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  1. Update: Definitely tried the roasted sweet potatoes last night, and definitely did something wrong. I cut up one small sweet potato, and brushed it with oil and seasonings, and then baked it for about 30 min at 400 degrees. they smelled awesome but tasted like mush. My next question would be - are they always that mushy? I really have an issue with that texture, is there any way to make them soft but not mushy?
  2. That actually helps quite a bit, I may have to edit my challenge to be some type of mantra. I just have not read one that 100% gets me going, but that idea makes it a lot easier to accomplish. Thanks for the advice!
  3. Thanks! I think I'm going to try the diced tomatoes recipe, that sounds amazing! I will definitely be trying to experiment with adding different options for sweet potatoes as well. I suppose this is one that I just have to dive into and see what happens.
  4. That really helps a lot and makes a lot of sense. I'm still kind of new at all of this and living the information I've gathered has proven to be so much different than just reading about it. I suppose I am still learning about how my body deals with itself. Thanks!
  5. I ashamedly have to admit that I don't watch Archer. Everyone I know has told me that it's something I'd like, so I need to watch it. However, I do love a good pun... And that was awesome!
  6. That actually sounds really good, and considering it's Friday, and I go grocery shopping tomorrow, I can get all my ingredients.
  7. So here's my issue - My husband started this journey with me and has only agreed to eat a select few veggies (broccoli, lettuce, and cucumbers) - to be honest, I think that there are a lot of options that he is missing out on because of this unwillingness to try something new. I want to add more flavorful veggies to our diet, but I don't want to make more than one meal to accommodate what I feel like is someone being stubborn. It was kind of funny, the first day we started this, he sent me a picture of his salad he had for lunch that was half eaten to prove he did, in fact, eat a v
  8. Right now I'm focusing on eating veggies that I can get my husband to eat - mostly broccoli, lettuce, cucumbers, and a small variety of fruits. I like raw carrots, and try to have a sandwich bag of those made for me to snack on while I'm at work. I'm slowly trying to update our options, and try to get my husband to try new things as well (he's the picky eater of the family), as there are a lot of foods that I want to experiment with, but can't see buying them and then wasting them because I'd only be the one to eat them. My biggest personal challenge will be to try to eat a sweet p
  9. Someone may have asked this already, but I could use some advice (I apologize in advance for the length of this one). My first week that I transitioned to eating better, I dropped about 8 lbs - mostly from dropping sodas and eating fruits and veggies instead of cheese puffs and chips at work. Within the last week and a half, I've gained about 5 of that back. I did start working out recently, and I know that building muscle can gain weight - but I don't think that it would be that much. For my workouts I have been doing a modified bodyweight workout which is: 5 min
  10. I haven't seen anyone list as being in the Lexington/Metro area and thought I'd make a thread. On another note, if anyone from the area is planning to go to LCTC this year, does anyone want to meet up as a NF group? Tickets don't go on sale until October, so we have some time to make a decision, and I think it would be a really fun way to meet others from the area.
  11. I am completely new at this part of the rebellion. I have been working on simple things but have never really had the motivation or the willpower to keep my journey somewhere. I have been a member here for a while and I fell off the bandwagon pretty bad and had a lot of ground to cover. I will succeed where I failed before. So to begin, I'm listing my challenge goals (modified from the suggested list - because I have no clue what I'm doing) and I will endeavor to keep a log of my progress. For my 4 week challenge, I will complete the following goals: Nutrition Goa
  12. I was never so happy to read this thread. Through changing my diet (mostly not drinking soda and eating junk food at work) I lost 8 lbs. I cried a little inside when I stepped on the scale the day before my period and I had gained half of that back. I also was thinking if the one bad meal I ate recently made me gain 4 lbs - I was starting to wonder if maybe I was going to fail at this again. I haven't weighed myself since then, but I feel better knowing that I should see a decline soon.
  13. I'm looking to lose about 180. Currently, I'm 5' 7" and about 319 lbs. I started really making an effort about 2 weeks ago, and I dropped from my original weigh in at 328 - which to be honest, really surprised me because I thought I was heavier than what the scale was telling me. (Thankfully physics doesn't lie.) I want to be in a "normal" BMI range, I'm currently fitting into a size 24-26 pant and I really want to be in a size 10. It's a really long way to go, but I've fallen off the bandwagon so many times i just want to be able to say that I accomplished a big goa
  14. Thanks for the reply! That makes sense, and I definitely will keep that in mind as I move forward. And thanks for the suggestion! I was interested in trying Tai Chi when I was in college, but I never made the jump. I'm going to have to make a challenge to myself to see what kind of options there are in my area.
  15. So mu husband and I have successfully completed a week of healthy eating and are feeling pretty comfortable with doing that - my recent schedule change has made this so much easier, and we're really starting to see some positive results with this too. (Yass!) We are now looking to add an exercise routine and am needing some help with the planning of this. I'm thinking that Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday we'd do the beginner bodyweight workout, and Monday, Wendsday, and Friday we'd look into strength training and flexibility. (Not gonna lie, being more flexible is a huge deal for
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