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  1. That’s amazing!! As someone also slowly recovering from mental health stuff, I know how that realization feels, and I’m so happy for you!!
  2. Doughboys!! 😀 I’ve only had one once, last summer at a friend’s wedding shower. They're so good... 🤤
  3. Eating something sounds like a good idea - I know I always feel a little better after I eat. I’m sorry you’re feeling so bad today. Life is so complicated, and I wish it wasn’t... I don’t think making a patreon was a bad *or* stupid idea. But I totally understand how you feel, I often feel the same way after “putting myself out there” in some capacity. Anxiety wants me to keep myself to myself, you know? But even though its a powerful feeling, that doesn’t mean it’s true. I hope your day improves 💜 (and do make sure you eat, please! And take your meds if you haven't yet 💜)
  4. Hi Suave! I don’t think we’ve met before (or if we have then I forgot 😅 in which case, my apologies!). But, your story sounds a lot like mine - I’ve been a member here for years, I was doing decently well and making healthy choices etc, but then my mental health went down the toilet and I’m in worse shape than ever. But, the only way to fail is to stop trying! I’m glad we both came back here to keep trying.
  5. Dusk

    dusk till dawn

    Thanks! Thank you! 💜 And yes, unfortunately anxiety is all too relatable for many people... I'm sorry you can relate, but I'm glad you relate, you know? :hug: Hi Yeti! ~~~ Ok, zero week Thursday! I didn't go on my morning walk because I was just... freakin exhausted this morning. I fell back to sleep pretty much the minute Mr. left the apartment, and slept for three more hours - and that's saying something because normally it's hard for me to fall asleep after he leaves. But! I vowed to fit in a walk at a different time of day, since the weather has been cool/cold (and the heat was the only thing prohibiting me from going on afternoon walks); and so, I just walked to the health center and back to pick up my prescription. It's about a mile round-trip.
  6. Dusk sits slumped in an armchair by the fire, cocooned in a blanket, eyes unfocused, cradling a very large, very warm mug of very sugary coffee and muttering about negative temperatures and quantum oscillators...
  7. Ah, ok! Nice! I'll check out that youtube channel, thank you. I'm pretty inflexible all over hahah but my neck and shoulders are especially bad.
  8. Ugh mobility!! I need to work on that too. How do you go about trying to improve this? Also, hi, you’re cool
  9. Yeesh!! Thats awful!! That’s absurdly unfair to ask of both you and those new folks. I’m glad the manager was understanding, and that you were able to leave early.
  10. Whew, yeah, that's a tough mindset to overcome! I haven't managed it yet, but I'll get there eventually, hah. Good for you for taking rest when you need it!
  11. HI I realized I've been lurking and forgot to comment OOPS xD I hope your back feels better soon that sucks.
  12. I'm a big fan of therapy... it's nice to have an objective party to help you untangle your thoughts. If you have access to it, I'd encourage you to give it a try. Also, thanks for inadvertently reminding me that I also need to take my meds. On the one hand, I agree that discipline is needed for the things that will help us feel better, just like with medicine. On the other hand... you are still grieving, so try and be gentle with yourself. 💜 :hug:
  13. Dusk

    dusk till dawn

    Week 0 update: no walk on Tuesday (yesterday) obviously because I was ill. I felt like I got hit by a truck for a lot of the day, I was sooo tired and just... general malaise. I was able to eat a more substantial meal in the evening though, and felt much better after that! Wednesday (today) I did go on a walk! It was shorter than my usual route, because I'm still not feeling tip-top, and it was cold and raining. It was... probably close to half my usual route? But hey - I was tempted to just stay in bed, so any length walk is already a win, even if I only went to the bottom of my staircase and back.
  14. Dusk

    dusk till dawn

    Thank you both - I am feeling much better now
  15. Dusk

    dusk till dawn

    Ah, yeah makes sense. I got rid of tumblr and pinterest, and unfollowed most of the insta accounts i used to follow. Hi Sky 💜💜 ~~~ I don’t think I’m gonna go on that walk this morning... a) storms and b) I’ve been up the past couple hours alternating between horrible stomach cramps and horrible nausea. I haven’t actually gotten sick yet, but I’ve been close to it for a while. Alternating also between “I wish mr would wake up and comfort me cos I feel so awful I could cry” and “please let him stay asleep, other than comfort there’s nothing he could do right now, and his alarm is going off in two hours”.
  16. Dusk

    dusk till dawn

    Aww haha yep! I’ve been thinking of changing my username for a while, and once I finally decided on something I liked, it kinda spurred a big social media purge and a rearranging of my priorities regarding my online presence and what I want to invest my time in~
  17. Dusk

    dusk till dawn

    :3 💜 💜 💜 hi Jedi!!! I’m glad to see you too ^____^
  18. Not only does that sound HECKING DELICIOUS, that thread you linked describing how to cook it was hilarious. My soul is fed. I wish I had a waffle iron...
  19. Dusk


    That's okay. It's a weird time right now. That's why I deleted a lot of my social media this week - it was just... too much. Too much all the time. It's ok to be less involved here for a bit if it means protecting your mental health. 💜 Love you mama~
  20. Dusk

    dusk till dawn

    Hi mamamamamama 💜 I've been well trained xD Mr. Spouse Man and I have pun battles on the regular. Hi Sal!! 💜
  21. I'm so sorry for your loss, Sal. I hope that we can give you some support. 😔 I just looked up pictures of the Lake District - what a beautiful place! I hope you enjoy your time there!
  22. Dusk

    dusk till dawn

    ...you know. I honestly didn't realize I said that. That's hilarious 😂 Thank you 💜 it's so good to be back.
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