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  1. Sorry about not updating, but had a lot of stuff to take care of last week, so rebellion wasn't high on my priority list Got rest and back to action on Monday (BBW) and Tuesday (Yoga). Unfotunately lost motivation and skipped Wednesday and Thursday, but got back to action today with BBW. It seems that skipping two days has more positive than negative impact - I kicked butt with three full circuits of BBW (YAY!!!!!)
  2. Checking in. Starting to feel a bit down as my weight is plateauing between 99 - 100 kg. Plus I strained a muscle in my left leg while doing yesterdays BBW and today is second day when I can't do anything serious. Have to rest and get my leg in shape till tomorrow evening when I have signed up for squash. After that I guess I'll be devastated and dying and there won't be any time left for sulking
  3. Hya, Ebb&Flow, thanks for dropping my Did my BBW today, three circuts. Well third one wasn't really complete circuit, but close to that anyway. Today got my first big scale victory - I'm 99,9kg as of this morning. Time to celebrate with big bowl of ice cream! Just kidding. And after work I'm going to play squash for first time in my life. Scared!
  4. Yay! Good! Just chiming in to remind that you should try to find foods which are not dense on calories but filling - like veggies and stuff. You shouldn't feel hungry, just get less calories with stuff you eat. That way it's much more easier to not overeat and not struggle to keep into calorie goal range. But pay attention to getting enough proteins (think chicken, cottage cheese, eggs, beans) Keep on goin'!
  5. That's a pity about cauliflower/brocolli - they make up most of my diet those days And I just f-in love them! You are doing amazing! It's so motivating to check on on fellow members (especially assassin wannabes like me) and see that they are going strong!
  6. Still going quite strong. Stopped yoga in the middle of training on Tuesdey, 'cuz I didn't like the lesson. And succumbed to pizza on same day (and had to finish it yesterday), but back to healthy eating today. Also my general tiredness (as I think) contributed to worse BBW training yesterday. Finished just two circuits and was totally spent. As I told already, today is the day I'm getting back to track. Nice yoga today. Man, I'm sooooo stiff!!! Now having scrambled eggs with cheese for breakfast and cooking broccoli and chicken for lunch. I'm half falling on life quest. I can get up at 7a
  7. Quick check-in! I'm starting off new week amazing! Did morning BBW today and managed to do ALMOST COMPLETE THIRD CIRCLE! Just had to cut off on squats and pushups a bit, after nearly collapsing on floor. Boy, that's sooo satisfying! Have to admit, that I had very strong motivation this morning - we are doing "Skype workouts" together with my girlfriend. Had to show who's the man! This weeks goal is to get to three complete circles and start moving to real pushups from knee pushups. It's so motivating to see even small increase in my strength.
  8. How are your results? And I would suggest to start calorie tracking right now (I use myfitnesspal) as it's an eye opener and makes you more conscious about what you eat. Be careful with fruits as some of them are really rich on sugars and can skyrocket your carbs intake.
  9. Keep on going! That's the important part And I would suggest having hearthy breakfast and timely lunch. You eat more (and have higher probability to eat shitty food) when you get hungry. It may sound counterintuitive but eating more in the first half of day can greatly help with keeping calorie goals, at least from my experience. And don't beat yourself over that sliping. I had mine on Friday evening and I'm still trying to recover from all that. That happens, but important thing is to learn from that and have resolve to find a way to avoid it!
  10. I'm back with new updates. Was unable to do anything yesterday, because of very heavy partying on Friday evening, but did yoga (shoulder therapy) today. Now I feel that I have shoulders, but it's a nice feeling of having worked muscles And I'm back to 103 after partying. That's a pity and a sign that I should either a) control myself more on parties limit my partying otherwise it will be hard to reach my main goal. On other news, I'm planning to do something silly and funny and record strip dance for my long distance girlfriend. Just for laughts and to have something for reference when I
  11. Another update. Everything is going amazing! Did second stretch class of yoga yesterday. This morning could complete two circles of BBW (yay! applause!!) and hope to try third circle by end of next week. Food stuff is going well also. I'm getting a bit scared about how fast I loose weight, as I have lost a bit over 2kg in a week. But on other hand - I"m not starving and/or feeling hungry. And I do drink a lot of water (at least more than I did when wasn't in challenge). Let's see how it goes next week. I have to cheat on yoga goal a bit tomorrow as I'm going to visit my friends in another ci
  12. Alexandria, I got it like this in my mind: Try to do at least one full circuit if possible Do at least two circuits in total (can be not complete, just push yourself "one more rep" over "I'm too tired to do that") When you can do two circuits and have strength left (I'm totally exhausted after second one) try to do third oneI think what's important is to get over "It's hard and I'm tired" stage and push for one-two more reps. We as humans (mostly) are very gentle with ourselves
  13. Hi Alexandria! It's interesting how much your quests much up with mine (two out of three) Subbed and will keep an eye on your progress (boy, that sounds creapy, doesn't it?)!
  14. Good luck with your challenge! Your note about energy sans caffeine got me curious. Are you hooked on coffee right now? Was a big coffee addict myself (drunk some 10 cups per day), but have cleaned in last couple of months. Wasn't easy, but now overall energy level is so much better that I'm sure it definately was worth it!
  15. Mid-week check-in. So far everything is going well. Monday did two circuits of Beginner Bodyweight Workout, today had to cheat a bit on repetitions count on second one. Still pushed myself to one more rep after feeling that I can't do anymore. And guess what - usually was able to do one or two more reps Tuesdays yoga was mostly about stretching which in my opinion was perfect for my sore body after Monday workout. Looking forward for tomorrows session. It's very easy with calorie intake as I'm already quite good on eating (for example I use almost no sugar). I'm just cutting off most of t
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