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  1. what are your goals? what is your timeline? I ask because if you have a specific goal (lose a % of fat, be able to run a mile, lift 150 KG,) they're easier to track and reach.
  2. 195, 20.5% . I need ot make one of thise meter things on my sig.
  3. sorry, the deal that ended on the 27th (2.0?) was full of better titles.
  4. disclaimer: I have no affiliation, but they're offering 37 ebooks for $37 http://www.bodyweightbundle.com/new/ seems like a deal.
  5. FWIW, I'm aiming for 15% BF (from 21 now ) or 185 (from 198), whichever comes first. When I was at 192, I was 19%BF, and still had the same goals. I went the wrong way, though.
  6. so I was lifting heavy for about 6 months, and eating accordingly (madcow 5x5). I got ummmm....fat. I was going to come up with some crazy plan for building muscle and losing weight, but Instead, I ended up concentrating on losing fat. I've been jumping rope and kettlebelling 4-5 day a week, and on a few days also lifting (less weight than I was, and fewer sets; I'm just trying to not wreck my strength/muscle gains totally), and TRXing 2-3 times a week.(not on the same days I'm lifting). Plus, I've tightened up my diet again. Good news, I'm at 198 this morning, down from ~207. bad news, I look smaller-my upper body looks like i've deflated. It's probably not 100% accurate, but you know the look you have when you lose weight at first? that kind of skinnier-but-out-of-shape look? that's how I feel. The last time I was really trying to reduce my weight/fat, I was way fat, so I only perceived I was moving forward, and this time, it seems like I'm moving backwards. can anyone comment on this? Also, if you're new to fitness and reading this, take it to heart that everybody slips-you just need to get back on the horse.
  7. This discussion brought this back to my memory:
  8. ok, update. I decided to try to do intervals daily at lunch- kb swing/jumprope. 1 minute of 1, 10 second break, 1 minute of the other, 20 rounds. I'm down to 199 as of this morning. I've also tightened up my fork. It's working, sloooooooowly.
  9. I was going to say FMA, b/c i'm biased, but have you looked at Krav maga?
  10. I have many pairs of shoes, but lately I've become unsatisfied with them. I can't lift in running shoes, but my lifting shoes (skateboarding shoes) are heavy. I've been doing intervals at lunch where I swing KBs and jump rope. I've tried different shoes, but at this point I just do it in socks. are there shoes that are roomy (i wear a EEE shoe, my feet look like triangles) and lightweight, with almost no sole? and don't cost a $100?
  11. I have this for my nano; I've used it for 4 or 5 years, and it rules. .
  12. my buddy hikes in the NB minimus trail, but I don't think she runs on dunes, just the regular trails around tampa-weedon, HRSP, etc., have you tried coming to st pete and going to the running store downtown? there's another huge running shoe store in international mall last I checked (I work across the street).
  13. on theold VB BBs I was on, I seemed that there was an ignore function built in, so you could just not see posters. is it on here, and I'm missing it?
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