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  1. Agreed! Just got to breathe, move on, and do better the next day. I'll get there! I've managed to piece together an old laptop with other bits and pieces so I'm typing a little easier now. That battery can't come soon enough though. I have peacock gudgeons! They're so colorful, haha. Yeah, it's a bit of work, but I enjoy the hobby.
  2. DAY TWO: QUEST #1: NUTRITION MISSION: No glucose, only fructose. Breakfast: Oatmeal 116cal Lunch: Cheeseburger with fries and onion rings 950cal Dinner: Pasta with meatballs and sauce 220cal Snack: I had ice cream. Oop. Slight binge. 260cal QUEST #2: HULK TO SHULK Completed a short weight-only routine. QUEST #3: PURGE ALL OF THE THINGS Cleaned the scary corner of most items and got rid of a number of old raggedy clothing. Review I counted everything and it manages to fit in my day, but again...
  3. I utterly adore this.... and I now have another book to add to my 2021 list. You got this!
  4. DAY ONE: QUEST #1: NUTRITION MISSION: No glucose, only fructose. Breakfast: bagel with cream cheese 332cal Lunch: turkey on a pita with French fries 420cal Dinner: roast chicken, mashed taters, gravy, cranberry sauce, corn, and stuffing 604cal Snack: apple with peanut butter 306cal QUEST #2: HULK TO SHULK Starting Monday QUEST #3: PURGE ALL OF THE THINGS Starting Monday Review I could have made better choices for eating but that’s what it is. Tomorrow I’m going to go through the side of my room th
  5. Thanks! I mostly collect begonias, but I’m branching off into philodendrons. I have a Bloody Mary mother plant that I propagate the most as well as a ruby necklace that’s ready for another round of cuttings. I didn’t get very serious into collecting until recently, but a lot of these plants I’ve had for a number of years. What about you? Always happy to hear from a fellow plant lover. ☺️ Hahahaha. Fish are friends, not food? I keep five tanks right now. I’m planning on buying a few more rainbows, gobies, and gudgeons for my 46g.
  6. QUEST #1: NUTRITION MISSION: No glucose, only fructose! Calorie counting basic: 1800cal (as advised by my doctor) Milk products allowed: cheese, yoghurt Lots of veggies, lots of meats, cut the sweets! QUEST #2: HULK TO SHULK Complete bodyweight workout 4x week Complete cardio workout 20min 3x week QUEST #3: PURGE ALL OF THE THINGS A series of mini-quests with an award system in place! Minimize that life, yo. Clear out basement corner for bed Clean all corners of bedroom Remove and move bed to basement
  7. It's been a few years, Rebels. In that time I've gained 100lbs, lost multiple jobs, moved back home, and have had my depression go haywire. Now it's time to get things back in order. But first, we need to strengthen the stronghold. \ Let's make it simple. Tracking my meals, Making small weekly goals for myself Working out with my weights at home and making the ultimate goal of bettering my health.
  8. There have been ups and downs both in my personal life and in the world. I think it's time I get some stuff in order. I'll be joining up on the next challenge; keeping it easy. Tracking my meals, making small weekly goals for myself, working out with my weights at home, and making the ultimate goal of bettering my health. Right now, I need to focus on myself before I can focus on anything else. I need to strengthen the stronghold.
  9. Okkkayyy. Let's jump into this with a MONDAY update and disregard the rest of last week. Quest 1: PRODUCTIVITY! Productivity! Goal: CLEAN FINAL 50% of bedroom: AKA THE HULK HUT Putting this on hold while my EDS flares. Productivity! Goal: AQUASCAPE ON Nothing to do today besides feed the fishies. Productivity! Goal: APPLY TO 10 JOBS A DAY I spoke with my therapist last night and decided I need to speak with a few recruiters. I'm going to meet with a friend for lunch on Tuesday and bring my laptop so I can sit in a cafe somewhere and get some work do
  10. Rough day again. Just a mini update. Dropped down to a 5-6, but the snow kept me from going to an event I had planned on attending. =/ Mood's down, bleh. Minor binge. Right hip keeps subluxing (partial dislocation) and the left fully dislocating. I'm currently cocooned in pillows with my legs in different directions to keep them in place. Ugh. EDS, man. All I want is the steak I have in the fridge but I don't have the energy to cook it. Will order real non-taco bell tacos for lunch instead... or a lobster roll. We'll see. Meaning delicious shrimp with cabbage and steak. Nom. Pricey but at leas
  12. I love this gif. Yes! Even with the time constraints, it's not like I'm looking to lose a ton of weight right now. This challenge (along with the next) is about getting back on track and in the right mindset. Plus, the outfits I got (for the most part) fit right now. I just want them to either fit a little better, or they're a size off. Totally doable! Just gotta conquer a battles first.
  13. Let's do a Monday update now, shall we? Quest 1: PRODUCTIVITY! Productivity! Goal: CLEAN FINAL 50% of bedroom: AKA THE HULK HUT I want to get everything from the side of my bed to the fireplace next (Saving for Tuesday). Productivity! Goal: AQUASCAPE ON Nothing to do today besides feed the fishies. Productivity! Goal: APPLY TO 10 JOBS A DAY I applied to.... 0... Quest 2: FIX THE FORM! Fix the Fo
  14. It is the beginning of reconnecting that sounds the most difficult, but in truth, it is the continuation of it. Keeping the momentum and taking the steps to check in, just these few little lines are sufficient to aid you in the long run. I grieve with you for your most recent and all of your losses. Losing a pet, no matter what way, what kind, is a pain like no other. I'm so sorry. I hope the rain lets up a little and that coke was a little tastier than expected.
  15. WOOOHOO! GO MERA! I'm so glad your pupper has adjusted well with the move! It was a real worry for my roommate and I when we were moving (and we were only going 20 min away), he hated boxes and bags for the next 6-8 months, haha. That's so cool that there's a museum right by you, too!
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