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  1. I'll do my best not to make this into too much of a sob story, but here goes. I'm a college student right now, and it's finals season. My exercising schedule took a hit once winter started up, but exams are what really brought it down (by which I mean the last "normal" exams before finals season). I've been behind in my work for a bit so I was putting a lot of effort into catching up, doing a lot of unhealthy things like missing lots of meals and lots of sleep, and of course lots of trips to the gym. I've also been really focused on entering this big writing contest that's just for undergra
  2. I've been wanting to incorporate the heavy bag into my workout routine, as part of my goal to train like a boxer (if not get into a proper gym), so I went out and got myself a pair of hand wraps. They've served me well, but NF tells me I should get myself some proper gloves as well. So I went looking and... got confused. I went out expecting to find something like this: And instead I found several kinds of gloves. Gloves for MMA fighters, Thai style gloves, grappling gloves, gloves that look fingerless and more closely resemble the pic above, and gloves that look more like boxing gloves.
  3. I've just completed my first 6 week challenge, which started off with me using the beginners bodyweight workout. During that time I worked my way up from only being able to complete one set of a modified version I called the Level 0 (where I halved the number of squats and lunges) all the way to to a slightly more advanced version I've been using up until now. Here it is, I call it The Rookie, to reflect where I consider myself right now (And also because giving dorky names to things makes me excited. I am easily excited.) 20 prisoner squats 10 clapping pushups20 walking lunges10 dumbbell ro
  4. So, after my first six weeks, my entrance into the world of fitness, I can safely say I've surprised myself. I'm a long way from my goal in terms of conditioning myself to stick to routine, or adjusting my diet, but I've done more in the past few months than I have in most of my years of life, and I take some pride in that. However, this is only the beginning. This is a big first step for me, and I want to thank everyone for their kind words of encouragement, and all the advice. I'll be slightly less noobish moving forward, I promise! And now, to score my first challenge! Quest 1: B = +2 C
  5. I have more questions regarding handwraps! How does one take care of them? I keep my rolled up, but I don't do anything special with them. Should they be washed, replaced at a certain point, anything like that?
  6. At long last, it's over! I have a lot to say about my first 6 week challenge and how far I've come, but life is keeping me very busy right now. Since I have some time I'm going to focus on getting ready for my exam this week, and give NF a full recap of everything very soon. For know just know that I'm here, I'm feeling good, and I'm looking forward to my next challenge!
  7. I just realized I put this thread in the wrong place. So sorry! But big thanks to bigm_work in the chat room for moving it for me. Let the super persona building continue!
  8. I checked, and they are indeed cotton wraps, so I'm good there! Unfortunately I'm not sure how I would record myself at the gym. I'm far too bashful to ask anyone I know to hold up my camera while I spaz out on the heavy bag at the gym. If I figure something out, I just might give it a shot. Yeah... I should explain. See I don't actually know of a boxing gym, per say. I go to the campus gym, which has a boxing team, and a bunch of stray boxers. I actually don't know if the boxers have their own secret, hidden gym deep in the bowels of the city or something, but the flyers for the team are
  9. @TheFourth Thanks so much. The dojo's website goes into a bit more detail http://www.a2amas.com/karate.php, I didn't want to copy paste the whole sections into a post so I'll just leave that there. And much thanks for all the insight, especially into Wing Chun. I'm quite short, so it's extremely likely anyone I'd be fighting would be taller than me. Bruce Lee is literally taller than me. @Dijos You're totally right. I'm sorry if this thread is wearing a bit thin, but I'm indecisive by nature, and I sweat over decisions for ages before making up my mind. This thread has been a big help thou
  10. Update! It got Cold. Up until now I've taken a liking to doing laps outside near my apartment, but that's gunna have to stop. This kinda sucks, as I've taken a liking to workout out at home, but I'll need to make trips to the gym at least for my interval running, which is going to be a big pain in my schedule. The way I have things set up now, I'm supposed to be doing running and core exercises on tuesday, thursday, and saturday. I don't even get home on tuesday until the evening, and heading back out to go to the gym would keep me out pretty late. Aside from that, my problem is I suck at g
  11. Thanks Ray. I don't know if the linked method will work with my short wraps, but I'll give it a shot and see. Should I get full blown boxing gloves, or are the smaller fingerless gloves okay? Also, I do have some experience throwing proper punches. I used to take Karate, ages ago, so I have some small amounts of muscle memory left, and a general idea of what to aim for from of course looking at actual sport martial artists at work. The problem is I don't have anyone teaching me right now, and I don't want to put confidence in my punches until I'm sure. I'm in a bit of a catch 22 here. I
  12. So, I have bad news. TKD club thing isn't going to work out, I just don't have the money right now to afford lessons. I got to participate in a few beginner lessons, and it was fun, but for now it seems I'm going to have to stick to hitting the gym and doing my research (and, hopefully, earning some more money). In the meantime, I appreciate any and all advice. I've done some looking around and found more martial arts available somewhat nearby. I can get there, but I'll need to clear a decent amount of time in my schedule for the trip there and back alone. They add some additional martial a
  13. Thanks for the info! I'll edit my off topic question out of the first post. Moving on. As I slowly begin to invest in more workout gear, I'm starting to get a sense of what my finished kit of stuff is going to look like. I'm looking in to getting some MMA gloves, and a proper pair of gym shoes. I already have plenty of sweats, and now what I need is a few good workout t-shirts. So far, I've learned how to use hand wraps, and it's pretty cool. Just having them on makes me feel more like a legitimate fighter, and if I tried to count all the martial arts movie and anime characters with band
  14. I recently decided I wanted to work out with a heavy bag, for the cardio, practice punching, and for the fun. Someone recommended I get some hand wraps to protect my knuckles, so I did, but now I'm getting some conflicting information on whether or not I'm properly prepared. I'll admit, I made my purchase without doing too much research. I knew my local gym sold hand wraps, so I got some. They didn't have more than one length, so it didn't occur to me to ask about it. Turns out what I have are short wraps (116 inch), and most people who do boxing use long wraps. I'm not currently boxing, bu
  15. I'm practicing three times a week, still can only do about three at a time. I'm looking forward to getting better!
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