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  1. So this is quite the coincidence to see this when I log back in for the first time in *mumble* years. I remember the birth of the blogs, I remember the death of the blogs. I remember the world before the Assassins, Rangers, Warriors, and the all their ilk. I remember a world where Steve did challenges. And I remember some of you being old-timers even then. I have a lot of life things stirring right now so can't promise to be super plugged in, but I love this and will be checking in. And I'll get to work on what a challenge may be.
  2. Late to it but that sounds like a great D&D game! I just played for the first time EVER last Sunday and it was pretty great. I got to set things on fire so how could that not be fun! We are all (including DM) new to this so we are stumbling along a bit. On the plus side we have Krulton, an orc who really wants to be a wizard. And once I have fully decided on and fleshed out my character he shall be drawn into life as well.
  3. I didn't hear that Luke Cage and Iron Fist were being cancelled...one of those is a shame and the other is Iron Fist. That daid, I haven't seen season 2 of either yet. If viewership is down it is because TOO MANY SEASONS TOO FAST. I'm still working through Jessica Jones S2.
  4. HEY! What 5k are you doing? And it makes me so very smiley to see "Spouse" now instead of "SO" <3
  5. Spoken like a true friend.
  6. Came for The Arrow, staying for the Thomas memes/gifs.
  7. I usually map things out on MapMyRun. I am lucky that I live in a city so I have a huge amount of possible routes to choose from. Luckier still that I have an assortment of greenspace I can run in/along, too. When I lived in suburbia it was all about MapMyRun and using that to plot things out. That also led to me branching out beyond just the streets that I drove or the ones I knew from running cross country in high school.
  8. Nice run, and nicerer splits! A full minute pace faster the last two miles is nothing to sneeze at, even if going downhill helps.
  9. 20 burpees? Being a hero, I see. I'll do my 10 and I'll almost die doing them, so there!
  10. Sorry....I left the doughnuts out...
  11. That race looks like so much fun! I have a friend in SF...I should put it on the list. According to him, the locals barely even notice the hills. http://mannequinamerican.com/comic/san-francisco/
  12. Laughed out loud at this...ain't that the truth? When I was last able to run a 6 minute mile I was doing cross country and track so what I did then was "work out 3 hours a day 5 days a week then also have a meet on top of that". I did mix it up though, because I did sprinting/throwing events in winter and spring track. I was a bit of an outlier because of that. As for the actual question, what these folks said is great advice and should really help. Strength training and intervals (gotta get your body used to running that speed for a shorter distance just so it gets used to what it feels like).
  13. Yes, yes we do. Just gotta look at the ol' calendar.
  14. I'm not fully picturing what your goal is. You want to sit like this, but with your back upright?
  15. Good job with the just relaxing. J and I are both glad that you know you can easily say "Not this weekend" to SVGN and we get it. You are prone to doing all the things so it's good to see you taking a step back for mental and physical health.
  16. Ahoy! Week 1 has started and I'm doing pretty well! Ran and stretched today (details below). Did not Whole30 but that's okay because nerds were in town and wanted to go here, which is about a 10 minute walk from my home. Yep, that's the Sam Adams brewery where they do free tours with a free tasting. And after that we went to a pub, of course. There was a nerd photo in the tasting room but I am struggling to find it. As for my workout today, yesterday we didn't go to Sunday Stairsday (boo!) so I did a treadmill hill workout. Warmup followed by one minute on/one minute off intervals at 5.0 mph (12 min/mile). The inclines were 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 10 8, 6, 4@6mph. The treadmills at my gym apparently go to an incline of 20, which is impressive/scary.
  17. Which is especially shocking given my lack of charisma. Yes we do. Are you nerdhiking next Sunday?
  18. Awwww you guys! Well except Sister. Well today I am going out to see Logan Lucky with a friend after work so I needed food on the go. It's a bit haphazard but I did grab sardines, carrots, almonds, and raisins? And an apple. Pretty cobbled together but still Whole30! I haven't done a meal on the go with Whole30 before so I was kind of shooting from the hip. I am also going to try to get a workout in after work but before meeting up with him.
  19. So J and I are never going to have you and SO over...are we? Except maybe during the week plans. Also boo stomach issues! Here's hoping they get figured out.
  20. Hello gym raptron this is running Tin Man. Suuuuup
  21. And I'm at 6 years next month. This is craziness! You got all of 'dis. Your morning Madi walks have had me thinking about morning walks, even if just around the block. Gets me out and breathing the air and moving around some.
  22. Ohai nerds. I see there is a challenge starting Sunday. Seems like a cool thing, maybe I'll check this "Nerd Fitness" thing out. May add more backstory later for those who don't know me, but just posting for now. Exercise 3 times/week (usually running) Focused stretching 3 times/week (we are talking 20+ minutes) Continue Whole30 except for a a Nerdfest and J's parents visiting (ends Oct 10)
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