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  1. what are your goals? what is your timeline? I ask because if you have a specific goal (lose a % of fat, be able to run a mile, lift 150 KG,) they're easier to track and reach.
  2. Hey nerds, I need some help. It seems that minneapolis has a strong presence here, and I thought I'd throw up my bat signal. my wife and now 2 kids are looking to leave our home in search of greener pastures. We are primarily looking for a family friendly, active, outdoorsy place. We need to also be around liberal, educated folks. I work in finance (401(k) plan administration), and my wife will be returning to work in child welfare (sooner rather than later, I hope). My buddy syggested Minneapolis (whre she lives), and it looks great. what would it really be like for 2 40-year-olds with a 7
  3. awesome. I quit 7 years ago. For those that don't know, it is damn hard. I still want a cigarette about every 3 days,
  4. My aunt ran into a guy who sells ubox live boxes, which, upon further review, are android-powered streaming (maybe pirating) boxes for $400. I did a little bit of research, and it looks like there are way cheaper options for a box like this, but I'm way out of my element. does anyone know anything about ubox or better alternatives?
  5. I used to ride, trail mostly. Tried my hand at cutting a little, and I enjoy that, but if I had to do it again, I' concentrate on either reining or *cough* dresssage. I can't rope worth a crap, and I'm waaaay better on the ground than I am as a rider. My wife was a am. barrel racer. I too am pretty well self taught. The cowboys I knew had been riding so long that they didn't remember how they learned, except for the kick 'em to go, pull back to stop method.
  6. 195, 20.5% . I need ot make one of thise meter things on my sig.
  7. sorry, the deal that ended on the 27th (2.0?) was full of better titles.
  8. disclaimer: I have no affiliation, but they're offering 37 ebooks for $37 http://www.bodyweightbundle.com/new/ seems like a deal.
  9. FWIW, I'm aiming for 15% BF (from 21 now ) or 185 (from 198), whichever comes first. When I was at 192, I was 19%BF, and still had the same goals. I went the wrong way, though.
  10. so I was lifting heavy for about 6 months, and eating accordingly (madcow 5x5). I got ummmm....fat. I was going to come up with some crazy plan for building muscle and losing weight, but Instead, I ended up concentrating on losing fat. I've been jumping rope and kettlebelling 4-5 day a week, and on a few days also lifting (less weight than I was, and fewer sets; I'm just trying to not wreck my strength/muscle gains totally), and TRXing 2-3 times a week.(not on the same days I'm lifting). Plus, I've tightened up my diet again. Good news, I'm at 198 this morning, down from ~207. bad news
  11. This discussion brought this back to my memory:
  12. ok, update. I decided to try to do intervals daily at lunch- kb swing/jumprope. 1 minute of 1, 10 second break, 1 minute of the other, 20 rounds. I'm down to 199 as of this morning. I've also tightened up my fork. It's working, sloooooooowly.
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