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  1. (It's so much easier to just throw up a quick daily update than to try and play catch-up... argh!)
  2. Things are good. Busy with midterms. Need to sit down and organize my thoughts so I don't ramble for four pages when I finally do update... lol. Should be tonight... I'll be done and home pretty early today. Was going to do it last night, but it was a long day and a couple G&Ts and some Netflix sounded a lot more appealing than doing anything else. :-D But I'm being a good girl over here in real life... just need to keep track of everything on here too before I forget it all...
  3. You guys are awesome. I feel like such a pansy for being so woe-is-me now. That said, I still don't have time to write much, big midterm in the AM, but sometime tomorrow I'll catch up.
  4. I'm glad you're back! Exploring is great. It's been one of the most frustrating things about the back pain is that it severely limits my walking (although that's finally starting to change after many many years) - I miss having the freedom to hike and explore. There's nothing as awesome as just... wandering and finding fun new stuff! And it's so nice to spend time with your SO outside of the house, away from the screens, out in the world. Neat about the LARPing - a friend of mine introduced me to it years ago and I had such fun that one time - but my general fear of being a novice at anyt
  5. I'm mostly being super ridiculous and dramatic. I will return to my normal happy-go-lucky self soon. I hope. Maybe. I'm glad you're back though, you were like the last surviving person from my initial group of NF friends and I was sincerely hoping we hadn't totally lost you... hahahaha.
  6. Goal Allocation Quest 1: Strength and Mobility +2 STR +1 DEX Quest 2: Endurance +2 STA Quest 3: Nutrition +2 CON Life Quest: Academics +3 WIS Mid Challenge Summary Quest 1: A, A, C; average 3.3, or B+ Quest 2: B, F, C; average 1.6, or C- Quest 3: C, B, B; average 2.6, or B- Life Quest: DONE Challenge Allocation Quest 1: 3.3/4 = 82.5% = 1.5 STR, 1 DEX Quest 2: 1.6/4 = 40% = 1 STA Quest 3: 2.6/4 = 65% = 1 CON Life Quest: 3 WIS The semi-random decimals were really bugging me so I did some rounding. I feel that's fair since I rounded 0.2 up on STA and 0.3 down on CON, then shifted 0.
  7. I'm going to do this really quick 'n' dirty: Friday: 0 workout pts 0 cycle pts 2 food pts Saturday: 0 workout pts 0 cycle pts 1 food pt Sunday: 0 workout pts 0 cycle pts 2 food pts Weekly totals: Quest 1: Strength/Mobility (5/10 pts: C) Quest 2: Endurance (3/5 pts: C) Quest 3: Nutrition (11/14: B )
  8. Yeah, I have an appointment Wednesday. If I'm lucky, and they don't back-file a claim for my first few appointments (which I had paid cash for, and they shouldn't file, but I bet they will), then I'll get 2-3 more appointments... but I just found out they haven't filed any of my appointments since August with my new insurance company, so I have NO IDEA what I'm going to owe, what appointments they'll file, etc etc. It's maddening. So I can definitely go Wednesday, but I have to cancel my future appointments each week until I know what they decided to file, because I either have one more or 3 m
  9. That looks like such a fun time! Back to reality can't be fun.
  10. It's nice to see this thread more active, btw!
  11. Nah. Just needed to get that off my chest. It's hard to pick up the pieces when everything feels all crumbly and messy. The only way I'm keeping myself together lately is by being hyperorganized and on top of everything... so after 3 days of ignoring it all, it's tempting to leave the mess instead of trying to get going again. I really don't know what I'll do if they pull my PT. We've been making so much progress and things were looking up for the first time in a decade and I can't go back to not being able to walk around. I'm so, so, so afraid of not having my PT to help me get strong and
  12. Don't trust that Math trickster. Just when you think you and Math are friends, Math always decides to be a total jerk. (Said with love from a classics major turned ICU nurse who still, to this day, struggles with the physics/math concepts in her grad school classes.)
  13. I am... feeling discouraged. Friday was terrible and I let it put me in a funk all weekend long. I got out of it this morning, got up early and got back into the gym, but I'm still horribly stressed out about my physical therapy situation and letting it get to me (there's a good chance my PT benefits are being pulled after this week for at least 2 months while they "review" my file, and I'm not ready for that). Plus, all of the people that I've been following and interacting with around here have all disappeared off the face of the earth, so it's feeling pretty lonely every time I log i
  14. Oh my gosh, what a terrible day! I'm so sorry everything went so wrong! I would have given up; I am so impressed that you stuck it out to the bitter end. I hate to hear that getting your medal wasn't the moment of pride and happiness that you'd hoped for, but just know that I (and I'm sure everyone else reading this) am damn well impressed. I hope your toe's okay (or easily healable); I hope your knee's okay (or easily healable); and you rock.
  15. *wince* I hate when I can't get blood from someone. Some days, man, you just can't get it. Although a simple blood draw on a healthy adult is rarely difficult... that sounds like someone might have been awfully new. :-/ Sounds like things are going well overall!!
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