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  1. Shadri

    shadri - i'll keep on trying

    We lost our first game 10-0; we won our second game but only cos the other team didn’t show up. I had a lot of fun! I played right field. Caught an overhead ball, which was super exciting cos I wasn’t able to catch any of those at practice yesterday. That was like the one useful thing I did the whole game. xD Got hit in the shins several times. I already have doms from yesterday; I’m gonna hurt so bad tomorrow hahaha.
  2. Shadri

    shadri - i'll keep on trying

    Updoot! Whoa! Hi!! No chores or batch cooking so far. Last week ended up being a real doozy so I needed chill time more than usual. I didn’t start my homework the day it was assigned, but I did start it nearly a week early, which is a step in the right direction! Been making steady progress on it. Slower than I’d like, but progress is progress. I had a sort-of softball practice yesterday! Only half our team could make it so it was mostly my teammates teaching me how to play softball cos I’ve never played softball in my life xD I’m far better at throwing things than I realized - I was surprised! I have TWO softball games today and I’m excited! My muscles hurt from yesterday and I’m having to intermittently fight off feelings of “you’re gonna make a fool of yourself” and “why did you sign up for this” because it’s intramural, Shadri, it’s FOR FUN and it’s GOING to be FUN and I’ve never done it before so it’s OKAY that I’m not good at it! After today that will make 2/8 workouts completed for this challenge! Huzzah! See, self, joining a sport was a good idea cos now you’re FORCED to get out and move your body xD Parting thoughts: the song that inspired the title of my challenge, for (I hope) your enjoyment.
  3. Shadri

    Miaulin looks for space

    Those look like good simple goals! That soup sounds amazing
  4. Shadri

    Lightbearer: Advance

  5. Shadri

    shadri - i'll keep on trying

    I'm learning an uncomfortable truth: though my mood is loads better, all the other symptoms of depression still remain. Low energy, difficulty focusing, little interest in things. My improved mood is a godsend, cos I would not survive if I still felt as bad as last fall. But now, among other things, I need to cultivate some self-discipline, cos I've never really learned to do that... And now is the time when I really need it, while I'm trying to succeed in school instead of just scraping by AND trying to put some distance between myself and that terrifying darkness. So, no matter how many times I fall, I'll keep on trying. Cos I have to. For the sake of my health and well-being. FOR THE SAKE OF MY HEALTH - batch cook on weekends - work on homework a little every day once it's assigned - exercise 2 times per week - do some chores for 5 minutes every evening m-f - maybe some kind of journaling goal? TBD Reward for meeting exercise goal: Spiderman Compression shirt, or possibly a new backpack.