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  1. it seems to me the big thing is just to avoid sugars. this process has made me PAINFULLY aware of how much sugar is in every damn thing we buy. It's sort of insane.
  2. Just trying to lay off the junk food and crap completely. Im doing my best and its freaky hard.
  3. Im probably going to make some caveats. To not for sugars but for things like sauces or taco nights (made at home of course)
  4. My eating got rough over the weekend but im back on track now. Im currently completely overhauling my workout routine. Wikk have a day of barbell lifting and the rest will be body weight and plyo stuff and sprints. Trying to come up With a good progression for them. Time restraints arent really allowing me to fit in crossfit but im okay with That because i stillbam doing new things in my workouts. I will say i never thought whole 30 could be so hard. Its like the hardest thing ive ever done. I sort of hate it. Which is probably the reinforcement of the idea i need to do it.
  5. shut your mouth spezzy. nanners are more delicious.
  6. The banana car looks like hes being tortured.
  7. I actually uad a toy of this as a kid. Minus the kittens.
  8. Almond maulk has tons of sugar. So its a no go. Coco nut malk has been doing alright for now and i somewhat enjoy it.
  9. This thread makes me feel like ive stepped into some weord version of the twilight zone. Lol I cant have maulk because i want to do my best to stick to the real thing. If performance and strength can be improved i juat want to see what can happen. Malk is delicious yes but i really just want to.give it my best. So now melk for me. (Note cats that drop kick things are incredible. Must train cat to do so.)
  10. btw this is the most pitiful looking thing I've ever seen....since my challenge thread (i'm trying to keep with the whole un-enthusiastic thing)
  11. So i tried to quote just about all of you and basically I was told I tried to reply to too many quoted blocks of text. So to sum it up... You are all crazy with the cat pictures, and EmCee your ryan gosling photo made me laugh really hard. Loren Wade your catgif is going to give me nightmares. So I have been doing well overall with my eating although I'm having a rather unhealthy psychological breakdown over my lack of milk (Loren knows what I mean as he's seen it). Other than that I'm doing okay mostly. Today I had a protein shake (just water) and two beers. I know beer isn't allowed but I just started this job a few weeks ago and it was one of the guys birthday and I need to get to know them, and they went out of their way to invite me so I figured I'd join in. Other than that I have not eaten today (i got up at 4 am with only 4 hours of sleep because of an appointment so that messed me up) and I'm pretty tired. but other than today things are fine...except I still want milk. To answer KnightWatch and CoreyD unfortunately I don't have any good links to provide information to. I've studied (on different times) two different certifications and they all seem to cover MOSTLY the same stuff. I don't know why one certification seems to be held in higher regard than others but the two that seem to get the most positive response is the NASM and the ACE. There may be a couple other good ones but they get the best attention it seems. Okay so I love the cat gifs and I'm pretty sure Staci somehow conned you into posting them (though she claims otherwise). One problem with my goals right now. I want to do crossfit buuuuuuuut work is being pretty rough. i spend a lot of hours there and I have no idea how I can fit it into my schedule. So somehow I'll have to figure this out. right now I'm thinking heavy lifting at my gym (m-w) and trying to hit some crossfit on thurs-sat/sun when applicable. Sadly I don't think I'll be able to give the intensity that I'd like to but I may be able to further manipulate my schedule soon to be conducive to my goals. We shall see. So if we take a team vote can I have some milk? Also thanks for the posts. They've made me laugh pretty hard after a really long exhausting day.
  12. Okay so I don't like doing challenges. I often just have goals that I constantly add in or take away as the days of my life go on (the days of our lives style) and I don't always see the need to keep a thread going about all that I'm doing. Enter Loren Wade. The rotten no good wolf-person decides to give me a hard time about not doing challenges. Fine Loren. You win. You turd. I'm doing a challenge. I don't always stick to updating things but this time I'm gonna really try for it! Plus my "special lady friend" (as she hates to be called) will pretty much keep me in line with my eating goals. beyond that the rest is on me and will be hard. So here goes. GOAL 1: Whole 30. That's right. The thing I said I'd never do I am now doing. Except I am having protein powder. Because I sort of need it to maintain some of the size I have and such. This could change if I can manage enough protein via food a day but that is tough for me at this time. But yes. Whole 30 here I go. And if I like it...you know what...maybe I'll keep at it with the occasional non "whole" meal. Who knows. For now though just 30 days to start. GOAL 2: Cross-fit time. That's right. I am now going to work in cross-fit to my normal routine. That doesn't mean every day...although if I CAN do it every day I will. My mission here is to have a lifting session one part of the day and do a WOD on another. I am going to need to spend some time really learning the olympic lifts in order to do this and some other things like muscle ups etc but I'm just going to go for it. I want to make a minimum of three wods a week but no more than 5...maybe 6 if it won't stress me out too much. but as it stands I work a lot right now and it may be hard to find the time to get out of work to go do the cross-fit classes and get back in time. So schedule depending on this one. GOAL 3: Finish my personal training certification. I am already a personal trainer. I get paid to do this. I just don't have my cert yet. Yes it's bizarre and a lot of people will read this and think, 'that's really messed up.'...well that's irrelevant. I just need to finish the studying and take the damn test. gah. somehow I have to find time for this and get it done. Haven't really figured that one out yet. I'm not happy about this. It's Wade's fault.
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