year but I got it done. This one is definitely going to need a good six months of distance before I look at it again though because I hate the very thought of it right now. <blink> <blink> So, uh, whatcha doin' in August??
  7. Well, to absolutely no one's surprise, this turned out to be another classic @oromendur "challenge thread? What challenge thread?" challenge (sigh) Anyway. Here's the roundup: Week 3: PAI 6/7, NaNo 7/7, M 28/28, W 10/14, H 4/14, E 24/28, Social 2/3, overall score 84% Week 4: PAI 7/7, NaNo 7/7, M 28/28, W 11/14, H 3/14, E 28/28, Social 0/3, overall score 78% Week 5: PAI 4/7, NaNo 4/7, M 25/28, W 10/14, H 2/14, E 19/28, Social 0/3, overall score 54% You would think on looking at those numbers that I held reasonably steady in Weeks Three and Four and then everything went off the rails in Week Five. You would be right. NaNo absolutely KICKED MY ASS this year. I had to run really hot to finish on time, hotter than is honestly safe anymore, and a great number of important things got ignored in the process. The car needing a new radiator and timing belt two days before and packing for and departing on a six-week trip* that began with a ten-hour drive on 28 Nov did NOT help I even earned my first demerits since I came up with that negative-extra-credit-for-maintenance-habits idea a few challenges ago. But -- it's over. Despite trying my best to screw it up, I still managed to finish my fourteenth NaNoWriMo novel on November 30th (technically after this challenge ended but what even is time?), I held onto most of the other habits (no, not the cleaning, we're just not going to talk about the cleaning) much longer than I would have done had I not had the spreadsheet going, and even if I still can't stick with a challenge thread to save my life I'm doing better than I would be if I didn't have the challenge running. So I'm not going to complain. Onward... *Details of the trip will be forthcoming in my holiday challenge thread, which I SWEAR I am going to get up tomorrow.
  8. Monday? Monday. Right. Monday. Happy Monday, everyone Wait, if it's Monday, that means -- assuming I'm going to meet my goal of updating my challenge thread on time for once -- that I need to type out a [WEEK TWO UPDATE]. Here goes! I was home all week, so I didn't have the adventuring excuse from the previous week, but somehow I ended up about the same (shrug). Spoiler for scores: With some nice extra credit slipping in there, and no demerits, I ended up at a still-perfectly-respectable 88%. All things considered, I'll take it! Week Three needs to be all NaNo all the time to whittle away at that deficit, so I'm going to stop typing non-NaNo words and get to work Hope everyone else is having a good challenge!
  9. Thank you! It's the accretion of many NF challenges' worth of flailing away mindlessly looking for something that works I am rather irrationally motivated by the act of filling in green boxes every day. It doesn't make much sense, but it does work, and green boxes are easy to count and grade. The hard part is deciding what gets a box and what doesn't... Thank you for this also. I try not to worry about it too much, but every time I dip a toe into the wider social media swamp it seems like I come out figuratively smelling bad and often literally feeling sick I do think it has more to do with my lack of social skill in navigating said swamp without falling in, and it's that skill I need to develop at least to a point where I can do the things I need to do to market the book. So NF posting is a good place to start, I think -- positive safe spaces and all that. At the very least I'm going to try to be better at my weekly updates this time. I really appreciate you stopping by!
  10. So November has crashed through the threshold of my life like a freight train -- and I am somehow already behind But here's my [WEEK ONE UPDATE] anyway because I'm trying *really* hard to stay on top of the challenge this time. The task execution in Week One suffered from a last-minute decision to use up all of the hotel nights and points I *didn't* use to go to England this year (sigh) and treat myself to a short staycation down in San Diego to celebrate my birthday. I don't regret a second of it, but it did do a number on my daily task success. Whatever. I'll do better this week. Spoiler for Week One scores: With a whole bunch of extra credit (largely as a result of being outside in the big wide world for much of the week) I was able to overcome the terrible Work showing and chock up a perfectly respectable overall score of 87%. Not bad for a beginning! Now Week Two has arrived with its NaNo energy. I'd like to say I'm off to the races, but... Spoiler for NaNo bitching: Whatever. It's Week Two and I'm actually updating this thread, so that's an improvement over last time at least Onward!
  11. It was cool! I used to be REALLY into it back in the day. Life happened, though, and now I don't have the drive for it I once did. I kind of hoped I'd find that spark again at the war. I didn't, but I did have a nice time hanging out with my friends and bashing the occasional opponent here and there, and it was nice to get away. Thanks for stopping by!
  12. Hello everyone, here I am rocking up late YET AGAIN to another challenge, to post YET ANOTHER thread which I am as likely to ignore as anything else, but whatever. Even if nobody reads this, typing it all out is a valuable exercise for me, even if all it does is provide a bit of narrative structure to the spreadsheet that actually does the tracking GUYS IT'S ALMOST NOVEMBER AND I AM KIND OF PANICKING BECAUSE I HAVE NO [BLEEP]ING CLUE WHAT I'M GOING TO DO FOR NANOWRIMO THIS YEAR I mean, that's not really all that unusual (I often sit down on November 1st and start typing and that's the first I see of the story) but it is not usual for me to be anxious about it. I think it's probably just the unending stress of these really crazy times (and even discounting the pandemic times are unusually crazy, even in my crazy life). So, anyway, I intend to ease back a little on the challenge front to give myself space for NaNo exploration this month. Last challenge was considerably more successful than my lack of updates indicated. I squeaked out passing grades every week -- which hasn't happened in quite a while, to be honest -- and I also got to go on a proper Adventure™ up at Great Western War during Week Four (an SCA event -- see this post for pictures of me in armor and a link to cool drone footage of a battle). I'm feeling okay about my trajectory right now. I don't want to lose any momentum, even if I am restructuring things a little, so I'm going to try and keep a steady state as much as I can. Spoiler for the plan: So, that's the challenge. Long and overwritten as always, and late as usual, but it's better to have one up than not. Here we go!
  13. Wait, what? The challenge is over? And Week Zero of the next one is nearly over? All right, fine. Here's a late update Despite my utter inability to come anywhere near keeping this thread even remotely current, I am going to have to grudgingly admit that this challenge has managed to prove reasonably successful. (Reading over this, I guess I could maybe cram another one or two excessive adverbs and passive verb constructions in that sentence. I'll spare you that but I'm not going to fix it either ) Week Four was a bust on the challenge front as expected, but whatever -- I had a good time at GWW. I got my armor sorted and got on the field, and I got to bash a bunch of folks with my glaive, and I even got to take over for one of the shieldmen when he had an armor failure so we wouldn't have a hole in the shield wall. (Admittedly the few battles it took him to fix his legs reminded me that I'm honestly getting a little old to be standing in the shield wall receiving charges. But we're not going to talk about that.) Spoiler for a picture or two: I didn't quite manage to climb all the way back up on the challenge wagon in Week Five, but it wasn't awful: PAI: 5/7, 71%. Residuals from the war lasted until Thursday, Friday I felt bad and did a little bit of exercise that ran out by Sunday (sigh). But it could have been much worse. Outside: 4/7, 57%. This on the other hand could have been a bit better. Routines (I only counted the end of Monday because that was drive-home-from-Bakersfield-after-the-war day so the numbers are a little wonky): Morning: 24/24, 100%. Still rock solid. Yay. Work: 16/24, 67%. Well, I guess this could have been worse... Home: 19/24, 76%. ...and this was better than expected, if not quite good... Evening: 26/28, 93%. ...and this would have been perfect except I just literally forgot about the task board twice (sigh). But the patterns are definitely solid. Delights: 0/3, 0%. I'm going to go out on a limb and say this task as constructed isn't really working for me With a bit of extra credit this comes out to an overall Week Five score of 68%, which is technically a passing score. I'll take it! Looking back over the challenge as a whole, what really jumps out at me is how brilliantly successful the list of daily home tasks has turned out to be. I have been struggling for YEARS to find a pattern that will reliably motivate me to do basic cleaning tasks more than once every panic-clean-for-company incident. Of course, since the house was a mess that really only happened once a year or so, and then because I didn't do anything to maintain it it got messy again almost immediately which made it more unlikely to invite folks which turned into a terrible downward spiral of Orc-haunt ghastliness. But, even though I've still failed utterly at any actual real zone cleaning, even just doing the half-assed maintenance things like moving a broom over the floors once a week or dealing with the various smelly things in the kitchen *before* they get too smelly (instead of waiting until it got so bad even I couldn't stand it, which to be honest is pretty bad) has resulted in, if not improvement, at least a steady-state maintenance level of tidiness that has resulted in me having folks over for dinner not once but twice in the last month. It probably sound like much to anyone who can actually function as a responsible maintainer-of-a-habitat, but for me this is HUGE. I really hope I can build on it next challenge. Because even if I'm going to be late to that party too, there *will* be a next challenge, dammit...
  14. AAAAAND, contrary to indications, I am again still alive... Late start and utter lack of updates notwithstanding, I have actually been able to chock up some fairly decent success this challenge. Here's a quick multi-week update to try and get myself caught up: PAI: Wk1 7/7 (100%), Wk2 7/7 (100%), Wk3 7/7 (100%). Yay me. One or two short cardio sessions on the elliptical outside my bedroom (the one I cleaned off and set up last challenge, thanks past me) seems to supplement my reasonably active daily life enough to keep this number where it's supposed to be. (We're not going to talk about today, though. I might not get there today. But it's Week Four now and I'm going to write it off anyway, see below for the story on why.) Outside: Wk1 4/7 (57%), Wk2 2/7 (29%), Wk3 3/7 (43%). Um, yeah. Not so much yay. Basically I'm only getting outside to do the exercise. I mean, that's good and all, but would it hurt me to go sit on the deck for ten blessed minutes once in a while? Seriously, this is stupid. Week Four will definitely be better though. Routines: Morning: Wk1 28/28 (100%), Wk2 26/28 (93%), Wk3 28/28 (100%). Rock solid. I bitch and moan to myself every day about how horribly endless the morning pages make an already-long wake-up routine feel, but I don't have anywhere to be most days and there's no denying it improves my attitude and productivity, so suck it up, self. Work: Wk1 19/28 (68%), Wk2 20/28 (79%), Wk3 17/28 (64%). Despite these numbers being fairly unimpressive, I am actually really happy with this. I went from doing zero work for weeks on end to a solid practice that has me halfway through a novel edit and learning to write an index for my upcoming nonfiction book and actually accomplishing things around the house. Week Four is a guaranteed bust, but I feel really good about being able to pick right up again in Week Five. Home: Wk1 23/28 (93%), Wk2 22/28 (79%), Wk3 19/28 (68%). Again, unimpressive in objective terms, but for me this is freaking amazing. I ACTUALLY DID MORE THAN ONE ROUTINE CLEANING THING IN A WEEK FOR MORE THAN ONE WEEK and I'm very pleasantly surprised. The list of daily tasks, each of which is a single simple thing that can mostly be accomplished while waiting for my tea to steep, is proving to be a brilliant success. (Now if I could only figure out a good way to do the 15 minutes of zone cleaning, I might actually make a little progress -- but hey, I'm actually almost treading water now and that is a significant improvement.) I have hopes for coming back in Week Five to finish strong. Evening: Wk1 27/28 (96%), Wk2 27/28 (96%), Wk3 27/28 (96%). Again, rock solid. I didn't really expand this one from last challenge, so I should hope it'd be good. Delights: Wk1 2/3 (67%), Wk2 2/3 (67%), Wk3 1/3 (33%). Ugh. I mean, I think this is important enough to make it worth a lot of relative points in my system, but apparently I don't think it quite important enough to actually, you know, do it And even when I do get around to doing it, it's nothing but bad photos of good food. But whatever. I'll keep trying. This one should be EASY in Week Four if I can just get myself to remember to do it... Extra credit: Wk1 6pts, Wk2 2 pts, Wk3 3 pts. Despite the fact that I expanded this (I now allow a stretching session to count as well as the ridiculously aspirational kettlebells) I still didn't do nearly as well as I'd hoped. You'd think that showering and getting dressed and getting to bed at a decent hour would be a slam-dunk. You'd be wrong. But whatever -- there's a good reason these aren't part of the main challenge. If I do it, it's gravy. All of that has resulted in some not-horrible overall grades: Wk1 85%, Wk2 78%, Wk3 73%. Considering that there are actually fairly good excuses for the places where I didn't quite measure up (excuses as various as my vacuum cleaning dying and needing parts which will finally be delivered today, or a back pain flare-up that got bad enough to require the really good drugs, or a trip to the VA to see my health care provider regarding said back pain that ate up a whole day), I am actually quite pleased with how I've managed to pick myself up and keep going this challenge. Spoiler explaining why I'm writing off Week Four: Right then. That's me caught up. I hope everybody else made it through the Week Three swamp all right, and I'll see you all in Week Five!
  15. Hi hi hi yourself! Welcome! Und viel Glück beim Deutsch studieren -- wenn du üben willst, schreib mir hier
  16. Yeah, well, it's Day Two of Week Two and I'm just getting around to the challenge write-up, but as Éomer would say "late is better than never" so here we are Last week I was hoping to put together a full-on Tolkien-quote-heavy, beautifully conceived, and thoughtfully categorized challenge, but as it's clear that's not going to happen I'm now at the point where I'm just going to throw something up to provide a bit of narrative structure to the spreadsheet I'm already filling in each day. After the last challenge sort of petered out (I got totally derailed by current events and never really recovered) I spent a bit of time wandering through my old challenge spreadsheets, and it seems like this particular format is pretty good. It's actually the only one that has proven even vaguely successful in my efforts to get a handle on my disastrous home environment. Lots of small tasks wrapped up in solid routines, and lots of opportunities to earn extra credit points when I (inevitably) fail, and lots of little green boxes to fill in for the solid dopamine hit involved with checking off to-do lists -- these things really seem to work for me, so it makes sense to use them in spades. The focus this time around will be on ways that I can do my work and make my home more like Elrond's house at Rivendell -- and as much less like a filthy Orc-haunt as I can manage Here's a list of things I will be tracking during what remains of this challenge: PAI: Although Imladris itself is a haven of safety, the Misty Mountains are a dangerous place. One must be fit to live on on the edge of the Wild. Every day I will do whatever activity is necessary to keep my PAI score over 100. Outside: The environment of Rivendell seamlessly blends outdoor spaces with indoor ones. I would like to stop spending all of my time lurking inside dark tunnels at the root of the mountains (okay, in my house, but honestly it's not that inaccurate a characterization) instead of out enjoying the breezes and flowers and sunshine and waterfalls. (Well, actually there are no waterfalls here, sadly. But a girl can dream.) Every day, I will spend at least ten uninterrupted minutes outside. Routines: The Elves might have all of eternity to get things done, but solid routines and patterns are essential for short-lived hobbits and humans to make the most of their limited time (and not squander it with internet surfing or wall-staring or trip daydreaming or pointless online shopping expeditions that take hours but are never actually consummated because when I go to check out I remember I shouldn't be frivolously squandering the limited funds I have available these days). Here are the routines I want to strengthen this challenge: Morning: Every morning, I will: meditate and take an HRV reading, do Julia Cameron-style morning pages, do my old teacher's Taiji form, and do 12 twisty pushups. Work: Every day, I will: spend time working on a fiction project, spend time working on a nonfiction project, spend time working on a techie or home-improvement project, and do a language lesson (at least one crown on Duolingo, or one half-hour Pimsleur lesson). Home: Every day, I will: make the bed, do the daily task (the list is at the top of the spreadsheet for the curious), spend 15 minutes cleaning or decluttering in the FlyLady zone of the week, and clean and dry the kitchen sink. Evening: Every evening, I will: write out an electronic to-do list for the next day to track things that fall outside my daily routine requirements, take my supplements/brush my teeth/wash my face, tidy the bathroom, and do the Theragun sleep routine. Delights: The Elves' capacity for delight in the wonders of Arda is legendary, and I will try and emulate it as best I can. Three times each week, I will post on Instagram to highlight something I found delightful. Extra credit: I can earn extra credit points on the daily routines by: getting dressed by 11 am (quite unlikely), playing with kettlebells (you must be joking -- we'll call this a stretch goal), taking a shower (distressingly unlikely despite the recent improvement in my plumbing situation), or getting to bed before 11 pm (actually not too far beyond the realm of the possible). I will also give myself extra credit points for extra Instagram posts, up to one per day. So that's it. That's the challenge. I've already been beavering away at it for a while, but now with this post it's officially official Belated good wishes to everyone for a great fall challenge!
  17. Like Bilbo, I am alive...but I do seem to have been knocked on the head or something, because apparently I missed seeing the end of the last challenge But whatever. It's a new day and a new week and a new challenge, and I'm here for it. There is a spreadsheet. There will be a challenge write-up (in a day or two I hope). Here's to continuing Adventures!
  18. I second this HARD. Thank you, folks It helps to feel heard. I'm trying to shift my thinking as best I can.
  19. Random mid-week update because I don't really have anyone to talk to about this and I think it might help me to type out a rant. Here's the truth: I am absolutely heartbroken about current events in Afghanistan. Spoiler for mild political objections and angry seething: This is real life, I guess. It's not a nice neat story where things work out in the end. In real life, sometimes -- well, sometimes the bad guys win
  20. It's Monday! What does that mean? Well, among many other things, you reading these words means I actually managed to do TWO weekly updates on time, which I think might be a NF challenge record for me Hypothesis confirmed: I feel better when I exercise. News flash, I know Here's the [WEEK TWO UPDATE]. Spoiler for length: Overall score for the week: 23/28, 82%. A solid and quite creditable B performance. I mean, if I'd ever vacuum a room occasionally this would probably be an easy A Hope everyone else is hanging in there through the mid-challenge doldrums. Bring on Week Three!
  21. Huh. This is really interesting, thanks for sharing the reference. I really like the idea of tapping intuition to highlight the things that are most important; it's a bit like Personal Kanban in that way. I'll have to think about it. I have a problem turning lists written on paper into ~*hIsToRiCaL aRtIfAcTs*~ though; I wonder if I could figure out a more-ephemeral way to do the same thing? A Doodle board, maybe? I looked and found a book or two he's got out; maybe I'll read one of them at lunchtime one of these days and see if I can glean anything else interesting. THIS oh my goodness this. I could use pages the size of my dining room table and still not get everything to a place where I could be confident I'm making a fully prioritized decision. I concur! More research needed. Well, in Gandalf's words, it might be worse, and then again it might be a good deal better Update above. Thanks for stopping by!
  22. Welcome back to you too! It's certainly no weirder than the fact that they're both done Fingers crossed. It's going slower than I'd like, but it is going. So glad to see you
  23. This is a lovely idea, thank you. I emailed my Mom after reading it That probably would have made me happier if I hadn't been THREE MONTHS of unanswered texts behind in getting back to her But relief in closing an open loop might not be quite happiness, but it is certainly an improvement nevertheless!
  24. Monday? Monday. Right. Monday. Time for the [WEEK ONE UPDATE].* Recovery is -- slow. Annoyingly so. But it is happening, and I don't want to let any stupid brain chemistry imbalances ruin my appreciation of that fact. My tooth still hurts -- but it hurts less each day. The house is still a disaster -- but it is less of one than it was last week. I -- well, trying to positively reframe my insistence on being miserable feels stupid, but that's kind of the point, isn't it? Anyway, here are the scores. Spoiler for length: Overall score for the week: 18/28, 64%. Almost squeaked out a passing grade I guess Week One wasn't a total failure, but here's hoping Week Two is better! * Hey, check me out, doing my update on Monday like I'm supposed to do! That rarely happens. Go me!
  25. Hey, you're back! Me too I hear you have some visitors at Owlshire -- give them a hug for me! Sorry to hear about the Mr's diagnosis. You guys DO eat clean! Insulin resistance is shit Have you read The Obesity Code by Jason Fung? The title is a bit narrow (the book is as much about insulin resistance as it is about obesity or weight loss). I found it interesting in the same pop-science, most-of-it-is-pretty-good, hmm-wait-that-sounds-a-little-weird way I felt about Intuitive Eating. The diet and weight loss babble annoyed me, but the underlying science made me think, and there's nothing like a good old dose of confirmation bias to make me feel pleased about my intermittent fasting lifestyle I have an electronic copy I'd be happy to lend you -- just let me know. Here for picspam and Shire envy!
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