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  1. I've done it in the past and really loved it. I will say that it isn't really yoga in the typical sense. There is nothing spiritual about it like there is other yoga programs. It's more like yoga meets bodyweight workouts. It does help with the flexibility, he is fun to listen to if you like his personality and it really is a different take on yoga. I quit doing the program and really wish i hadn't. I'd say try it out. It is a good fit for some people. There is a thread somewhere on the forums about others who have used it an their experiences. Most were positive if i remember correctly. The detractors all seemed to be that it wasn't traditional/spiritual/whatever enough for them.
  2. i agree. Seems like in the past week 3 has usually been when I've stumbled. Looking forward to it today. Still have family in town but i'm hoping for a return to normality soon.
  3. Spreadsheet has been updated as of this morning. Didn't fair too great last week. A 10hr car trip on Saturday and just general blah feeling kinda made me not do so well. Did well yesterday. Also, passed my Marketing final with a 94% so im pleased about that. Final week of the challenge. WOOOT!
  4. Hey all. Alright i'm back. Sorry i didn't post but i'd been out of town and with limited access to the internet. I did get my spreadsheet updated last night to cover last week and then sunday/monday. I'm not doing to bad. I have been trying to take water over soda when possible. There was a lot of family gatherings over the weekend so lots of food. Probably ate more than i should have but that's family. The service was wonderful. Simple but elegant just like she would have wanted. With her passing i didn't get time to think about solidifying the "primal 2" section in my challenge so i'm thinking i'll drop it since we've just got this week and next and then i'll firm up something better in the next challenge. I'm really glad to be back at it.
  5. So far so good this week. Unfortunately my grandmother passed away Thursday morning. This weekend will be spent back in my home town for the funeral. Shouldn't have much trouble sticking with stuff but wish me luck anyway.
  6. So started off week 2 with great water consumption. Eating way more food than i should be (some stress i'm guessing) so i'm working on that. I did move quite a bit yesterday..i need to put 20 on my sheet. It's a day or two behind but i was busy yesterday afternoon and evening. Kittens to the vet for the 8week apt and vaccines this afternoon. I got 8 minutes of squats yesterday but no additional stuff. So far not a bad start to week 2!
  7. My week 1 wasn't too bad. I've got my spreadsheet updated for all of the week. On an up side the squatting is going pretty good and some of the tightness in my lower back has decreased. For this week i'm going to up my avg to 7.5min instead of 5. I wasn't sure what to do with my primal 2 part so it's kinda been up in the air. I did do the NF Yoga video for posture 2x and that was pretty good. Not really sure yet what to do with it. Move more was well done. Biked a little, walked a lot, and spent about 30 - 1hr in the pool with my kids Saturday. On a down note we visited my grandmother in the hospital and not all is well. They don't expect her to last much longer. Might make a week of my challenge pretty tough with driving and family visits and such. I'll update more tomorrow.
  8. Good week 1. I'll post an update later. We just got home and i'm on a webinar for school for the next 3 hrs.
  9. Spreadsheet updated for 7/19. Got 10 minutes of sqat time in a row. Really felt good about my water intake yesterday. Was stuck at my desk all day but today i plan on getting some exercise in. Tonight i plan on doing the NF Yoga posture video (it's short so might do another of the short ones). Will update tomorrow.
  10. Spreadsheet updated for 7/18. Only had 5 minutes of squat time yesterday, but work just didn't really allow any more time. I met the water intake i was hoping for so i'm pleased about that. Also, got away from my desk and walked well. I wanted to go to the fitness center and ride, but it didn't work out. Fortunately hallway meetings turned into walks discussing the new process construct so that's how i got the walk (FYI for those reading my sheets, normal exercise such as biking, lifting, ect will be a 1min 1 min ratio, but walking is a 2min to 1min reported ratio). I'm really excited for this challenge.
  11. Updated spreadsheet for 7/17. Had a 10 min squat. I am certain at this point i'll have some modifications to my routine after this first week. I'll keep the numbers and modify from there. The NF "Proper Posture" i'm thinking will get added as well into the squat part. Finished of the last soda in the house yesterday (which is why my water was low) but i'm not buying anymore for the house. The ones we had were gifted to us so didn't feel right throwing them away lol.
  12. I feel better when i drink more water. I've done the challenge before but i always seem to slide back into the habit of drinking lots of soda. Hints why i keep doing it as a challenge. I'm hoping if i do it enough it will become habit. Yeah, i'm realizing the 5 minutes of squats is going to be pretty easy. I might try to do the NF Posture 2-3 times per week as a substitue or as an addition. Still pondering on it. Might see how my first work week goes and go from there. Also more studying might make a good goal. I have become a bit lax on studying for my classes. Thanks for keeping me thinking Symph.
  13. I just didn't like the way they went with Cata...you has sooo much potential in the Azeroth as it stood. Seemed silly to destroy soooo much of it and start over. Could have done stuff with the emerald dream, Uldum (which they did, but didn't need to wreck the world to do it), you could do nagas in Ashara, reopen the world tree, there are the dragons (blue in winterspring and green in ferals) that the didn't do anything with. Just seemed like so much potential lost imo.
  14. So pre challenge update: Got a solid 3 minutes of squat in this morning so i'm not sure 5 a day is enough. SO i think for the challenge i'll slowly move it up over the course of the 4 weeks. Excited for tonight, the family and i are camping in the backyard. Not huge for a lot of people but our first step to camping outside more.
  15. our grocery store that we go to has a free one. i just need to make it a habit to do it. I know my wife would support it since she knows my family history. I think i hesitate because if i start tracking it then i can't deny it anymore and i'll have to start doing more about it.
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