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  1. Progress update! Quest 1: Day 1? No Day 2? 1-mile run + 10 push-ups + 10 squats + 30-sec plank Quest 2: Day 1? Yes! Day 2? Yes! Quest 3: Day 1? Yes! Day 2? Yes!
  2. Roadbump - I landed badly after a fall today, and it's now painful to put weight on the outside of my foot. :/ Let's see how this goes!
  3. Back to Nerd Fitness after...actually, after too long. I'm currently hovering around 140 pounds in a mostly sedentary lifestyle, and that's a shame. Let's go! Main Quest: Mind and Body Improvement Sub-Quest 1: Get Moving! Every single day, do at least one of these things: Bodyweight workout (1-mile run + 10 push-ups + 10 squats + 30-second plank) 30min swim 20min skipping in intervals (3min skipping, 1min pause) Sub-Quest 2: Rest! Take 10 minutes each day to rest and appreciate the world around me, without having to rush. (I haven't done this in a long time, and it's shown in my mental state... So, time to improve!) Sub-Quest 3: Fruit Trees Everywhere! Eat some fruit every day Let's go!
  4. 5th February: Goal 1: 4 lives remaining (out of 5) Have I mentioned how much I love broccoli? I love broccoli. Also, close call on the pineapple tarts - I had two before remembering, then refused the third one. Goal 2: 5 lives remaining (out of 6) No workout planned! Goal 3: 3 lives remaining (out of 3) Money is safe! Well, most of it, anyway - $1,500 spent on a root canal today, but that was necessary expenditure, and it definitely saved a lot of pain + future complications.
  5. 4th February: Goal 1: 4 lives remaining (out of 5) Nothing to say for this one! Goal 2: 5 lives remaining (out of 6) No workout planned, nothing missed! Goal 3: 3 lives remaining (out of 3) Money is safe and being sensibly spent!
  6. 3rd February: Goal 1: 4 lives remaining (out of 5) Cucumbers are vegetables, right? Goal 2: 5 lives remaining (out of 6) 30 minutes of cardio! Yay Goal 3: 3 lives remaining (out of 3) Money still safe! Transferred money into my savings account, which is great.
  7. 2nd February: Goal 1: 4 lives remaining (out of 5) No lives! I found a wonderful lunch place near my office which sold tasty, veggie-packed lunches, so that's solved my problem Also, I went scouting for better food options, and it turns out there are another four or so great and affordable places to have lunch at! Vegetable diet, here I come. o/ Goal 2: 5 lives remaining (out of 6) ...I chickened out on the workout by going "it's too late, I'm going to need to work tomorrow". Nope. One life gone. Goal 3: 3 lives remaining (out of 3) No financial mucking-about today! My money stays relatively safe.
  8. Everyone hang in there! In the game of Rebel vs. Soda, we're going to win > I'm going to try going beyond soda now, and targeting commercially-sweetened bottled drinks instead. This includes non-fizzy drinks and bottled iced tea! It's not a full exclusion of sugar yet, but somewhat closer to it. Bottom line: Anything I can't control the sweetness of/ask for less sugar in, I won't drink. Day 1 begins today!
  9. 1st February: Goal 1: 4 lives remaining (out of 5) ...it was the vegetables I forgot. :< More accurately, I forgot to eat proper meals, but when I DID eat, there were no vegetables. Goal 2: 6 lives remaining (out of 6) No workout planned for 1st February, workout planned for 2nd February! Goal 3: 3 lives remaining (out of 3) Budgeting for the week AND the incoming paycheck (what goes into savings/emergency fund/education fund/expenditure), and the money spent was on treating an old friend to lunch! In terms of finances, I'm starting this challenge strong
  10. YAY SHAARAWY <3 They ARE amazing! Which is the problem, I guess :< I mean, look at this!
  11. Oh man, sorry about the bacon D: But all the best with everything else! The planner looks great, and all the best with it! Subscribed to cheer (and look at more awesome charts!)
  12. Lunar New Year is approaching, and in terms of the amount of food eaten, it's the equivalent of Thanksgiving + Christmas! Time to set some serious goals to start the New Year right! ...well, start the Second New Year right, anyway. First challenge in a long while, so I'll be doing a basic one! Goal 1: Healthy Eating Starts With Me (And A Few Other Things) My eating habits are rubbish in general thanks to a very unhealthy routine of stress eating + boredom eating, but they might get worse over the festive period. I start with five lives each week, and lose a life any time something below happens: Eat more than two pineapple tarts a day. (Those things are my greatest weakness, AND they are at least 82 calories apiece. Not good.)Fail to drink at least 1.5 litres of water each day. Go one entire day without eating vegetables.Grade each week: Pass/Fail. Remaining lives do not carry over. Goal 2: Back to Basics Time to go back to the fundamentals of everything - bodyweight training! Six lives for this goal, and I lose a life anytime I: Go three nights without working outForget to do bodyweight training (planks, pushups, squats) at least once a weekChicken out on a workout plan. (GASP. I've noticed that when I get home from work, I go "oh pshhh it's too late to work out" and end up skipping a planned workout. Nope.)Grade each week: Pass/Fail. Goal 3: I Will Be Rich Someday. Someday. Three lives for this one! Lose a life every time I: Forget to put at least 50 cents in the coin bank every dayFail to budget for the weekBuy some useless trinket I really don't need Grade each week: Pass/Fail. --- Let's start out with these three first!
  13. Six months of stress-induced sedentary living, a full month of stress binging and poor sleep habits, and one national exam later, here I am. Unhealthier than I've ever been before, stockier than before, and definitely heavier. Not good at all. Fortunately, what I do have now is time, and renewed motivation! Here are the things I'm going to do: 1) Get off the couch, and start running. Zombie Run is now on my phone, and I'm thinking of using that to get back to a sensible level of fitness before attempting the 5K version. 2) Go to the gym. Having graduated means I no longer have access to a gym conveniently located near me, but there are definitely other gyms out there where I can get back into the habit of weight training. 3) Watch my diet. The past six months have been a host of fitness nightmares, and while candy may help relieve stress in the short run, it wreaks havoc on teeth. Pity I had to find out the hard way. I'm also trying to cut down the portion sizes that I eat, so I'll be working on that as well. 4) Talk to more people on this community! I usually miss the peak activity period thanks to timezones, unfortunately, but I can still reach out to more people and not be lonely on this community. Here goes!
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