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  1. Your threads always provide such fascinating thought-foodstuffs; I am definitely looking forward to more reflections/debate on body image.
  2. Oof, hope you're feeling better soon. Your old instructor sounds completely irresponsible and unprofessional. Why yes!
  3. Hooray for car pushing! And hooray for strongman! This challenge is fantastic. I was doing some strongman training this month and had to push a car. Alas, I drive a mini cooper and none of my friends has a large car, so I guess I did the workout scaled. How did the husafel stone turn out?
  4. This evening I made a big tray of stuff food eats, so I could eat that with my food. Which framed tri-tip with romesco sauce.
  5. My current favorite meal, breakfast for dinner. 3 eggs, 3 slices of bacon, spicy sauerkraut, and blackberries. And the Barbell Shrugged podcast.
  6. These goals are so much great. Love the life goal, esp complimenting strangers. It's SOOOO nice to get a random compliment (unless it's incredibly creepy/mouth breathe-y, then it's just incredibly creepy), so it's a good reminder to actually give more of them. What kind of meetup are you thinking of going to?
  7. Oh my, this slayed me. Great challenge! Huzzah for tracking
  8. Nice! Focused! Looking forward to you whomping this challenge
  9. Awesome, this is like a Pacific Rim challenge.
  10. My rallying cry! Thanks much Thanks! I'm pretty sure that's how I look when I work out... Thank Yo- SQUIRREL! Many thanks
  11. Accurate! Day 1 Review Lift: Check! Deadlift day! 5x10 at 65% Stiff Leg Barbell Good Morning:45 lb x 10 reps (+27 pts)Barbell Squat:45 lb x 10 reps (+55 pts)Barbell Deadlift:45 lb x 10 reps (+55 pts)95 lb x 10 reps (+77 pts)115 lb x 10 reps (+88 pts)115 lb x 10 reps (+88 pts)120 lb x 10 reps (+91 pts)120 lb x 10 reps (+91 pts)120 lb x 10 reps (+91 pts)WOD: 800m run. 5 rounds of: 20 situps, 10 burpees. 1k row. 21:30 total time. Finished the workout with about 30 minutes of Burgener drills. Eat: Check! Breakfast: 3 slices of bacon, 3 eggs, 1/2 c of sauerkraut, pumpkin puree with 1 scoop of protein, 1 c blueberries, and 1 tbs almond butter S: coffee S: 1 sm handful trail mix D: 6 oz grilled tri tip with 3 tbs romesco sauce, 2 c mixed roasted vegetables Sleep: Check! 9 hrs 23 mins according to my fitbit, yeeeeeeeeah.
  12. Cougar mountain is great for easy to intermediate hikes (or a range of trail runs). It's in issaquah (about 20 mins from Seattle off the 90E) and you can get a good map from REI of the trails. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2
  13. In this challenge, I ditch a spirit animal that has never served me well. You see, when it comes to my general approach to diet, training, hobbies etc, I start a program, everything's going alright and then..... Yeah, this doesn't work so well. My gains have been... alright. Last challenge went fairly well. I lost 5 lbs, put some weight on my lifts, but it felt fair to middling at best. And I know I'm hamstringing myself with a lack of focus, and part of that focus is borne of a tendency to OVERTHINK and then OVERPLAN and then get distracted by SHINY. So instead of a squirrel (or maybe a golden retriever) my quest is to find a new spirit animal. Maybe... THIS You might recognize her from previous challenges. She's my bulldog pup, Ripley (Yeah, like Alien Ripley), and she takes after her namesake. When she has a goal in mind, be it chewing on her blue monster toy or slaying xenomorphs, she Gets. It. Done. Main Quest: My Spirit Animal is Not a Squirrel. It is a Bulldog. Bulldogs are simple and straightforward, and they don't say things like "well if I combine 27% Wendler with 13% CFE and a day or two of Rhythmic Gymnastics..." They do things that are consistent, possibly boring, but more likely to work. Goal 1: Train Regularly. No fancy plans. I love LBEB style training, but for numerous reasons it's been challenging to get the workouts in, and I need to do what I know I will do, and that is getting to crossfit. Reducing barriers to training. Hit up crossfit 4-5x a week or maybe sub out a day of pure lifting. Either way, 5 training days. My gym is currently on a 3 month strength program with less emphasis on gut busting WODs, so that is nicely timed for my goals. Goal 2: Eat cleanly. No fancy foods. Paleo. It works for me. I cook more regularly nowadays, so this is an easier one. And I've enlisted the help of my SO to keep me in check. Goal 3: Sleep. No fancy schedules. 8 hrs. I've been tracking my sleep for the last month and my nightly average is 7 and change. With just a few tweaks I'm pretty sure I can get my average to 8. Life Quest: Garden. I've been contemplating how to garden, as an apartment-dweller, for a while now. For several years I've read books and followed blogs on organic gardening methods and I think I'd like to start the processing of establishing a vegetable garden. There's a large community garden a few miles from where I live, so my goal is to lay the groundwork for the 2014 growing season. I'm going to 1) take a permaculture course starting in October, which will help me plan my site and 2) register for a plot. In college I had a small yard and grew various summer vegetables each year, and it was so wonderful. It's also the exact opposite of the squirrel mentality, requiring long planning, and above all, patience! Motivation. My motivation and my main quest are one in the same, in a way. I want to slay the squirrel so I can be a more focused person in my sport-y pursuits. I think that will make me a better person, because my lack of focus in the gym hinders my potential, and when I'm realizing my potential, I'm happier. Virtuous circle, yay! NO MORE: INSTEAD:
  14. Document it. Document it. And oh by the way, document it: What happened (line by line, write a timestamped event log) When it happened Names of anyone else present You will need a record like this if you need to escalate the issue (and honestly, if this guy is willing to be -that- inappropriate when his kids are around, it likely will escalate). If it does escalate, then take this record to your manager and HR.
  15. 7/2 Summary Pretty good day. Took the pup out for an early morning walk, work, gym for lifting, a visit to the dog park where Ripley went bananas wrestling with the other dogs, and then EATING. Food: Check! L: half a roasted chicken. 200g steamed sweet potato, 1 tbs grassfed butter, 1 c blueberries S: iced coffee, 1 tbs half and half, 3 tbs of trail mix D: 10 oz shrimp stir fried with 3 c of vegetables, and 3 tbs of paleo stir fry sauce S: 1/2 c pureed pumpkin with 1 scoop protein powder, 1 tsp honey Workout: Check! Stiff Leg Barbell Good Morning:35 lb x 5 reps (+21 pts)55 lb x 5 reps (+25 pts)60 lb x 5 reps (+25 pts)60 lb x 5 reps (+25 pts)Power Snatch:35 lb x 5 reps (+54 pts)35 lb x 5 reps (+54 pts)35 lb x 5 reps (+54 pts)45 lb x 2 reps (+39 pts)55 lb x 2 reps (+42 pts)60 lb x 2 reps (+43 pts)70 lb x 2 reps (+47 pts) Rep PR70 lb x 2 reps (+47 pts)70 lb x 2 reps (+47 pts)Hang Power Clean:35 lb x 5 reps (+32 pts)35 lb x 5 reps (+32 pts)35 lb x 5 reps (+32 pts)55 lb x 5 reps (+37 pts)65 lb x 5 reps (+40 pts)75 lb x 5 reps (+43 pts)85 lb x 5 reps (+46 pts)90 lb x 5 reps (+47 pts)90 lb x 5 reps (+47 pts)90 lb x 5 reps (+47 pts)95 lb x 1 reps (+27 pts)100 lb x 1 reps (+27 pts)
  16. 6/30 and 7/1 Summary Was totally torched and took two days off from training, and it was a good thing. Food: Not bad! Not great! Workout: Rest x2
  17. Extra motivation: Shockingly light, given their size Freaking -glued- to the ground, like, strong force glued Many fancy colors available They will increase all your lifts by 50% When you click their heels together, unicorns appear
  18. There's a pretty comprehensive thread on lifting shoes here: http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?/topic/10537-olympic-lifting-shoes-suggestionsreviews/ I'd also throw in my recommendation for Nike Romaleos 2, esp if you have a wide forefoot.
  19. Bumping this thread to ++ Angela's review. I've been using romaleos for about two months now and looooooooove them.
  20. Holy moly now I need to make a meatza. That looks amazing. Kudos on your weekly progress! Sounds like this challenge is going swimmingly
  21. Thanks for posting these various articles on body image. Given the saturation of messages in the -other- direction (you're not good enough, ermahgerd berly fat!) it's good to have all of this content aggregated here
  22. 6/29 Summary LBEB Day! Followed by a serious nap and a giant plate of shrimp and veg and watching 28 Days Later. Ripley, the dog who never ever sits still, for the first time ever watched a movie, and she was glued to it. This was pretty much how she was for the entire film: She even barked when the zombies got noisy. I'm training her in case of zombie apocalypse! Food: Just so-so! "Breakfast": iced coffee with cream, a handful of trail mix. Just had no appetite before training D: 12 oz of shrimp with a ton of stir fried vegetables and 4 tbs homemade paleo stir fry sauce. For dessert, a frozen banana witha slice of bacon, a spoon of almond butter and some dark chocolate Workout: Check! Walking the Yoke 50m as fast as possible. These basically destroyed me for the day. (note: there were not 10 reps, just didn't have a distance option for the lift in fitocracy. Each set was a 50m walk) 150 lb x 10 reps (+33 pts)250 lb x 10 reps (+65 pts)250 lb x 10 reps (+65 pts)350 lb x 10 reps (+129 pts)350 lb x 10 reps (+129 pts)350 lb x 10 reps (+129 pts)3 rounds of deadlifts, max in 60 seconds.145 lb x 13 reps (+112 pts)165 lb x 3 reps (+84 pts)145 lb x 7 reps (+101 pts)145 lb x 10 reps (+108 pts)Here's the vid from the day
  23. Thank you! I tried that lift for the first time last month. On the first freaking set I lost control on the descent and *smack* went the barbell right on the middle of my neck. At the chiropractor's office the next day the doc asked if I'd considered taking up knitting... Hooray! Hehe, thanks, I'm actually trying to grow my hair out right now, and I forgot that it takes for. eh. ver. Thanks! Oh man, I am so terribad at GHDs. Mine are probably Glute-Ham-Flail-Sadly-ers.
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