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  1. I have always tracked my food but after years of doing it, it became too self awaring. If that makes sense. Just by looking at most food I can say how many calories is in an item...lol Honestly, it's weird that I know what I should be doing but for some reason I can't follow all the way through 100% all the time. I may though go back to writing things down just to stay accountable. Thank you for your thoughts. Lou, thanks lol, I love cosplaying which was one of many reasons why I wanted to lose weight
  2. So this pretty much is my first post here and not as a lurker. I need some help with some issues I've noticed that keep cropping up which is sabotaging my weight loss goals. Some background on myself: I'm 5'2'', weigh anywhere from 140-150lbs (stopped weighing myself long ago as I became too obsessed), my bodyfat was 19% but has gone up to about 21% because of having a Fleur De Lis with ab repair done 7 months ago and have just been laying around but within the last few months have I been able to slowly get back into working out. I wear a size 4-6 jeans depending on the maker. My biggest size
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