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  1. For me it's more of a defence thing, I'm so far gone on choke set ups that I don't think I'll get leg attacks to the same proficiency. But knowing where they come from and when to lookout for them will help a ton.
  2. I was actually switched on technically today. Whoa, what a difference.
  3. Capitalisation is an anglo meme. It's all starting to come back together again :3
  4. I've had to ask the coach to swap in an alternative for bulgarian split squats atm. I was hoping for front squats, I got dumbbell bulgarians instead.
  5. I've got good control from mount but not a lot of submissions. I need to transition to s-mount or try and force them into a back take. I'm getting there though, starting to finish triangles from mount. Sangaku jime was something I never really used much in judo unless it was to bait in for an arm lock. Leg attacks are starting to sneak in too but I don't actively seek them as they're not something I have an in depth understanding of. There was an amusing clip of me attached to a purple belts legs with rdlr and him trying to shake me off, I accidentally deleted it though.
  6. I agree with your group mate, needs more Rudolfo. I've been reminded a few times already this year that I look very small at 57kg in powerlifting, considering it's a sport made of being stocky and stumpy I'd ideally be 72kg. When I cut back down from 63kg this year it was really noticeable to every one in terms of size, my gym buddies all got a good laugh at me weighing at a whopping 56kg to fight at 66.5kg and then another laugh at me in the absolute final fighting a girl heavier than our heaviest guy that day. My gym itself isn't too bad, just the occasional whinger. Most of the guys in my gym congratulate me on having annoying AF top pressure and my improving guard. I find it's more in comp, coaches and other girls kicking up fuss when they get beat. I'll often get girls and coaches congratulate me on being technical and controlled though, then all "What, like that without a corner?"
  7. Did I post Rudolfo Viera yet? Brb Viera posting... As a martial artist turner powerlifter turner martial artist turner powerlifter... I frequently get shit on for technique when I beat people. Even better, I've had claims of people saying the only reason I'm winning in bjj is because of my tard strength from judo and powerlifting. Couldn't possibly be technical when a 56kg female is beating 79kg females. (ITT: more rudolfos)
  8. I sometimes have to proof read my entries before posting as the language and content occasionally drifts from 12-A (PG-13 for the muricans)
  9. Featured in Tuesday's training, "Let it go" and some cancerous high bar squats. I'm getting a little better at remembering how to move now. High light of Wednesday, channelling my inner Rudolfo Viera and spending 30 minutes on a KOM round trying to pass a good purple belt's guard. Maintained top position that whole time and spent a good 5 minutes trying to get my second hook in on a back take before getting back to top half guard. End of sparring got called before a score. I wish I'd been recording this and should really record more of my fighty stuff and there's a lot of subtle movement going on to maintain pressure and position that seems to be missed by a lot of people.
  10. Spotters, pls no touchy, I have more grind that a desperate lap dancer.
  11. I sandbagged the hell out of my lifts at the 4 Nations because I felt tired (lazy), I feel kinda bad about it as it was an opportunity to push. Got pretty annoyed at the people going "It's a team event, no pressure tanky." It's a team event, yeah, but wilks from my openers is enough to put me as top equipped wilks for the team. In my case I need to be showing progress to coaches and national team officials who were present. At least technical progress is there. 125kg Squat opener (no lift) - http://imgur.com/nQ2HNt0 80kg Bench opener (goodlift) - http://imgur.com/u6WI2zM 130kg Deadlift opener (goodlift) - http://imgur.com/7q4CUkF 140kg Deadlift 2nd (goodlift) - http://imgur.com/VxIovdr 145kg Deadlift 3rd (goodlift) - http://imgur.com/1sabKHB
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