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  1. Kyellan In Repose

    Honestly it's been kind of an up and down month. Fortunately, I do have some good news that's been carrying me through--my wife & I are finally able (and thrilled!) to announce that we're expecting our first child in November!! I've got a lot of things to do over the next few months to get ready, so that's probably where my focus will be over the next few challenges. I've got some house projects that need doing, plus a metric ton of preparation to do! Onward, ever onward!
  2. Kyellan In Repose

    My plan this time is to do sort of an anti-challenge. Externalizing my goals has not particularly been helpful as of late. I have many things I'm working on, but mostly right now I'm just trying to control my stress. The only goal from the last challenge that I actually hit successfully was taking a night for myself each week, but it's been so helpful that I'm going to keep it up. Other than that, I'm prepping for a tournament on 5/6 and our yearly public demo on 5/19, so lots of Kung Fu stuff in the near future. Also trying to hit a minimum of 10 workouts per month and log them in my work health program. I've been taking the dog on trail hikes each week and hitting the loop at my office for half-hour walks on top of my usual Kung Fu/Tai Chi nights. Also, I finished playing The Evil Within yesterday! The final episode won't go up for another several weeks, but at least I'm done playing it! Time to just keep on keepin' on. Hope the month goes well for everyone.