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  1. Hello all my Nerds and Nerdettes, Man its been awhile.....better spend a few minutes brushing off the cobwebs......ahhhhh there we are. Nice and clean ^.^ So, to business. I humbly come before the Nerd Fitness community for a little bit of advice. Advice, or at least a good chuckle. Either one works. Now, what am I on about, as our English/British friends might say. Well, I will tell you, if you give me a minute or five. See, there's this girl. Don't these stories always start out this way? Yes a girl, and she's a bonnie fine lass if I do say so myself (jeez why am I stuck in the British Isle
  2. Just a really quick question about the Wilks coefficient. Well 2 actually. 1) You use the Big 3 (bench, squat, deadlift) as the lifts for the formula correct? 2) Do you use a 1RM, or the actual weight you lifted (ie a 280lb 1RM vs 250lbs for reps)? Thanks in advance guys ^.^
  3. Re-reading my original post I realize that I come across as someone who is relatively new to this whole "getting fit" thing. I want to clarify a few misconceptions that my original post may have given to a few fellow posters: 1) Ive been actively adjusting my lifestyle since February of 2014 (aka for more than a year now). Im aware of the basics behind muscle building/fat loss, what I was looking for is a definite way to tell the difference between muscle gain/fat gain that doesnt involve expensive medical tests and is more accurate/ less error prone than tape measure/calipers 2) Im never su
  4. The same people who say toes turned out are bad for your knees are the ones who say squats are bad for your knees. Or squats below parallel are bad for your knees. You know whats bad for your knees? NOT SQUATTING BELOW PARALLEL!!! /rant Mark Rippetoe says in Starting Strength to turn your feet out 30 degrees; that ensures your legs/thighs are out of the way when you squat down (this is mostly for low bar squats- it looks like you are doing high bar, based solely on back angle). While I cant say for certain about coming forward onto your toes, I commend your depth (definitely getting below para
  5. My only problem with number 1 is Ive tried that and my lifts suffer (I dont have enough/feel like I have enough strength to lift weights I could easily lift before). Im happy with being chunky, so long as Im STRONG. My biggest issue/fear is building muscle under the fat I have, as opposed to burning it (even though muscle is metabolically active, helping you burn more calories)thus having a swollen, as opposed to a muscular, look.
  6. So Im hoping I havent been screwing myself over the last month or so with my squat form.....basically, I was doing low bar (Ill call it low bar position A) for the longest time and I was getting to the point where the bar would just scoot down/roll down my back. According to Rippetoe thats how you know the bar is too low because its not sitting firmly on the "spine of the scapula" (god how he loves that term.) So I decided to do an experiment. I will line up the bar with the middle of my chest, bring the shoulders back (aka form the shelf that the bar should rest on), duck under the bar, and
  7. And Im back folks! Ah the forums......good times, good times. SO, what brings me here today you ask. What problem do I need my fellow nerds to help me tackle? Well, the problem is mainly this- I is fat. Like, putting weight back on fat. But, at the same time, I am doing strength training 3x week (full body exercises-squats, deadlifts, bench and OHP). Im 5'7'', and as of yesterday (Fri 5/8/2015) I weighed 350 lbs. Now I will admit my eating the last couple of months has not been the strictest. Ive definitely allowed a few too many sugary desserts, HFCS laden items, and refined carbohydrates cre
  8. 3a) Except, you know, essentially being the villain for every special interest group that exists. Though after reading the Privilege 101 link from our resident lioness, I find I DO understand privilege (in a social justice context) a lot better than I did. Doesnt mean I still dont think its bollocks, but it makes a bit more sense 2a) If a woman is being paid less to do the same work as a man, that is discrimination and should be prosecuted under the law. However, if a woman CHOOSES (ie acts like an adult) to either work in a career that pays less, or works less hours, or takes extra perks th
  9. Except the idea of "the patriarchy" is bullshit. If all the things you just mentioned (all the legitimate complaints you JUST cited) are evidence of "innate male priviledge", then whoever set up the system fucked up royally. How can I (or any other man" feel "privileged" that the mother of my children will almost always be given custody? That I will not only lose half my stuff in a divorce, but more than likely have to pay HER alimony for X number of years? THAT is privilege? If so, then sign me up for fucking gender reassignment, because that is utter and complete bollocks.
  10. Well, frankly Id never put myself in a situation where Id piss someone like that off Im cocky, not stupid. But, 9 times out of 10, that ISNT the situation youre faced with. Its more like what MarkD told us- some 5'3'', 110lb lightweight gets some bee in her bonnet and decides "Im pissed at this guy, so Imma let a little steam off and he aint gonna do shit cuz Im a girl." What I just described is the scenario me or any other guy is more likely to come up across- and then we (I) are faced with the same moral dilemma we just spent 10+ posts and 3 or more days discussing. You can deadlift 300? Gr
  11. Because women are the protected sex, and men are the disposable sex. And Id really love to know what you ladies (miss korra and our resident lioness) would propose we (as in men) should do if we're faced with that situation-do we "respect her strength", treat her like a threat (this is all contingent on her being the aggressor, for whatever reason), defend our bodily integrity and go to jail? Let me bold this so Im clear...... IN YOUR PERFECT SOCIETY, IN WHICH EVERYONE IS TREATED EQUAL AND GIVEN EQUAL RESPECT, IF A WOMAN ATTACKS A MAN FOR NO REASON, WHO GOES TO JAIL, THE ASSAILANT OR THE V
  12. Ok maybe this makes me a bad person but I cracked up at that one. And yea, Im definitely not Chris Brown....
  13. Because, frankly, aggression is associated with testosterone, the MALE sex hormone (yes women have it, but no where NEAR the levels that men do.) And its just so....unladylike. They may have no sexual interest in me at all, or in men at all, but that does NOT give them a pass to act like some bully simply on the (mistaken) belief that men wont (or at least shouldnt) ever hit a girl. Its the golden rule writ large frankly-treat others how you want to be treated. And if you want to act like a hyper agressive sociopath, guess what, Im going to treat you like one. And I dont treat threats to my
  14. Jumping in very quickly here, just want to thank everyone for their thoughts/views, hope to see more down the line ^.^ Specifically for Sylvia (<------I know, wrong spelling): I have no problem with women earning more than men. I really dont. Merit should be rewarded no matter what type of sexual organs you possess (or dont, as the case may be). I also have no problem with stay at home fathers. I dont know why I have to keep reiterating this, but its NOT the shifting gender norms/roles that I object to. Its this attitude I see of hyperagression, from women towards men, that is completely un
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