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  1. People are already commenting on mental health issues in other sections of the community, from four-week challenges to off-topic posts. Since every one of my challenges has centered on mental health, I can say that the conversation has been active and helpful, regardless of the other users' credentials. I'm part of a closed mental health Facebook group that grew out of a podcast community I belong to, and we know how Facebook works: maybe you'll get a lot of replies, maybe not. Maybe you'll ask a question and get no answers. Maybe a user vents once and then ghosts. We expect that. It's certainly true in the NF community (being a serial ghoster myself) but I've wanted to have a forum like this for years. There's something really freeing about using my NF avatar/identity in an existing community rather than using my "civilian" Facebook identity. Mental health is an essential part of physical fitness. They are not separate subjects. I've been dismayed to see NF discussions concentrate almost entirely on everything below the neck, so please consider creating a place where we can talk about the rest of it!
  2. Hi everyone - I haven't been online in ages and am so glad that you replied! Sounds like we could all use a NF mental health buddy. Would any of you like to create a group, either here or on Facebook, that focuses on mental health? I've stopped doing the regular challenges because they set off all my anxiety alarms - as supportive as everyone was, it felt to me like an unintentional popularity contest. I never had the mental/emotional bandwidth to be as involved in other people's challenges as most of my other guildmates, so it was hard to build my friend-base and feel like I was contributing at all. I'm restarting my fitness routine (again) but won't be joining a challenge. Let me know what you think - I'm happy that you all responded and hope we can help each other!
  3. We do live in the woods, and it's heaven. I highly recommend it! My husband may be a bigger introvert than I am - the difference is that his desire for solitude isn't partly fueled by anxiety like mine is. My mom worries about us living up here way back of beyond on a dirt road - but I've never been more content than where I live now. It's hard living in such an extroverted country as the US, where you're seen as somehow flawed if you need space.
  4. Me too. But it takes so much energy keeping that armor on that I'm forever exhausted. I wish I could find a healthier balance.
  5. Imagine if taking care of our mental health were given the same space and energy in these forums as are topics related to weights, running, nutrition, etc. But it isn't given the same space anywhere, in large part because of the stigma we've all faced that keeps us from talking about it. But here's the thing. Mental health IS physical health. I'm so grateful that we have THIS space where we needn't ever apologize for how we feel or how much we want to share. I'm grateful for every one of you. Talk all you want. This is a safe place.
  6. I will clean out my car, a daunting task due to the layers of disgustingness it possesses and the fact that it's about 3 degrees out there right now.
  7. I'm so sorry you're going through all this. We're here for you.
  8. When you don't feel like doing what you set out to do - be it strength or cardio training, following a good diet, etc. - how do you motivate yourself to go on? (Cross-posting in a couple places...)
  9. When you don't feel like doing what you set out to do - be it strength or cardio training, following a good diet, etc. - how do you motivate yourself to go on? (Cross-posting in a couple places...)
  10. Hooray, my peeps! Depression has been at the root of all my failed challenges and it could easily get me this time too. I chose to try again because what else was I going to do?
  11. Minna

    Nymeria Rises

    I'm interested in crockpotting more myself - I'll be interested to see what you do!
  12. Congratulations on Rebel of the Month and your engagement! Following because Tanktimus.
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