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  1. Awesome sauce! I love to tackle eating, like tackling a giant plate if cheese, with my face.
  2. Hey sorry I dropped off the radar. How was the end of your challenge? See you for the next one?
  3. Week 4 - Final update after radio malfunction These last 2 weeks have been a bit mad. I travelled back to France for work and had a full on schedule day and night with workshops, leaving dos, Birthday parties, a quick stop to Paris and back and so on. So I haven't really found the time to post BUT I have made sure to make the time to run. After getting used to running in my slightly hilly park, running along the flat river banks in Lyon was awesome. I was so quick that I beat my own average speed personal best. Whoop! I'm also quite amazed at the progress I've been able to make in just a few weeks, from having to slow down to a walk for a bit every 5-10 minutes to running 5k straight. The knee has also been holding up a lot better than it used to before. The knee brace to stabilise it and the new shoes are really doing their job. Next challenge: moving up to 10K I'll attach my PB run for motivation
  4. You have summoned me? Sorry that I've not been posting. Been on a busy work excursion back to Lyon. But I've been running so still on track. Posting an update shortly.
  5. Week 3, Run 1 The mission: continuous 5k run Mission accomplished! I'm so glad I managed to get this one in last night. I'm traveling for work today (writing this from the airport at 6am), so last night was busy with getting the dog to the sitter, packing, and whatnot. With getting to where I run and back I'm almost gone for an hour, so I wasn't sure how to get this in with all the rest and still get to bed in time for a 4am alarm. Then I realised, hey, running is actually not just for frolicking around in the park, but can actually get you from A to B. Also, the dog sitter lives 3k away, on the other side of the park. So I got on my running gear, the husband and I dropped the dog off, and then I just ran home from there, with a couple of extra laps in the park. Running towards a destination is much nicer than running around an enclosed space. Although that space is gorgeous. As my runs will be getting longer as I'm prepping for this 10k, maybe I'll start taking the tram to places and then running home from there.
  6. Nicely done over the weekend. Looks like you don't need Shia at all to keep you going how's the Japanese coming? Does Duolingo teach you the characters as well?
  7. Week 2, Run 3 I actually did this yesterday afternoon. I had taken half a day off (yeaye) and used it for doggy play dates, napping and running. The mission was the same as the run before, run 20, walk 2, run 20. The weather was great, I feel the running is getting easier, especially uphill. Next up, running a 5K without pause.
  8. Sorry that you had a shitty day earlier this week are you feeling better? And hooray for the new fishies! I love that your other fish is named Pippin. I still fondly remember my 3 black mollies Fat Joe, Calzone and Minestrone do you have names for the new ones picked out yet?
  9. I have to admit that you had me at Harry Potter marathon but lost me at kpop... Not because of dislike, but because of total lack of knowledge on my behalf. Will put "research this loona person" on my to-do list for tomorrow.
  10. Week 2 Run 2 The Mission: run 20 mins, walk 2 mins, run another 20 mins Mission accomplished! It was a lovely sunny day today, so I took the dog for a lunch time run in the park. Lots of people out, but we still made great time. Normally I'm at around 10 mins per km with the dog, and we've approved quite a bit from that. Even though my 20 mins running without pause were interspersed by running on the spot while my animal companion took care of important sniffing business. Also passed the 5K mark today. It's been a while since I've run that far..
  11. I should give up giving up though Ha, I'm glad I've inspired you to come back to Abel. (Gawd, I'm starting to sound like a proper fan girl )
  12. Week 2 Run 1 Today's mission: run 3km without break. Mission accomplished! The cheeky app lets me time my missions by distance, but the only options where 2.9 or 3.4 km, so I even ran a bit further than I needed. There was some sort of running meet happening in the park and they were all faster than me! But you're only supposed to compete with yourself right, and I was 40s per km faster than on my last run so BAM!
  13. Yes, totally give it a go! There's a 0 to 5K version too, but the audio missions aren't that fun Oh yah, he definitely has a love hate relationship with boxes. He kept wanting to eat them. So I actually put him with the dog sitter while I was packing. Haha, that's pretty much how I feel in Swedish class.
  14. I can't wait to see your tanks! (I'm sure somebody has used this as a pickup line before, haha) I used to have a 120l aquarium when I was younger, but couldn't keep it when I started moving around so much. I'm hoping to eventually get one again, because FISHIES!!!
  15. I LOVE THAT SONG! Nice going on your challenge too. How are you finding Duolingo? I stopped after it made me learn important phrases such as "the reindeer is a vegetarian".. although appropriate for Sweden I guess Also, if you ever need a different Shia-related video, this is brilliant:
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