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  1. Thursday, the elements program had me putting together a freeflow excerise from the 3 movements I practice in it. It was a great way to start the morning. Thursday night I had Judo. We did some grappling moves (I don't know the japanese name for it yet) which worried me because I ended up with some soreness in my elbow/bicep area. Then we did Randori and sparring is great. In the last fight I attempted a Sasae (shortened from Sasae tsurikomi ashi) Only for me while I ended up completing the throw I also gave myself an awesome bruise on the shin from his knee. I'm learning and one day I will learn how to not injure myself in this process. So with a banged up elbow and a bruised shin I went home and showered and rested. Either today was just a poopy workout day or the fear monster is all up in my head taking up residence in the weightlifting area. Both options have merits. I'm going to go with today was just a bad workout day because my shoulder and shin both still feel weird and I was getting my knee pain even in bodyweight squats today. So today became mobility day. Hung up the rings on the frame out back. worked some range of motion stuff for legs and shoulders. happiness. Monday I shall return and crush the gym.
  2. Great Job Man! All your talk of running is making my brain say "A run would be good for us." Now I happen to know... I hate running. A lot. The only reason I run is to get the exercise over with as quick as possible. All that being said my girlfriend and I have a 5k fun run toward the end of this month. I should probably put some miles in.
  3. Squats are starting to feel heavy, but the sets felt good form wise. I'm still pretty excited about the growth possible. Overhead Press is still feeling awesome. 95 went great 5 reps 3 sets BOOM Deadlift got in my head. At camp I deadlifted 275 on my 3rd attempt and I remembered this right before going into my workset. This got in my head and my brain was like "you want us to do WHAT!? 10 lbs less are you crazy!!?" So this affected my breath and my form and I pulled 2 times, they were solid but I was feeling distracted. Having to reset before going for my 3rd then still in my head. Try to pull got it off the ground but not up. I'm debating if I just try the same weight again next time or if I go down 5 lbs or what. My brain doesn't like when I approach limits. It wants to keep me safe and not push them too much. I don't feel that my brain and my body are in sync with what we're capable of.
  4. End of the day yesterday was a lot of fun. I got to experience Randori (sparring) in Judo for the first time ever. It was a lot of fun, also super exhausting. Monk cardio is best cardio though. I had forgotten how much cardio is necessary for fighting shape. I look forward to building it back. Apparently I have a lot of good instincts, but because of my skill level I'm not noticing the things I am instinctively doing and am more focused on not getting thrown on the ground. It was super fun, have historically hated tournaments and martial arts competition, but I might try out one for Judo and see how I feel. Went to Chipotle for dinner after and got my burrito for $3 because my judo uniform counted as "dressed up". #winning Apparently my roommate didn't know that leaving the porch light on during Halloween is a signal that you're giving out candy in our area. He's from South Africa and lived in Maryland before moving here I guess I'll forgive him. Luckily no tricks were played on us. We had no candy, he just said he ignored them when they came to the door. We were that horrible house this year Sleep overnight still sucked. Woke up with a small headache, I don't know why. Eat more, drink more water, sleep more, is the game plan. I made up for my elements this morning. I did Monday's and today's workouts this morning. Frogger strength hops were fun to figure out. As with all things squat oriented it's a lot better on the knees if you let your butt do the work. Bear flexibilty going from an A-frame position to cobra took a while to figure out too because my lower back wanted to do work and in the video they explicitly talk about how your lower back should not do work it should all be in the arms and chest. Yay new neural paths for my body. Hopefully tomorrow I will not feel like crap and will get up and Deadlift like I'm supposed to.
  5. ALL ABOARD!!! Note to self: increase stealth tactic training.
  6. TIME TO DO THIS THING!! Okay except maybe not right away. Took some self care this morning. I too many sugary drinks and too little decent food this weekend compounded with not enough quality sleep last night to be a disastrous wake up this morning. I'm working on learning the difference between laziness and a need for self care, this morning felt very much like it would have been a bad idea to lift on. I did my headspace meditation though!! I'll try to get Elements in before Judo. Meal planning also a thing I should work on. Anyway lets get clear about the wins on these goals Starting Strength I saw a good solid start post camp. A couple of things I did notice though were that my bench is absolutely the worst lift I work on. I can get the weight up, but I really need to work on getting it right. At camp I didn't feel any problems with my bench and mistakenly thought I must have figured the lift out with all my body-weight push-ups but apparently not and I'll try to get some form check videos. I also realized I was cheating on power cleans, so I'm going to work on getting those properly. Goal: SS at least 2x per week. Form check bench press. Elements: Stick to the program. Elements is only a 6 week course so my first run-through will finish this challenge. I'm planning to maintain the program for the rest of this barbell strength development cycle I'm in right now. This is really more of a "make the time" priority of active rest. These workouts are 20 minutes-ish long and not very taxing, but are great for mobility in the wrists, hips, and shoulders. Goal: 6x a week. Do all the workouts. Headspace: Meditation app. 10 minutes a day. November 21st is the last day of my 3 month special. I need to check in and determine if this app is right for me or if I should save my money. Goal: 10 minutes of meditation at least 3x a week. Eat in: This one is pretty self explanatory. Go to the grocery store. Make 3 meals for the week. I think I might make nomnom paleo's kalua pig recipe into a burrito bowl like meal. That'll take care of at least one week. I'm open to suggestions of other quick cheap throw together ideas. Goal: Eat in 3x per week. (The girlfriend cooking for me doesn't count even though she is a life saver for cooking and saving us the money) Week 4: The week of Thanksgiving here in the USA. I'll be traveling to the Ohio/West Virginia border to meet my girlfriend's grandparents and extended family. I'll be spending the week there with her/them. I'm calling it a rest week. I'll do elements and headspace if I have the space, but I expect a week of socializing and making a good impression.
  7. Hey! The rules must have changed because I was finally able to update my username. Now I'll just have to be more intentional in telling people who know me who I am.
  8. This is Will. I was the one with the ginger beard. there were a lot of camp faces I don't blame you
  9. I like hanging out with the rebels for now. It's a fun place . Plan is to do more lifting for a while before switching back to gymnastic movement goodness. Maybe next Challenge I'll check out the Warriors then move to Asssassin's page. Elements is great. 1) It's fun to do 2) take 20-30 minutes 3) A lot of wrist, shoulder, and hip mobility in the warmup section 4) My squat has gotten better 5) once I get a better hang of all the things I might use it as a warmup to my regular workout.
  10. Yup... poverty nerds convinced me to join in this time. We'll see how I can pull this together. Really want to update my username to my usual character name of Matariel, but apparently I have to post 150 things first. Looking forward to all the awesome in this thread
  11. So I was told by @Raxie that it's 0 week and I need to get on the hype train so here I am I'm seeing a bunch of other people with all their super creative DnD/FF alter egos so I'm trying to think of what mine would be. Gymnastics Training Rings Training Martial Arts Archery It's all pretty rogue assassin ish to me. Anyway Goals More of the same from last challenge Continue Starting Strength Weeks 6 7 8 9 Continue Elements Week 3 4 5 6 gmb.io/e Meditation 3x week Headspace Diet Eat in 3x a week For real I saw the trend of my money spent on eating out and cried a little over how much I'm just eating my money. More detail later. Maybe...
  12. I LOVE DRAGONS! Also Dragon Disciples. Now you and @Big_Show both have me thinking about how to incorporate DnD into this shindig. I'll have to study up on some things....
  13. Following for inspiration, cat .gifs, and Madi sightings.
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