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  1. Reading back on that post I see that the implication might be that I think education in Linguistics in general is bad. Let me clarify that I think the subject is awesome and important but I had realizations that I was incorrect to believe that's what I wanted to do. I hope that comment wasn't taken personally! Linguistics is fascinating, just not meaningful enough to me to pursue it as a career. Thank you for understanding. It is crucial that any interaction with me be super big-time serious business ONLY. That's a good tip. I think I will go punch s
  2. [EDIT] Just realized this thread is OOOOOLD. Oops. Well hey if it's useful to ya, read on! I get the ice cream thing. Like for real. I consider the pint or two a day for months period of my life to be mainly responsible for a huge weight gain several years ago, and a minor weight gain earlier this year. One very helpful guideline I've used recently (and successfully) for things like this is being realistic about what's involved with the process and assigning judgement to the consequences of the action rather than the action itself. Eating ice cream isn't bad, it's some
  3. It's been a few years or so since I was active here, I figured a re-intro was appropriate because I like the fleeting attention that new people get. I'm Blake, thirty....two? years old and have had trouble with weight and self-perception for a couple decades. However, I've got a resilient mind and a commitment to figuring my shi(r)t out. I'm in college, pursuing a B.S. (coincidentally those are also mine and Britney Spears' initials) in Computer Science after a recent change from a misguided pursuit of a Linguistics degree. I will be bothering you other CS nerds for advice and
  4. Yeah I have learned not to give too much significance to the actual number. Going for 185 was a fairly arbitrary choice, it was more about having something specific to work towards so that I would work toward something at all. Just seeing the number go down over the past year has been a huge motivator, but I know that once I work the good habits into my life in a way that's second nature I'll eventually ditch the scale and guide myself intuitively. I appreciate the input guys And on the even brighter side, water weight is weight nonetheless. One of the best things about being 70+ pounds l
  5. That's what I was assuming, without knowing much about the subject. I figured from my continuous visual scrutinization of my body that there's no way all that loss was from fat, hah. Is water weight loss primarily from exercise or diet? I have read that excess sodium can increase water retention, which would make sense regarding the food I was eating between November and February and why semi-drastically changing what I eat since then would have had such an impact on it. Also I forgot to mention above that the first ten pounds were lost in the first five or six days, which feels like it v
  6. Summary: I had recently set a goal to get my weight down to 185 from 202 by April this year (from the end of January). Today, two weeks later, I am down to 188. That means 14 pounds in 14 days. I'm quite pleased by this result. Not so much about the number but the changes I was able to make to achieve this number, and what I learned about my capabilities. The question I have is: why did I lose so much weight so quickly? Some relevant recent history: Pre-February I was hovering right around 200 for the prior three months after steadily bringing my weight down from 260 in March, 2014. Th
  7. I occasionally make little felt plushies for gifts or for fun. Here are a few of my favorites: Brown Bunny Germ Pink Thing (18+) Citty Kat
  8. It has been one week since I set the goal of 185 pounds by April. Today I am at 191.9, down from 202.3. 10.4 pounds in a week Yesterday I proudly avoided overeating at a family function at which I normally would eat until there was no more food. It was a bigger challenge to my commitment than I've had throughout this past week, but repeating "185" in my head helped quite a lot, as well as the fact that I foresaw this challenge and told my dad and stepmom about my recent success and goals and let them know I wouldn't be overeating, explaining that I was telling them for the sake of acc
  9. Hahah! I got chills. I imagine that bird looks really cool.
  10. If your (real) name was an onomatopoeia (a word to describe a sound) what would it be representing? Please use it in a sentence. My name is Blake in the physical world. I believe "blake" could represent the sound of a ceramic plate with food on it crashing on the floor. "The entire room shivered and the last sound made was the piercing blake of the dropped dinner plate before the alien's brilliantly glowing beam gently lifted the awestruck lumberjack through the patio door and into the specimen room of the ship."
  11. My gym experience was quite swell yesterday. Did my usual warm-up then some core stuff and free weight stuff and stuff that I don't know the names of and was full of energy after it all. I went to the thrift store a block away from the gym, acquired some sweet items, then rode the four miles back home and scarfed down some carbs and protein. --- Today I have been experimenting with paleo(ish) baking and made some coconut flour banana chocolate (there's the 'ish') muffins for my roommates and for my cousin's birthday party tomorrow. I also invented an inventive way to create natural, f
  12. My history (as briefly as I can manage): I began losing weight in March, 2014. My weight then was 260 pounds (I am 6' 1"). Tentatively undertaking the paleo/primal eating/life style and riding my bike to and fro work, and eventually a little body/free weight workouts I got my weight down to 200 pounds by October. YEAH! Over the next three months (up until last week) I was hovering around 200 and making no progress and noticing myself slip back into my deplorable counter-productive tendencies. I had a particularly bad binging session last Thursday, felt like shit and realized I had to g
  13. Those both seem like reasonable translations. I've also heard "ngHOHP...tssssss".
  14. I work at the Pizzicato a block up from SNAP :] By the way, born and bred in/right around Portland. Also I am quite anti-social as well. Working on it though. Kinda. Okay I'm thinking about working on it... a little bit.
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