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  1. Official follow-up appointment check-in: I am an "ideal patient" (according to my surgeon) since I didn't take any of the hard stuff post-procedure. Everything is ahead of target by his observations. I'm even more tired, but satisfied.
  2. Today's my first day without painkillers. It's entirely self-imposed, but I felt like I needed to know where I was at. Good news: it's manageable. Less good news: I'm still very tired. Good news: how badass was that poet at the inauguration? If you didn't catch it, go back and watch the whole thing... she was amazing.
  3. First goal completed. A slow mile indeed, but a mile nonetheless.
  4. Recovery Day 5 was mostly more fatigue. It's sort of boring, now. Like, the worst part is past, I have (most) of my regular movement back but I am JUST SO TIRED. Today, so far, is much the same. It's no longer a struggle to change positions, climb stairs, or what-have-you... but doing any one of those things leaves me more exhausted than a 4.5 mile walk at 3.75mph did just two weeks ago. I keep looking at the upsides of all of this. One, I get to travel at the end of this year (assuming the world figures out the G-D COVID thing!!!) without fear of emergency hospital tre
  5. Yes, sir. That is exactly what I keep reminding myself, and it's why I went through this at all. A few weeks of downtime means I don't run the risk of emergency sepsis and, y'know, death. Her mom and I keep telling her that "the doctor said Daddy can't lift you yet, but everything will be normal again soon" and we hope that by repeating it, she'll get it. I got less cold shoulder/silent treatment today, so I consider that a win. 😃
  6. Yeah, it's been a heck of a few months. Did I forget to mention that I also wrote 75,000 words during NaNoWriMo this year? Like I said, crazy. Slight correction: Ghost of Tsushima is damn-near-on a MASTERPIECE. At least, if you like open world stealth-action gameplay . The story is among my favorites in recent years, though it helps that I like Japan an awful lot. Sucker Punch lived up to their name a couple times with great twists, compelling characters and very tight gameplay. Cannot recommend highly enough. I played in Japanese with subtitles (this is the
  7. This is excellent news. Right now I'm doing a whole surgical recovery and then I'm gonna have to wait until the whole COVID thing is gone by (high-risk household members), but I've got another friend who might also be interested, so we may end up taking classes there later this year, depending on how things go. I'll drop ya a note so we can chat more.
  8. I always love reading Kishi threads because they are so methodical. Just makes me feel better about life. Also, Marcus is here to help with the Stoic thing.
  9. Hey buddy. Reorgs SUCK, dude. I have been mercifully without a total reorg in several years, which means I'm probably due for one. It seems from your updates that things are kind of going okay-ish, so huzzah for that. Figured I'd drop by and make a show of solidarity. OH! I had a question for you, too. Do you know much about Portsmouth Aikido (up here in Portsmouth, NH)? Once the COVID thing calms down I've been considering looking into martial arts again, and I'm considering lots of potential options. The first of which is, of course, to go bac
  10. This is Day 3 of my convalescence. On Day 1, the biggest problem was residual referred pain from the CO2 which was used to create space to do the actual work. The remaining gas gets trapped under the diaphragm, causing a mild shortness of breath and pain in the right side of the neck and shoulder. That kind of sucked. I also had a pretty nasty rasp in my throat due to the intubation and anesthesia. My best friends were ibuprofen and a heated mat to help relieve the pain. By Day 2, about 70% of the aching pain had dissipated. The rasp in my throat remained. Getting betw
  11. Hello there friends. I have been gone a bit. In early September I ended up in the ER, thinking I was dying of a heart attack. Instead, it turns out I had advanced gallbladder disease that had been ignored for a decade, because every time I had sought treatment for the symptoms, it was dismissed as an anxiety/panic attack. I spent September thru December radically changing everything about my diet, and discovered that an aggressively low-fat, high-fiber diet is the best thing I could have done for myself in many ways. Wish I'd learned that years ago, really. I built myse
  12. Kyellan

    Kyellan Adapts

    It is definitely an oof moment. I've got a consult on 11/4 to find out all my options. Hoping for a non-surgical one. And, honestly? I might have to find out what the risks are for just... not doing anything. And here's why: For literally as long as I can remember, I have had an emotional relationship with food. I am a binge eater, no bones about it. It is a vice and it makes me feel alternately guilty and resigned. Even during the height of my martial arts training, I fought the urge to eat everything basically all the time. I used it as an excuse to eat more. It's not
  13. Kyellan

    Kyellan Adapts

    I guess there's an upside to feeling sick every time you eat... I'm down about 10 pounds this month. Right now it feels like coffee, 100% fruit juice and water are the only things that DON'T make me nauseous. Coffee has become my vice of choice. I've been drinking a lot of the single-origin varieties from Bones Coffee, and they're just so nice. 😃 I'm definitely not walking as much as in August, but I am still walking. Also, while I was on the trails with the dog on Sunday, he wanted to RUN--so I ran, and boy if trail running doesn't feel a LOT nicer than road running. I think it's
  14. Kyellan

    Kyellan Adapts

    I've done some testing--it appears to be approximately 10 grams of fat within 30 mins or so that causes the nausea. I can get it to 30% of daily as long as I spread it reeeeeal thin. Also, because of other considerations we're also gluten free, which leaves out barley. I am using lentils, chickpeas and others as additional variety, as well as several kinds of beans. I'm a pretty handy cook, so I've made curried chickpeas in yogurt sauce (fat free of course) and other such things. I've also been using quinoa, but I'm not a huge fan. It's okay, but I'd rather just have jasmine rice.
  15. Kyellan

    Kyellan Adapts

    Welp, the confirmation came in. Yes, it's gallstones, and no, they aren't going anywhere without intervention. So now with the follow-ups and the figuring out what to do next. Huzzah for good insurance. I've slowed down a little on the exercise, but still doing 3-4 mile walks every couple of days to keep myself moving. I'm a bit weaker than I was prior to the attack, so I want to make sure to keep myself going. I started tracking my food to figure this out, and there seem to be three levels. Dietary fat intake is a direct correlation to "bad things happening", and here'
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