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  1. The weekend ending week 3 was a bit of a gong show. Friday was busy with family stuff/end-of-year BBQ's & driving to the cottage where I hoped to finish my weekly goal count in fine form. Saturday was a day full of "other activities" like carrying canoes, playing ball with the kids, peddling a paddle-boat across the lake and back...general cottage funness. Unfortunately, Sunday was rainy, cool and dank all day so I only managed to get in some hill repeats for my run workout. Our cottage is located on a hill; driveway - up, trail to lake - down. I was on solo daddy-duty so while the kids
  2. Week #3 is off to a good start; I was able to squeeze in two runs in 2 consecutive days! All joking aside, the weather has been really humid as of late so they were schwetty as hell, but I'm starting to get back in the groove. Last night I didn't do much in terms of activity, but I did coach my son's t-ball game so at least I was out and about. Time to get moving again
  3. Week 2 Results 3 Runs A Week – 2. Unfortunately my weekend was very full and my ability to get out for that 3rd run fell short. 2’s not bad but had I been a bit more organized I could have make it work 2 "Other" Activities Per Week – 2. Nailed this one this past week. Saturday I played ball hockey with the kids, and Wednesday was biking etc. Start Eating More – I’ve been doing ok at this one, actually making a point to eat lunch instead of skipping it. Slowly this one is getting easier to hit. Focus More at Work – Bad, bad, bad. The week started ok, but went south fr
  4. Well, week #2 is off to a roaring start...not quite. No runs yet, and Project Mayhem has been bouncing back and forth from manageable to completely ridiculous. this is how I feel right now: In other news, I achieved one of my "other" workouts by doing some outdoor activities with my coworkers at a staff BBQ yesterday. Some light mountain biking, bodyweight lifting (team building-esque stuff), coached my son's t-ball practice and walked there and back....so, I'm counting it.
  5. Week 1 Results 3 Runs A Week – I managed to get 2 runs in last week, but Sunday morning wasn’t exactly conducive to getting out for number 3 2 "Other" Activities Per Week – I’m going to give myself 1 for Saturday’s landscape-a-thon. I spent a good chunk of the day pulling large rocks out of my garden to reset them, spreading gravel, and mulch etc. Sunday, again wasn’t the best day and so I didn’t get nearly enough done to count it. Start Eating More – Last week was pretty good, I managed to eat lunch most days, even it was something smaller than I used to have. Focus
  6. I like a wide variety of music which often leads to some "interesting" transitions when using shuffle mode. Today's winner: to this
  7. Project Mayhem took over last night and I didn't get out for a run as planned...hopefully tonight will be more productive
  8. Well, last night I finally got my ass back out for a run. It's been so long since my last run that my watch was completely dead so I'm not sure of the exact distance, but realistically It's more important that I got out than how far it was. Schwetty, humid night, but it felt good. 30 minutes, 5kmish.
  9. Back Story: I've fallen into a dark place over the past few months/year, and every time I try and get up I fall further down the slope/deeper into the hole. My activity level is virtually nil, and I've developed some bad habits (some worse than others). I'm carrying a few extra pounds, and a few injuries but mostly a pretty grim view of things, so much so my wife has even commented on it. I's time to take some steps in the direction of positive behaviour/self improvement. I know if I set lofty goals of changing everything in one go, I'll ultimately fail and implode again, leaving me exactl
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