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  1. "But when we really delve into the reasons for why we can’t let something go, there are only two: an attachment to the past or a fear for the future." — Marie Kondō The road so far, Prologue & Introduction: Gearing Up Hello, this is a respawn of first challenge. The last time I was here the system was different and not sure I fully understand the new one yet (still looking for bbcode/html editor.. does it even exist anymore?). In the year between, I took up paleo/primal eating, lost weight, and at this point-- finally found myself needing accountability for healthier habits. Still exploring where to go health-fitness-diet wise, but for the time being my main concern is to just start. So yeah, hope to see you around. Objectives Acquire what you need, leave behind what only burdens. Do KonMari Tidying-Up At least halfway. I have started with clothes, shoes and bags, but there's still so much to sort out. I'm going to list the categories and draw a line on the middle somewhere. This looks (and is) like a 'life' goal instead of a fitness one, but though not sure how to explain it, I do think this is the most important one. It's a wonderful book, BTW, and would totally recommend it (and have). Get Moving While not a stranger in dieting, I'm practically a mollusc at exercising/ being active. I don't.. really move unless I (really) have to? So my main objective is to move more, and loosen the stiff muscles while hopefully also building my stamina. Walk 30 minutes and do 25 crunches per day, except Sundays. Do reddit bodyweight warm-ups for 10 minutes every other day. Lose Weight Target: 58 kg (127.8 lbs) from 61.8 kg (136.2 lbs) Keep food and weight log. Decided to use an app, since it's the easiest and it logs time automatically. Eat low-carb paleo/primal. Avoid lactose as well, since I'm a lactose intolerant person in denial. Deal with eating out and portion gauging. This is pretty much the bane of how well my eating goes. I eat out 2-3 times a week and often would either 1) Feel guilty if I don't order a 'proper' menu, and 2) Overestimate how much I can actually eat, which also happens with the foods I prepare on my own. I used to be significantly bigger than I am and while it's not exactly habit, kind of got used to (be able to) eat a lot more than my current capacity. Compound one with the other with the sprinkling of oversized meals and there's a recipe for guilt/avoiding waste eating. So yes, Training myself to only order and cook what I want to/can eat. Also keep it as paleo/primal as possible. Be prepared to have/store leftovers. It's okay. Only trying/tinkering with one new cake/baked goods/dessert per week. I love baking. I don't like eating the results, though, so they usually go to friends, but there's still a significant (?) amount of tasting and trying that accompany every new recipe. I have too many recipes I'd like to try, so, limiting them to one each week at the most. Calendar Official-updates of the challenge will be every Monday and Friday. Might make a table calendar of what should be done when.
  2. 6.7th.2016 The resistance band arrived, going to try the warm-ups later today. I think I know what target to put into the last slot-- it's the elephant in the room: weight loss. I just found/ read the article about Assassin training, and this part stopped me: I'm sort of okay (complacent?) with my current 59-62kg range, I fit into M dresses and don't look too bad. But looks is no longer my (only) concern anymore, is it. 12 kg/26 lbs is a lot to carry around when you think of it as additional deadweight when trying to sprint and climb. That's a toddler. Or two fat cats. Or half a sack of kitty litter sand. While I'm the kind that considers 5 lbs netbook too heavy to carry around. Alright then. This morning's weigh in clocked me at 61.2 kg (134.9 lbs), depending on where I am at 12th, I'll set the target weight for the challenge at 57.5 or 58 kg. Shall ponder a bit more about the plan I'm actually going to approach it with.
  3. 6.6th.2016 Testing an update format ❤ Take 'before' picturesLooked up how to do 'proper' before pictures. Do have a cellphone tripod and bluetooth remote so will use them. Walk 30 minutes/day, figure out how to include this into the dayDid 2 out of 4, found that it's easier to just place it into 'whenever is the soonest I can do it' rather than a certain timeslot. Because semi-surprise dates, gaming and sudden laziness/not feeling wellness happen. Would like to alternate between podcasts and audiobooks as listening materials. Familiarize self with reddit bodyweight warm-upsOrdered a resistance band (should arrive before next challenge) and tried the non-band ones. Confirmed that I am very stiff. Keep a food logThis is harder (?), well, more difficult to keep track of than I expected it to be. Used to track food using an app, but while convenient, it makes it hard to review previous entries/days. So physical journal might be a better idea. I'm considering hybird of both, like writing down the log in phone then moving it to a journal.. but that's twice the work. Hmm. Weigh-in everydaySkipped Sunday because of.. circumstances? Though looking back it could have been easily done. Anyway. Other than that, tracked. Haven't decided whether to include daily weigh-in into my challenge log, most likely I'll just include the start and end. Plan 1st challengeI like this format of reporting progress/updating. It requires me to focus on listed goals and giving me definite topics to talk about (even when not feeling inspired). One of the major problem I had in previous challenge-tries was 'I have nothing to report about' since I have been on a 'diet' for a long time and largely eat not-too-badly and ... well, one could say that the infatuation stage wore off long ago. Me and my (mostly healthy choices of) food, we're old couple now. It might also be a good idea to set definite when to do 'scheduled updates'? (Like, every Mondays and Thursdays) It's not romantic but could keep the challenge afloat when needed. Other than that, I'm a Bullet Journal-er and since most of the challenge will fall on June, I'm lining up the targets with my monthly plan. So far I'm mulling these: Do KonMari tidying up. Not sure if I could finish but would like to do at least halfway. Walk 30 minutes/day, except Sundays. Do reddit warm-ups for 10 minutes every other day. Keep a physical food log. Also post more/again to my paleo-food-instagram account. [I'd like another fitness-health-weight related target here, but unsure what. I feel like missing something.] See you soon!
  4. Prologue & Introduction: Gearing Up Hello. This is the third attempt of me participating in NerdFitness. I'm trying again-- for mainly two reasons that hopefully would shift the likelihood that this one will take: The first is that-- separate from NF, I stumbled upon and eventually partake in (?) paleo/primal movement since last year's April. Was sort of strictly paleo/primal for awhile, but not anymore (more on this later perhaps), would say 70-80% nowadays. The second is that I intend to exercise. Back then I was more concerned about losing weight but not interested in exercising. It was along the thinking that as long my appearance is acceptable there's little need to exert myself. Well lost considerable amount but then --now what? After a long stagnation where I hovered at the same place (in more ways than one) I decided/realized that there should be more to diet and exercise and living healthy than to look good. The turning point was me remembering that I liked to climb as a child. I remembered the dance part of childhood/adolescence (getting to dance again was my goal for previous challenges), but not the climbing. I forgot the feeling of being strong, or fit. Would like to feel that way again. Also all zombie apocalypse intake might finally have made me wonder whether I'd survive an outbreak or the resulting world. Just got introduced to Last of Us playthrough. Anyway. Creating this topic so that I have no excuses in the form of waiting for rebellion challenge to end/start as several of my should-have-been-respawnings had been (conveniently) unmade due to hopping back at inopportune time. So gonna dust furnitures, rig the windows with traps, and while waiting for the call to adventure, line up and polish my gear. Pre-First-Challenge Task List: Take 'before' pictures. Walk 30 minutes/day, figure out how to include this into the day. Familiarize self with reddit bodyweight warm-ups. Keep a food log. Weigh-in everyday (already do this but sometimes I skip days). Plan 1st challenge. See you around!
  5. Place to regroup and recuperate between challenges, also character sheet. Character Sheet Kohl Female, Were-Panda 163 cm/ 5'4" Class: ? 'Look good in a dress and can hunt you down' is a perfectly valid body goal. Flexibility, agility, a bit of endurance; can climb, can stalk, can sprint. (For now?) not going to gym, just using my house/living space and things here. Bodyweight/ dance/ light cardio. Largely primal/ paleo, with occasional eating out and (most often neolithic) baking. Starting - June 1st, 2016: Unfit, barely moving, weak back, squishy, 62.1 kg (136.9 lbs) Goal: Joining a dance studio, can climb, maybe not being murdered if to visit a crossfit gym, not/less squishy, move freely and lightly and can legit pounce, anywhere 2.5 kg below/above 50 kg (110.2 lbs) Objective I: Finish first NF challenge and join a guild. Current state: N/A Mission Listing Prologue & Introduction: Gearing Up Mission I: Scavenge Run
  6. What do you think of the oyster-mussel kinds? Scallops? Eel? Things that are neither fish nor crustacean I mean (..I think. Is eel a fish?). I like seafood but started off with red/white meat only because they're what I had in my freezer. Not sure if it's advised/not but I think dealing with grain/sugar withdrawals were/is hard enough without worrying how to incorporate seafood when you don’t like/not used to eating them. You can always try things later. I just bought bone marrow and have no idea how they taste.
  7. I just started going paleo and --honestly at first I was 'oh hey why not' kind of mindset in getting to it. I knew I'd be prone to make mistakes, so while at it why not record those mistakes? I kept a very detailed food log and I noticed the first week I ate A LOT. I wanted to eat all the time, where's this purported satiety? Then it subsided. Around 2nd week for me, but it might be different for you. Could be the body getting adjusted, might be the brain/psyche that got used of being hungry all the time under the tyranny of grainy carbs and sugar carrying over that ever-hunger...? Both? But yes, it gets better.
  8. Primal Blueprint (and the rest of that series) Good Calories Bad Calories Wheat Belly
  9. I am, kind of. I don't buy the coffee (just normal coffee) and I use cold pressed oils like VCO (as cooking with them could/may damage their antioxidants) instead of butter. I just stir/ not using blender as well, I'm barely a vertebrate in the mornings, nobody should ever want me to deal with blender cleanup. Better Than Bulletproof Coffee
  10. Just coming over to say hi! I don't really have a favorite assassin.. hmm.. lemme think about it. Actually I usually take caster classes.
  11. I'm sugar sensitive (prediabetic?) so I avoid excess sugar, but fruits are fair game, for me. They pack micronutrients and they taste good. Just take care not to eat too much, calorie wise?
  12. This blog is dedicated to frugal/good eating > Good Cheap Eats. They just started a Pantry Challenge, which I'm seriously contemplating to do.
  13. Ello 1.) Say who you are and link us to your challenge thread! Heya, I'm Kohl, I've been much heavier and far thinner, and currently can stand to lose a few more pounds. My challenge thread is here. 2.) Think about your intended method of weight loss and check that you have SMART goals. Pretty sure it's largely reasonable and mostly sustainable. 3.) Tell us how you are intending to lose weight - be specific! I don't count calories, exactly, but I am aware of the rough amount my foods have. Portioning and portion control would be the main engine of the weight loss, it's been proven that as long I record and mind my food I'll lose weight. My brain have stored all the info and know the right choices, it's just very easy to slip. 4.) How are you tracking your progress? A digital scale, weighing everyday, with a table that records every weighing and changes (if any). Also I keep a locked private journal for my food log. 5.) What do you most want accountability for? That I'm still logging my food. I'm more prone to eat too much/ things I should not when I don't record them.
  14. Kohl

    L1 Juice Bar

    Hello! This is my second attempt joining, wish all of us luck!
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