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  1. Challenge Wrap Even though I was terrible, just terrible at making my regular updates, this challenge went really well. Strength (all in terms of calc/actual 1RM and pounds). Even though I didn't hit my 7% goal I'm still pleased as punch with how my lifts are progressing. A few months ago I was like, 200lb deadlift, someday, someday. Now I'm staring down the maw of 250. Squat: 171 -> 183 Deadlift: 233 -> 238 Bench: 119 -> 130 Press: 75 -> 77 Clean: 110 -> 111 Total Gains %: 4.3 Food: I feel like I did really well on this. Over the course of the challenge I lost 4 lbs, 1.5"
  2. Like whoa, this month got crazy with work so I obviously haven't been posting. BUT. Things have been going great. We did some 1RM testing at my gym and it went SO well. Knocked out new PRs on my bench and deadlift. In two weeks I'll be testing 1RM on squat. My progress so far: Strength: Deadlift (207/5, 233 1RM) -> Current 238/249 Lifted 238x1 last week Squat (152/5, 171 1RM) -> Current 183/182 Lifted 173x3 today Bench (108/5, 119 1RM) -> Current 130/127 Lifted 130x1 last week Press (73/2, 75 1RM) -> Current 77/80 77x1 today Clean (110/1, 110 1RM) -> Current 110/117 all
  3. Update: 7/31 Yet another really long day at work spent catching up. One technique that I've found to be super helpful in managing my macro intake is to cook my entire day's worth of food (or at least the major meals) the day before, weigh, measure, and pack. I toted jars and jars of food to work but I nailed macros. 1. Lift: Done Deadlift (lbs today as I was at my globogym, not crossfit gym) 45x5 135x5 155x5 175x3 190x1 210x2 <-PR 185x3 OHP 45x5 55x3 65x2 70x1 75x5 75x4 70x5 2. Eat. 205C/158P/50F 4% variance. WOO. 3. Sleep. 7.5 hours last night. Yay!
  4. Update: 7/30 1. Lift: Unplanned Rest. Instead I'll be lifting on Saturday. 2. Eat: 185C/146P/52F 5% variance. Good! 3. Sleep: 8.5 hours. YES. Totally not caught up but I'll take it. Super long day of work today. Didn't get home until 730. Tomorrow I have uncharacteristically early meetings so I'm going to do something UNPRECEDENTED and workout at lunch. I'm actually looking forward to it because I think that kind of break in the middle of the day will be nice. And it's deadlift day so I'm going for 97 kilos, woo woo! Also, I sent in my first week's check-in on my nutrition plan to my coa
  5. Seriously! If the day were suddenly 26 hours I would only spend those extra hours on sleep (c'mon universe, deliver on this one) Thanks! Yeah it was a much needed break. Woo! Ripley says thanks Hooray! I looked so hard for a gif of Shakespeare lifting but the internet did not deliver. Or my google-fu is weak.
  6. Update 7/29 1. Lift: rest day 2. Eat: 159P/189C/48F 3% variance. Win! 3. Sleep: 8 hours woo! Today was pretty intense at work and same for the rest of the week so I'm planning on not doing any dining out. This will ensure I hit my macros and get to bed at a reasonable hour.
  7. Update: 7/28 Finally got some more sleep. Lifted and it went well. 1. Lift: hit. Squatted 70kg for 3x5. Bench 48 for 3x5. Banded pull-ups. 2. Eat: 178P/260C/91F 22% variance. Oof. I went out with a friend to see some opera and then we had dinner. I was tired and hungry and ordered sardines and grilled oysters, but I think I was still in my old Paleo mindset vs macros. 3. Sleep: better. 6.5 hours
  8. Today's Lesson: She who doth not sleep, doth not catch the gainz. So my mom came over yesterday to cook up a bunch of macro-friendly food for me (seriously, is my mom the best or is my mom the best?). I was helping her but we ended up staying up late. She stayed through today to finish all the cooking. It's awesome because I now have a ton of delicious pork chile verde, chicken soup, etc, in the fridge and freezer. 1. Lift: Miss. It's ok. I rarely make mondays. 2. Eat: 170P/183C/54F 5% variance. Nailed it! 3. Sleep: Boooooooooo. A mere 6 hours of sleep. And now to turn off all devices an
  9. You should! It's really some of the best theater in the country, which is so weird since it's kind of in the middle of nowhere (well not really, Ashland and Medford are decently sized towns). And the theater that they put on beyond Shakespeare is amazing too. Thanks! Now I guess I can put those cattle skills to good use writing software.
  10. Cool challenge. Did you go to the first Camp?
  11. Hiiiiiiiiiiiii! Yes this challenge is the best. I recently rewatched season 1 of daria and it was like being 15 again except without the acne and ennui. So really it was like being 30 and watching my favorite cartoon.
  12. I love the competition goals but I especially love the copious use of muppet show gifs.
  13. MY DOGS INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/alienqueenripley/
  14. Like whoa it's been a while since I've joined a challenge. Maybe a year? To backtrack, I've been lifting for a couple years now, but not really in earnest. Early 2014 I was burned out, quit my tech job, and traveled for a summer. I came home and spent the fall learning various skills like canning, fermentation, and meat curing. In the winter I returned to a normal techie life, got an awesome job, and am settled back in Seattle. I'm now training at a gym that I ADORE and have spent the last 7 months refocused on my health and fitness, which has been great. From this I've also learned that it's
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