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  1. Week 3, Day 2: Meal prep kinda happened but didn't. This week is weird with the holidays and work fires. (Work fires are fires that I have to put out at work, not layoffs (thank goodness!)). I cooked up some ground beef and onions for hot plates. For lunch I had a hot plate of ground beef, onions, broccolli, peas, carrots, soy sauce, and sriracha. ratio was about 2:1 veggies to meat. Liquid calories got a little out of hand in week 2 so I decided to stick to 3 liquid calories this week instead of going down to 2. Slow, gradual changes are way easier than extreme change
  2. Week 2 Summary: Noms - Prep - 4/7 Liquid calories - 4/7 Lifting - 2/3 Christmas - knitting list has increased a little bit. My dad has requested some socks. Yay last minute knitting!
  3. Week 2, Day 1: Snowed in so I got to work from home. Woot! Got to watch Harry Potter and Christmas movies while working. I may have also overindulged in some sweetened tea and ginger beer. 4 sweet drinks My workout today involved shoveling snow and pushing the snow blower around.
  4. Whoops! Got a little behind on my posting. Week 1, Day 7: Went out for brunch with the hubs. I had the most amazing omelet (meat lovers) and french toast. The meal was so huge I didn't need to eat until way past my normal dinner time. When I did it was only a small turkey sandwich. Had 4 sugary drinks yesterday, mostly to keep me warm while running errands in the blizzard. Why was I running errands during a blizzard? Because I'm crazy and also b/c its the only day both my husband and I have off together. So away we went to grocery stores, farm supply stores
  5. Interesting! Cool, good to know it's not just me Why only once a year? Do you prefer the barbell or kettlebells more? LOL well done you. I was waiting for someone to make that joke
  6. Week 1, Day 6: Lifting day! I upped my weights!!!! My squat and deadlift are now up to 50 pounds. Workout was 3 sets of 8 squats, 3 sets of 8 deadlift, 3 sets of 8 benchpress at 30 pounds, 10 minutes cycling for warm up. Does anyone else find benching dumbbells harder than barbells? I had to go down on my weights to make sure I was doing the lift with proper form. Crazy stabilization difficulty. 4 sweet drinks today. One was a protein shake, which was so not worth the calories. I'm going to stick with real food from now on. I decided to buy my mother in law
  7. Week 1, Day 5: Hackathon ended. I was able to write code! While 2 of the 3 meals I ate were provided at work, I had a home cooked meal for dinner. Wrapped up the day by seeing one of my friends perform in a symphony concert. Still going strong on drinks, only 4 today. Almost drank another one but stopped myself. Unexpected rest day. I knew that if I tried to lift I'd end up with bad form and probably end up hurting myself (not that I've done that before or anything). I finished my first Christmas sock! I also made some good progress on my husband
  8. Week 1, Day 4: Was up working til 1 am the night before. Yay for regular paychecks, boo for lack of sleep. 24 hour hackathon at work started after lunch. I ate my prepared breakfast & lunch (yay), then proceeded to snack and drink beer and eat pizza to stay awake. I called it quits around 7:30, drove home, and lumped on the couch while watching Captain America. Stayed on track with drinks. Had a coffee with creamer, two hard ciders, and half a cherry coke (20 oz). Rest day. Good thing, because I was a zombie.
  9. Week 1, Day 3: Another good day of noms. Ate all homemade food today. Even when I had a migraine and felt like crap, I forced myself to cook dinner instead of getting take out. (Dinner is currently the only meal that I'm not prepping at the beginning of the week.) Liquid calories. While I stayed on track with 3 sugary drinks, I'm pretty sure the Mountain Dew I drank today gave me a massive migraine. Why must something that causes so much pain be so tasty? Workout....I tried to push through with the migraine but ended up only getting through one round. 8 fron
  10. Thanks for the follow! Following you back now to cheer you on
  11. Week 1, Day 2: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....but for realsies.......we finally got snow that stuck Small win today food-wise. I was invited out to lunch with a coworker, but stayed strong and ate my packed lunch. Meal prep FTW! I had 4 sugary drinks today. Coffee with creamer, chai tea with sugar, Starbucks latte (small), and a ginger beer. Today was a rest day. Just focused on stretching. Christmas presents are going. I got frustrated with the fingerless mitts I'm making for my MIL, so I decided to try a different pattern. I'm thi
  12. Thanks @RedStone! I'll totes post craft pics. Thanks for the follow! Following you back orly? I'll have to take a look at that
  13. Awesome goals! How are you learning German? Are you using an app? Following to cheer you on!
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