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  1. I wish that gyms would move to a policy of releasing the whole week's programming for this reason. For instance, I don't find the days where strength is built around ring dips or [insert other complex gymnastic movement here] to be at all useful since I can barely even do them scaled. I'd rather show up 10 minutes early for all the other classes during the week and work on the scaling, and then choose the strength days where I'd actually make progress, like squats or cleans, and then run/lift/not attend/scale on days where it's uh, double-kipping-box-jump-muscle-up progressions.
  2. Zomg congratulations!!! Strongman engagement! Also, best portlandia clip ever.
  3. Nerdly aside, read this today. Oh.... 1 and 2 do sure hit close to home! http://www.buzzfeed.com/erinlarosa/problems-only-introverts-will-understand
  4. Finally back on my game now that migraines have been ditched! I can't stand how they put me out for multiple days. I wonder if there's some paleo/dietary tweaking I can do to prevent them. So I'm on the fence with LBEB training, not because it isn't AWESOME (which it is), but because of the open hours at my CF gym. A lot of the LBEB program requires oly lifting and strongman equip; my gym of course has the former and has some of the latter. When I started LBEB the gym told me open hours are all day so long as you don't interfere with the class, but then I was told that no, open hours are actually only 1-3pm on the weekdays, which, being an office jockey, is pretty much impossible for me to attend on a regular basis. I also have a globo gym membership, but they lack bumpers and strongman equip (shocker), so alas, it's more of a pragmatic block that LBEB programming isn't so easy for me to do right now. I might still attend their drop ins on Saturdays.
  5. Your challenge and week 1 are so much great! And I love the blanket concept; what a fantastic nerdly gift.
  6. Hurrah, fantastic progress in week 1! Beets are so wonderful. I usually roast, then chill, then peel, then toss in a mustardy vinaigrette with some arugula or other peppery green to cut the sweetness a tad.
  7. Great challenge - way to destroy Fran Mind sharing out that chicken korma recipe?
  8. Day 8 Review Workout: Check! Volume Day Squats 45 lb x 10 reps (+55 pts)65 lb x 10 reps (+63 pts)80 lb x 10 reps (+69 pts)80 lb x 10 reps (+69 pts)80 lb x 10 reps (+69 pts)80 lb x 10 reps (+69 pts)80 lb x 10 reps (+69 pts)OHP 45 lb x 10 reps (+75 pts)45 lb x 10 reps (+75 pts)45 lb x 10 reps (+75 pts)45 lb x 10 reps (+75 pts)45 lb x 10 reps (+75 pts)Lat Pulldown 80 lb x 10 reps (+26 pts)80 lb x 10 reps (+26 pts)90 lb x 10 reps (+28 pts)90 lb x 10 reps (+28 pts)100 lb x 8 reps (+28 pts)Food: Check! Lunch: 1/2 roasted chicken, 1 large sweet potato, a peach Snack: Small handful of trail mix, black coffee Dinner: A huuuuge protein shake of berries, coconut milk, 2 scoops protein, and 3 c spinach I also have some grassfed short ribs braising in the oven for tomorrow. Sleep: Check! 8 hr 30 m
  9. Becoming the Bulldog, Week 1 Review Work Out Consistently: 3/5 60% Had two crossfit workouts and 1 hike. I can do better. Eating Clean: 5/7 71% Ok, but not awesome. I can also do better. Sleep 8 Hours: 5/7 71% I'm pretty happy with this one, given that I'm moving up from an average of 7 hours to an average of more like 7h45m Overall I think the week was ok. I knew going in to this that consistency has been my goat and that conquering it would take more than one week. Onward to week 2!
  10. So I basically spent the whole weekend having one protracted migraine. I rested and tried to eat well (barring one bad meal). Day 6 Review Workout: Fail! Migraines Part 1 Food: Check! Sleep: Check! **************************************************** Day 7 Review Workout: Fail! Migraines Part 2 Food: Meh Eh. OK except for a burger. Sleep: Check!
  11. A midday update, also titled, "Reasons I love this city." Just got back from the farmer's market and finished washing a ton of produce. The haul included: Pastured eggs Grass-fed beef tongue (lettuce-wrapped tacos!) Grass-fed beef short ribs Pastured bacon Tallow A few kinds of lettuces Pasilla peppers from the other side of the cascades Berries, so many berries. And, a treat for myself, a giant jar of raw milk. Om nom nom. (Saving most of this for after lifting today)
  12. Totally relevant. Thanks! That's always a great reminder
  13. I, too, will attempt the Bacon Attack. Looking forward to your report out.
  14. Yes, this is totally 100% real. South Lake Union Trolley. SLU being a neighborhood just north of the downtown area that has a street car (city officials like to darkly mutter that it's "a street car NOT a trolley" but despite their rebranding attempts the name has stuck).
  15. Wow, the nerve of that instructor. Was his boss/the owner cc'd on that little thumbs-up snark attack? Hopefully you have a better experience talking with the school owner. Those drawings are adorable! What a good friend
  16. I bet there are hardy succulents or something that could be office tolerant, perhaps in a terrarium. I used this recipe for the porkchops, but added thyme instead of sage and caramelized the stuffing for much longer than recommended. When are bulldog gifs NOT an improvement really?
  17. Day 4 Review good day Lift: Check! Strength - 6x10 bench press @ 55% (60lbs) pistols between each round (in my case, progressions) WOD - 5 min AMRAP 10 push press 10 front rack lunges @55lbs 2 min rest 5 min AMRAP 5 hang power snatch @35lb 15 double unders (i actually did the double unders not scaled, yay! it was ugly but got it done) Burgener drills Snatch grip deadlift 35/5 95/3 95/3 95/5 Food: Check! B: 8oz pork chop stuffed with apple, onion, and bacon. 2 c mixed vegetables S: handful of trail mix, coffee w/2 tbs heavy cream D: 7 oz of chicken satay, another 2 c of mixed roasted vegetables that I also sauteed with a couple cups of spinach. S: peach Sleep: Nope 7h 22m Breakfast: Dinner:
  18. Day 3 Review Ended up being an accidental rest day as I stayed late at the office. Lift: Nope :/ Food: Check! B: 2 slices of bacon, 3 eggs, 1/2 c sauerkraut, a peach, coffee w/2 tbs heavy cream Late L: 8 oz pork chop stuffed with onions, apple, and 1 slice bacon. 3 cups of roasted vegetables and 1 c of spinach S: 1 handful of trail mix Sleep: Check! 8h15m yay!
  19. Your challenge sounds like its going pretty awesomely (big kudos on the work you're putting in to your career!) esp the day in Seattle because pacific rim is just so freaking fabulous. I saw it a couple weeks ago at cinerama, but I didn't realize that it's also at the science center! You must've lunched at skillet I'm guessing? Terrible admission: almost 7 years here, never taken the monorail. Also, after reading about the Calm app in your posts here, I decided to try it out. Holy wow that is a great app. Thanks for sharing!
  20. I had no idea fermented cod liver oil meet ups were a thing. Wow. Buuuut could be a way to find a brand that doesn't taste awful. A board game meetup sounds fantastic! I was recently looking for gardening/permaculture meetups in Seattle and, shocker, they are all over the place here, but hoo boy, for being about gardening they sure do a lot of drum circles.
  21. Yay, sardines are truly an underrated snack, perfect for warriors and their health
  22. Learned this morning that the time it takes to roast bacon in the oven is the same amount of time it takes to get ready for work. This can't be mere cosmic coincidence.
  23. Coconut butter is crack. Because "once" quickly becomes the whole jar.... In fact, it should have it's own DARE-like slogan: Coconut butter, not even once. And welcome back
  24. Day 2 Review Lift: Rest! Had two on days, taking an off day Eat: Nope Lost my daily check mark to a latte in a moment of headache-induced weakness B: 3 slices of bacon, 3 eggs, 1/2 c sauerkraut S: 1 c pumpkin with 1.5 scoops protein, 1 c blueberries and 1 oz almonds S: small latte D: Lost my appetite courtesy of headache. 1/2 c plain yogurt and a peach Sleep: Nope 6hr 20m and very low quality. For whatever reason I woke up 4-5 times, which is unusual for me. To remedy this, meditation + magnesium before bed this evening. Life: Progress! I got confirmed for a two week applied Permaculture course in Vermont next summer. They tend to sell out rather quickly, so I was pretty pleased about that. Also, did some research about small plants I could get for the house, and I have the perfect spot for a couple dwarf citrus trees. Also, roasted up a big batch of bacon-stuffed porkchops for dinners this week. I consider this a win.
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