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  1. Wouldn't be against it I suppose. But let's see if any others feel the same.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Will have to dig around some more when I get time. And yes I am currently a soda junkie....
  3. Thread revival attempt. So I kinda went afk for a bit but just trying to see what's up with the Ohio folks. Personally in Columbus and wondering if anyone else is in the area.
  4. So I am wondering if anybody would be interested in joining me in co-op mode. So my goals are to slim down as I am slightly overweight. But I also want to build some muscle as well. Honestly I dunno really where to begin and while I have been trying to watch what I eat I havent really made any progress in changing what I eat :/ A little background for me though is: Height: 6ft 4 in Age: 23 Weight: 250ish (I don't own a scale) Location: Columbus, Ohio Male Virtual or in person would be good with me. Also similar age would be cool too but not a pre-req. Lastly any suggestions on where to look to would be greatly appreciated. -Ninja
  5. Well have while I haven't gotten to far progress-wise :/ However I have been paying more attention and making conscious decisions on what I eat, even if not healthy, and attempt to get alternatives when possible. Also apples are yummy But now the real test is in bound as I visit relatives for a week, I am bound to not do too well... but hopefully I dont do bad
  6. Quick followup, made it to a store to get a few basic thing to start the transition. Not paleo or any base ingredients but got some salad and apples and other small things so I can get out of eating out and plan on packing lunches. -Ninja
  7. Well I wouldn't be against training with ninjas but I first gotta get into a bit better shape. But first I must learn patience and back off the soda -Ninja
  8. Sadly haven't gotten to the store yet this week, weekend was long and then unexpected events arose this week. But I am paying more attention to soda intake at least and trying to reduce and replace with water. Also looking at going to the gym at work and trying to figure out what access I need etc. Thanks for the link will look into and hopefully I will be able to get to store tomorrow latest. -Ninja
  9. The ninja returns from the shadows of defeat... Already posted up in the respawn but thought I would mention it here too :/ http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/74942-system-blue-screened-force-reboot-in-progress/ -Ninja
  10. Welp I hopped on over a year ago and near failed immediately. To be honest there was no real reason except myself. I had gotten side tracked with life and made poor-reasoned excuse. However, I have at least been using the most recent weeks to analyze the failures. Also was poking around these here forums just to see what I missed and what all would be helpful/useful etc.. And what I learned is I need to simply think, weigh, and consider more. Now that I am doing that I am ready to go again. Current plan is on Sunday or Monday, pending holiday plans, to do a grocery run. I am completely out and need one else I will keep eating out..... Also starting next week hit the gym at work since I got access recently since I became full-time YAY. I would like to try Paleo but don't have a particular menu so to speak so any recommendations would be appreciated. -Ninja
  11. Well I kinda am late to the party but wanted to say hello. Also wanted to ask where I should begin as I am now mid challange. -Ninja
  12. Well I kinda got side tracked this past week so sorry for not being on, definitely need to pop on here and check things more often. But yeah I know what your saying. But on a health note I can say that I have am slowly getting off soda, except for an occasional one every other couple days. I got a nice squeeze water bottle that I really wanted as encouragement. I keep it full of water and always have it nearby, this includes at work. So now if I am thirsty I just grab the bottle instead of getting up and finding a soda. I also and have kept no soda at my place so no temptation there either. This alone is a big jump IMO as my record was around 2-4 liters of soda a day. Sadly though, I have just been distracted and haven't been working out, and that's purely on me no excuses there. But intent is jump right back to it starting tomorrow. Lastly, I am about to do grocery run. So are there any Paleo dishes/necessary ingredients you all would recommended for a beginner, I know there are threads in the forum and I will be browsing there I just felt like asking here as it pertains to post. -Ninja
  13. Thank you for the vote of confidence. And I know patience is key but I never really had it to begin with so.... I may have to be a bit counter-intuitive there -Ninja
  14. Hey I live in Columbus and am new to Nerd Fitness but a rather recent gallery opened up downtown that may be a place of interest for you. Its called Lumos Gallery click here. I personally haven't been yet but been have be told I need to stop by. Just trying to help. -Ninja
  15. So I'm new to Nerd Fitness but wanted to pop in and mention I am in the Columbus area. -Ninja
  16. So I felt a change was in order so started browsing the interwebs and found Nerd Fitness. Now while I'm normally not one to jump into a group this seems like my kinda speed so to speak. I don't know really where to begin or what to say so I just gonna give a brief background. I am a 6' 3" male and while I may not look it I am around the 250 lbs mark. Mainly thanks to my heavy consumption of soda and junk food. But I'm gonna change that. I have kinda tried before but never really had the motivation, kept using excuses. Well I'm personally tired of it and now that I have a job and a new place to live I can't and won't use it any excuses anymore. Now I don't really have an "end" goal so to speak. I guess I just want to jump in and leave the end as a surprise. I do have a starting game plan at least. I want to go Paleo, as much as possible, and get ride of all the calorific beverages. As well as start a modified routine from the provided beginners bodywieght exercise. If anyone has any tips I would love to hear them, be it diet, workout, where to start, or whatever. *** I know my name is MasterNinja62 and yall may be thinking a 6' 3" ninja is counter-intuitive. Well it is, but that is how I roll. -(Counter-Intuitive)Ninja
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