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  1. I'm doing ok, my internship has been wrapping up and its been kinda hectic, hence the sporadic updates, and unfortuanately it has taken a toll on my challenge as well. I have been eating out every other day now, but healthy choices though(salad base instead of rice at bibibop, my new favorite restaurant, and bunless burgers etc) However my training is going great*. I feel extremely strong, weighted pull ups, flipping tractor tires, burpees/long jump for 100 yds. *my pinched nerve is either subsiding or im getting used to it, either way I'm seeing a doctor when I return to scho
  2. Thanks on the background advice, my plan is to put up my first blog post tonight after work. I did a little bit of format changing and have a sample logo now(on the welcome page) Including livestreams shouldnt be too hard, and that could be useful in the future when i am filming.
  3. Sorry for the delayed response. No channel yet, but I have purchased a domain and am starting to set things up. I would share, but its lacking any real content yet, just me toying with the visuals and learning stuff, maybe by Friday. Jk, the link is astronautically.com, I am still working on it, so if you want to check it out and offer up advice feel free. The videos will be named as such. The challenge is going well, Training to fight the mountain and the ultra beast. Training continues, with strength training 3x a week, and cardio the other 3 days, however the cardio has
  4. Well so far so good, Ive been averaging 3.5 miles walking everyday, and have one strength training day, and one running day done this week. Today I took it easy, because I am pretty sure I pinched a nerve, as the past few days my left ring and pinky finger have felt tingly like they were asleep. I have been heating, massaging, and taking anit-inflammatory for it so far, to little effect. I have only used 7 dollars cash so far this week for "eating out" (coffee 2 days, and a snack today). I have been bringing in coffee grounds to make coffee, and drinking more water. This isnt too b
  5. Normally I would say hills aren't a problem as I live in West Virginia, but this summer I am in the great plains of Ohio lol. Luckily there are some inclines where I am. I'm curious, but did you follow the Spartan WOD's? Or did you do something else? Today I am taking a break from upper body stuff for AMRAP in 30 minutes 100 yd sprints, 30 yd lunges, 20 yd bear crawls.
  6. I wish I had a lawn to have a setup like this, for now its playgrounds and things I find around campus
  7. Im going to spend 4 days out there before the race to try to adjust to the altitude, and to tour boulder as well. I saw some pictures of the mountain and that is probably the most intimidating part.
  8. Hello Rangers, I come to you( a week late) from an unintended hiatus. I started a warrior, with my training goals to become as strong as my favorite viking, Hafthor Bjornsson, aka The Mountain Now, my course has taken a drastic change, I have signed up to take on the Spartan Ultra Beast, for those who dont know its a 26 mile obstacle race, and I have chosen to do one in colorado, at a ski resort. So technically I am still training to fight the mountain. This will prove to be the most physically difficult thing I will have ever undertaken. And I am training hard to
  9. no bake No bake Broatmeal cookies is my other go too sweet treat Mix a little almond milk, in with protein powder and peanut butter and oatmeal, and you end up with a nice thick paste, refrigerate, freeze, or eat with a spoon right away
  10. If your looking for a high protein sweet thing, I really like having a cup of non-fat plain greek yogurt mixed with a scoop of protein powder, and sometimes either peanut butter or peanut butter powder. It makes like a pure protein chocolate mousse.
  11. are those pictures in a personal home gym? Because it looks like someplace I would want to train all the time
  12. I'm terrible about emotional eating, because then I just feel worse for spending the money or eating like crap. Keeping a log definitely helps me avoid it because then I have the mark on my record.
  13. What is that? Because the way I am picturing it is either a car running into a barn, or running through one like an unstoppable bad ass
  14. that looks delicious. I definitely need to get some more fish in my life
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