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  1. Thanks Yuen! I will try this. Laid off handstands completely for a while now, my neck feels good now though so I will start training them again. 1/17/15 No workout, setting holds in the gym. 200+ new holds went up plus maybe 100 that I already had, just making the whole array denser and with more choice for route setting. 1/18/15 More hold setting plus cleaned the gym, then bouldered. Mostly inventing new problems, sent v2/v3/v4/v5..? then worked on a new v5 ryan set, couldn't finish it, next time 1/19/15 Felt like lifting. OHP 45x5 45x5 55x5 65x3 85x5 75x7 65x9 Incline bench 95x5 85x7 75x9 Ran 2 miles, ~20min
  2. It depends what you like. Ocean Beach is pretty hip/liberal, lots of activity - art, music, yoga, dance, aerial silks, firedancing, hooping, you name it. But, sprawl in all directions for miles besides the ocean. Encinitas for good surf, Pacific Beach for surf and happening bar scene. Ramona if you like the country and/or horses. Edit to add: where is your job located? Traffic sucks so living somewhat close to work is key.
  3. http://reason.com/blog/2014/12/23/cps-threatens-dad-who-let-kids-play-at-p
  4. Second the suggestion on DB rows - I agree they are more similar to climbing action than BB rows. In all I think you are doing really well on the weights! Hope your injuries calm down soon so you can train without pain.
  5. I'm seriously considering the splurge. What is the AUD:USD conversion these days anyway? edit: oh you linked the US site, guess the conversion is irrelevant. And, yeah, still expensive.
  6. I would wear it any day. I mean, I'm masculine and everything, but unicorns are kick ass.
  7. Hey Nol! How you doing over there across the pond?
  8. I posted this over on the challenge but I figured I'd post it here as well. This is my first video production of any kind of quality, made from footage from a two week bouldering trip to the southeast last October.
  9. High manna dislocate to handtand. The last segment, from 7:25 on Especially 7:50-8:15 I immediately thought of simonster as well. In a similar vein...
  10. 01/15/15 Mostly bouldering! v0/v0/v2/v3/v4/v5/v6 the v4 took several tries. the v6 took many tries. Also worked on a v6/7 thing Ryan set, again can do all the moves but not enough skin or energy left to put it all together. also pullups 5/5/5
  11. He's so good at keeping tension throughout his body, everything looks tight and controlled, I liked that sequence as well Black Diamond are fine, if Organic is not an option I would probably choose Black Diamond. Good job!
  12. Hi guys! I'm good, no work yesterday so I actually slept enough, trained hard, then went to the dentist. Ouch! Going to train today but mellow, my mouth is kind of throbbing where they injected the lidocaine. Nol, my weeks are all over the place. When I work it's kind of a crushing blow to my energy level, I work 12 hour shifts 3am to 3 pm. I worked Sun/Mon/Tue/Wed but then I'm off until Tuesday so I'm having a nice long weekend now
  13. This is so true. We are our own worst critics, aren't we? I think you look great BTW
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