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  1. I’ve seen toothy dolls like that in keychain form in the toy section at Walmart (made with fake teeth of course) and they’re TERRIFYING. Body horror is the scariest, for me. Something something uncanny valley. I hope lil bit continues to sleep through the night! And it’s great reading about your adventures in consistency, it’s inspiring. When I’m not losing my mind anymore I want to do that too.
  2. thank you! —————————— Week 2 is a wash, I’ve been too busy cramming for and taking my departmental exams and trying not to lose my mind in the process, so I made the executive decision to set this aside this week. So my original plan for week 2 will be moved to week 3, and 3 to 4. This is a five week challenge right? So I’ll figure out something for week 5 later on. See y’all next week, hope you’re good ❤️
  3. Ah, yeah that sounds difficult to deal with! It’s good that you’re aware of it though. Now you can pay closer attention to your body and begin to learn what it needs. I hope you get Internet!! 🤞
  4. 🚫 Sunday: forgot :3 oops Sooo, week 1: 5/7. 100 squats total. Not bad!
  5. (ALMOST) EVERYDAY! THANK YOU! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ☑️ Monday: 20 squats ☑️ Tuesday: 20 squats ☑️ Wednesday: 20 squats ☑️ Thursday: 20 squats 🚫 Friday: my butt hurt too much so I took a rest day :] ☑️ Saturday: 20 squats ⬜ Sunday
  6. ...ahem. Life is gonna be a little insane and I'm gonna be hella busy until like the 17th of January so idk what this challenge is even gonna look like. But I love y'all so I wanna try and be here regardless, at least a little bit. I miss my rangers. ;n; I'll come back later and.... figure out what I wanna actually do lol. Who knows???????????????????????????????????????