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  1. 6/28 Summary Oly lifting class. Work. Dinner out. Very happy to have spent 90 minutes working on squat clean, which I've never really been able to do (always catch in power). Workout: Check! Stiff Leg Barbell Good Morning:35 lb x 10 reps (+25 pts)Barbell Deadlift:35 lb x 10 reps (+51 pts)Push Press:35 lb x 10 reps (+64 pts)Jerk:35 lb x 10 reps (+38 pts)Clean:20 lb x 2 reps (+25 pts)20 lb x 2 reps (+25 pts)20 lb x 2 reps (+25 pts)20 lb x 2 reps (+25 pts)35 lb x 2 reps (+28 pts)35 lb x 2 reps (+28 pts)35 lb x 2 reps (+28 pts)35 lb x 2 reps (+28 pts)55 lb x 1 reps (+26 pts)55 lb x 1 reps (+26 pts)55 lb x 1 reps (+26 pts)55 lb x 1 reps (+26 pts)55 lb x 1 reps (+26 pts)75 lb x 1 reps (+29 pts)75 lb x 1 reps (+29 pts)75 lb x 1 reps (+29 pts)85 lb x 1 reps (+31 pts)85 lb x 1 reps (+31 pts)85 lb x 1 reps (+31 pts)Hang Clean:35 lb x 2 reps (+22 pts)35 lb x 2 reps (+22 pts)35 lb x 2 reps (+22 pts)35 lb x 2 reps (+22 pts)55 lb x 1 reps (+20 pts)55 lb x 1 reps (+20 pts)55 lb x 1 reps (+20 pts)55 lb x 1 reps (+20 pts)75 lb x 1 reps (+23 pts)75 lb x 1 reps (+23 pts)75 lb x 1 reps (+23 pts)75 lb x 1 reps (+23 pts)85 lb x 1 reps (+25 pts)85 lb x 1 reps (+25 pts)Hang Power Clean:35 lb x 2 reps (+22 pts)35 lb x 2 reps (+22 pts)35 lb x 2 reps (+22 pts)55 lb x 1 reps (+20 pts)55 lb x 1 reps (+20 pts)55 lb x 1 reps (+20 pts)55 lb x 1 reps (+20 pts)75 lb x 1 reps (+23 pts)75 lb x 1 reps (+23 pts)75 lb x 1 reps (+23 pts)75 lb x 1 reps (+23 pts)85 lb x 1 reps (+25 pts)85 lb x 1 reps (+25 pts)85 lb x 1 reps (+25 pts)Glute Ham Sit Up:10 reps (+27 pts)10 reps (+27 pts)10 reps (+27 pts)10 reps (+27 pts)10 reps (+27 pts)Wall Ball:14 throws || 16 lb (+50 pts)12 throws || 16 lb (+42 pts)15 throws || 16 lb (+53 pts)3 throws || 16 lb (+9 pts)
  2. 6/27 Summary Woke up with a gnarly migraine. Rest Food: Check! L: 6oz flank steak sauteed in garlic and ginger, bean sprouts. 1 c white rice. 2 c steamed bok choy S: 2 small bananas D: 8 oz of shrimp with stir fry, 3 c of veg, 1 tbs coconut oil, 1 square of dark chocolate Workout: Rest!
  3. Thanks! I've mostly lifted solo and with the help of Coach YouTube, but for the last few months I've been lifting in a bunch of environments (globo-gym, xfit, and on rarer occasion, LBEB) Gracias Romaleos yeeeeeah Thanks, next time I need to find a friend with a bigger car, haha. Thank you! That article is great; I heart stumptuous. As a matter of fact, yes! I've never done scuba before but they have a two hour intro class that I'm planning to take, esp because the reef drop is only about 50m from the bungalows and there's so much fauna in the water. Last time we were there, i saw a turtle and baby sharks within seconds of hopping in to the water.
  4. Too many, but the highlights are: The Aquabats: seen them at least 7 times. Yeah, 90s ska, amazing show, rindonkulous and goofy. Bob Dylan: about 10 years ago, he opened for Phil Lesh and didn't do anything too interpretive, unlike when I saw him last year and his show became more vaudevilian. http://youtu.be/z95jsjKn5BU Gogol Bordello: two years ago at the Showbox in Seattle. That was a 3 hour party, just amazing energy. Seeing them again next month! And dozens and dozens of southern california punk and ska bands that were floating around in the 90s.
  5. I probably live in a bit of a filter bubble being in Seattle where its just de rigeur that everyone supports gay marriage and pretty much any and all permutations of freedom (though our lack socio-economic integration leaves much to be desired... that's another story), so it's easy to forget that opposition to gay marriage and other insane things like this are still widespread. When I first read about the aforementioned interracial marriage story I missed the key '2009' part and just assumed it was probably from 1969. Which is probably how society in general will treat earlier attitudes towards gay marriage in 10-15 years.
  6. That's a thing. When it gets really bad it's Lifting DTs.
  7. 6/26 Summary Food: Alright B: Early meeting so I skipped S: coffee w/heavy cream L: steak salad, 5 oz steak plus 4 c greens and 1 tbs dressing D: went out to favorite mexican restaurant. chicken stew in tomatillo salsa, about 1/2 c rice, and 1 serving tortilla chips. kept it gluten-free, so I'm pretty happy with that. S: a banana Workout: Check! LBEB Week 2 Bench Press 5RM was 95, fumbled at 100 Push press 55/5 60/5 65/5 70/5 75/3 Pretty low volume day, but that was probably a good thing after a marathon two hour lifting session yesterday.
  8. All of this chaos over women... you know... wanting freaking autonomy over their own bodies makes me think of:
  9. Yeah, the volume of pushups was the one issue I had with the program (not that I have crazy high pushup sets, but the extra 10-20 min in the morning seemed like a crucial time investment). I like your suggestion, since the actual pullup volume in Armstrong is not super high (or at least not PLP high)
  10. Pretty much the most badass thing I've read all week. Your challenge is totally inspiring!
  11. This might sound crazy but... +1 on MWOD dog toys! Most are the same size as a lax ball but also with nubs like a rumble roller and way cheaper than PT tools. ...Assuming they're not super disgusting and chewed up. Given how much my dog loves to steal all of my various PT/mobilization implements, I'm pretty sure they're all dual purpose, haha.
  12. Have you also looked in to the Armstrong Plan? I will try to hunt down the link later. Basically it's starting off every day with max rep pushups, and then in the evening, doing various sets of pullups. I did this a few challenges ago. I did see progress but ALWAYS forgot to do the morning pushup routine.
  13. Really sorry about the knee, but I'd also like to add that this^ is great! What was the word from the doc?
  14. This thread is super fabulous! I'm a HUGE derby fan and go to 3 bouts a year (we have 6 per year here) so it is sooooo cool to read about your jamming exploits What kind of cues did you get from PT with respect to posterior chain firing on the squats?
  15. 6/25 Summary Food: Check! B: Big protein shake of iced coffee, whey, and coconut milk L: Half a roasted chicken, a sweet potato, some grassfed butter S: almonds, a square of dark chocolate D: 8oz of shrimp stir-fried with 3 c of veg in homemade paleo stir fry sauce Workout: Check! Week 1 of LBEB training complete, woo! Each week I have to send a video of lifts to Pastor B, so it's linked below for your amusement. I haven't used iMovie much, so when I finally did I got a little crazy with the editing features. STAR WIPE! OHP 35/5 55/5 65/3 70/2 75/1 80/1 (prev PR) 85/X Front Squat 75/5 85/3 90/2 95/1 100/1 105/1 110/1 (also prev PR, harumph) 115/X WOD: 10 min AMRAP 7 push press 7 front squat 60 jump rope (20 pts) Total: 197 rounds Sandbag Carries 3x75lbx100m Car Push 5x100m So yeah, I drive a mini cooper. The type of car I had to push wasn't specified
  16. Haha same, it was a toss up to see star trek vs fast and furious. This is true! Normally she is hyper (as hyper as a french bulldog can be, which is honestly very hyper) but she does, on occassion, assume potatular form Thanks! It was kind of like a dense/chewy rice cake sliced thin and then stir fried. Super delicious.
  17. Accidentally put my fitbit in the washing machine last month, ordered a new Flex, but still another two weeks til it ships and I can jump back into the fray </sadPanda>
  18. Just bought my first big points ticket. Got a BA Visa with 50k points signup special two years ago, started putting most expenses on it and paying it off at the end of each month. Two years and 180000 points later, I just got two Business Class tickets on British Airways from Seattle to the Maldives for $3700 (essentially just paid taxes/fees/plus short leg of the flight for 20+ hours of flight time) Face value: $18,000. And pretty minimal effort.
  19. Niiiiiice. I'm not a huge superman fan, but it's playing at Cinerama, which I heart, so maybe I'll go see it this weekend. Good to hear that you recommend Gaiman's new book. His writing is all kinds of wonderful. And kudos on all the job-related goodness!
  20. I saw an office cafeteria once where the -average- employee's breakfast plate was: Fried eggs (not so bad) 3 strips of bacon (also fine) 2 links of sausage (ok... are we bulking?) A HUGE pile of hashbrowns (um.... seriously?) Biscuit (whoa buddy) Gravy (my arteries are having sympathy pain now) and..... AN ICE CREAM BAR Yes. that was typical. Granted, the sample size was a single morning, but as I picked at the sad, crusted oatmeal bar (these were my pre-paleo days) I boggled at what looked to be the average breakfast. I mean, why are ice cream bars even for sale at breakfast?
  21. Try and work different muscle groups and/or go lighter on the muscles that are still sore. Foam roll before lifting and do a longer warmup. You want to provide the sore muscles with some recovery time.
  22. Totes, I keep coconut oil and grassfed butter in the break room fridge for this. Get kinda crazy looks when people see me plopping butter into my coffee (I use about half the amount recommended) and it's sooooooo tasty. Kills the appetite for hours. However, my coach has me doing lower fat and higher carb/protein these days so I've been cutting back, alas. So have you gone into ketosis before? How do you find it so far?
  23. 6/24 Summary Workout: Check! Did scheduled LBEB strength programming 2RM Clean and Press Worked up to 100x2 (PR) 3RM behind the neck push press So last time I did these, I dropped the weight *SMACK* on the back of my neck. This time I was waaaaaay more careful and felt comfortable up to a PR of 65x3 and 70x1 Snatch grip Deadlift 125/3 130/3 130/3 Food: Check! B: Half a roasted chicken, a dozen almonds S: 1 c cottage cheese with 1 c berries D: 8 oz of shrimp with stir fry, 3 c of vegetables, square of dark chocolate, 1 c of strawberries, half a steamed potato
  24. Like Whoa, what did I do last week? Let's see... RECOMPZ: Measurements tomorrow. Food was really mediocre this week so I'll be happy if change is flat. GAINZ: Lifting wasn't great this week. Got some serious stress going on and I didn't hit the gym nearly as much as I should've (and really, why not? it's the most effective thing for stress relief.) That said I did do the following: Hike: 4 miles up in the mountains Oly Lifting Class: 90 minutes of front squat (110x2 PR) and snatch form work Run: 5.6 miles also up in the mountains, on trails. COMPETE...Z: Part 1: Run a 5k. Almost there! Signed up for a 4th of July 5k Part 2: Sign up for any other comp. There are a few powerlifting comps going on over the summer OR there's a 2day crossfit comp (with a scaled division) going on in Portland in October. I am kind of leaning toward the latter. Mostly because it means a trip to portland
  25. In a way it's not surprising, given the ubiquity of messaging to both men and women about how desirable it is to be lean. Every single damn magazine cover and banner ad is loaded with the stuff: LEAN OUT IN 30 DAYS. LOSE THE BELLY FAT. GET 27-PACK ABS. GET TOM HARDYS TRAPS THAT ARE SO LARGE AND MENACING THEY HAVE THEIR OWN ZIPCODE... or, worst of all, thigh gap #thinspo (shudder). So ya, totes agree. Sounds like a great week that you've had!
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