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  1. Nicely done! Yes, you definitely don't want to overdo it. I often dream of learning to do a pull-up, but unfortunately, I can't install a bar in the flat we're renting.
  2. Thank Nol. Yes, if you could let me know what those stretches are that'd be great!
  3. Week 1 Day 7 No running today because of zombie flu. I think he might make it without turning into a brain eating zombie dog I was invited over to a friends' place for brunch, but it involved all homecooked, plastic free and kinda healthy stuff, so triangle sort of intact. Achievement unlocked: Upper Body kettlebell workout this evening. Man it's been a while. I can feel the knots in my shoulders moving... Definitely a sign that I need to do more here. First week has been completed, mostly successful despite some obstacles. Rock on week 2!
  4. Haha, yes I've been using a daylight alarm clock to ease myself out of sleep. My husband was NOT a fan of my constant snoozing (sometimes for up to an hour) so I hope this will help...
  5. AWESOME SAUCE for doing all the things. I too got woken up at 5 am from my zombie dog that needed to go outside urgently. On a Saturday!! Le sigh. I dabbled a bit in deadlifting but I just suck at making it to the gym. I think fluctuating energy levels are totally normal. I have the same when running, sometimes I could run along happily as if I was in the cast of Baywatch, other times each step feels like climbing Everest. And yes to cheat days. I think it's super important to allow yourself some time off and enjoy that Pizza. One Pizza is not going to undo all the good work you've done for the rest of the week! Rock on!
  6. Oh man, looks like we both had a bit of a day yesterday. Hope today was better? As Harriet put so nicely, I hope you have more Bock aujourd'hui (My best Frangledeutsch)
  7. Week 1 Day 6 Emergency Update from Abel Township: I think the dog has been bitten by a Zombie on one of our runs. He's showing all signs of fighting off the Zombie virus. I hear he has a chance of making it if he doesn't turn within the next 48H. He's been quarantined and is therefore currently banned from going on missions. So because he's sick I walked the dog yesterday morning instead of running with him, which means I skipped a day of the training. He was even sicker today, but I managed to do a run without him between our 8 (!) dog walks. He's got some sort of (Zombie) stomach bug, but I hope it'll get better over the next few days. Stuck to the triangle yesterday and this morning, but couldn't really tonight. We were out for a friend's birthday at a Chinese restaurant where we all shared all the dishes. My little nod to the triangle was adding a tofu dish though @Nol, I'm definitely sore but I'm trying to take it easy during the runs with walking periods in between. The first thing that normally gives out is my knee, and so far it's holding up. I hope I make it through the 4 weeks in tact this way. Mezzo is half Labrador, half Border Collie so in theory an ideal running partner. Apart from the Zombie bug, I think he's also a bit depressed with my husband gone. @Therealkat Running with a dog is lots of fun, but prepare for quite a bit of training before he'll run alongside with you (I'm not there yet). Anyway, having a little 4 pawed buddy around is the best!
  9. Mera

    therealkat :: Runner 5, Report!

    Awesome going on your challenge! Which book did you read? And what is Beer and Bikes????
  10. WEEK 1 DAY 4 Run, check. I actually made Mezzo (the dog) carry his treat bag so we could do some heel training on the way. Mean we weren't very fast, but he's definitely more motivated when there's rewards involved. Triangle, sorta check. Had a minor violation by having a coke with lunch. It was hot and I was starving, and the coke was cold and full of sugar and delicious. I guess at least it came in a can (so no plastic) and it animal-friendly? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Meditation CHECK! I did miss my reminder in the morning, but then managed to squeeze in a 10 minute session on the cushions in the afternoon.
  11. Hahahha, that's a bit what the dog and I look like. I used to hate running (I'd still prefer swimming if I could), but it's just the most convient thing to do. It wasn't until Zombies Run that I really managed to run for longer than 10 minutes without giving up.
  12. Week 1 Day 3 Run, check! It's getting easier for me, but I really think I need to work on the dog's will to run. Not that he doesn't have the energy, I just think he can't be arsed. So will look into some training methods so we can work on running without stopping for longer Triangle, check! Cooked myself some potatoes that I had with a sour cream type affair, but so much better, I can't really find the right words to describe it in English. @Nol, Cervelle de Canut!! Meditation: dang it. I forgot to set myself a reminder again, and then forgot at work. *grabs phone*
  13. Mera

    Starting Again

    Totally! A bit of self love and compassion goes a long way. As soon as I start taking care of my body a bit more like this, making healthier choices becomes so much easier.
  14. Hahaha, apologies. Working in a tea shop is the dream!! And you are of course correct. I shall amend my statement to say French restaurant and café owners have no idea about tea. Obviously, the Damman Frères knew what they were doing