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  1. I am open to either actually - but I do like training full body, I get more satisfaction out of the over-all burn! I'm definitely going to look into that today. Have you been doing it? What kind of results have you seen? I think I remember you talking about starting it!!
  2. Hey guys! So, in a really disappointing turn of events the gym I lifted at closed and I am now gymless. I have had some really great strength gains and nutrition guidance the past few months and I really don't want to lose any of it! I was curious if anyone was doing or knew of any great 3-Day split weight lifting programs that they've seen great results with! This is something I will have to do at my home gym. I have a barbell, squat rack, dumbbells, and a bowflex (basic model). I'm sitting at about 25%BF right now and looking to lose about 4% more. Any program recommendations would be great! I love reading and researching new programs but it can be tricky to choose something that isn't a gimmick. I'm straight forward with my lifting and ready to continue. Thanks guys !!!
  3. The exercises that Sylph recommended are great! When I tore my rotator cuff it was hardest for me to back off the pushups. I had a particularly bad tear though and had to restart from the wall, to knees, to (eventually) standard and elevated etc. I've found that the best thing that has kept any irritation from flaring up is that after I do a shoulder heavy workout I don't stretch the shoulder after. One of the trainers I worked with suggested it after he saw me stretching and restretching because it felt so ..irky... Letting the muscles tighten up all around there instead of stretching them immediately has left my shoulder feeling healthy, stable, and gaining strength for months!
  4. Thank you! I got to see my first month of before and after photos too and it was cool to see where things were changing. I'm even more excited to see the difference at the end of February! I think one of the great things about tracking what you're doing closely is that after a few weeks if you aren't getting the results you want than you can tweak it! My coach likes to track in two week increments and adjust things like when I started to feel too bloated for my clothes the first two weeks from all the extra eating she told me to cut the whey protein down to 3 times a week (about half of what I was doing) and it fixed that problem. Then I started feeling hungry all the time on week 3 and she noticed I'd been eating a lot of green beans and peas so she told me to cut thoseout and replace them with another green. The crazy hunger went away! It's cool and interesting to be able to see how little changes can improve things. Let me know how this goes for you!
  5. So today was my one month assessment. I wanted to share with everyone how it went to keep all the good vibes going! Despite my back injury that kept me from lifting weights this week and aunt flow showing up last night (tmI? Sorry, just wanna letcha know what we're working with herr) i had exciting results! Lost 3.2lbs (i havent done this in years! Despite cutting cals and upping workouts) Lost 5 1/4 inches overall and 0.5% Bf This is with eating more and working out less! I just want to reitterate that to everyone who might be scared or questioning themselves. I havent counted a single calorie but have been very dedicated to The Zone. Im feelinh so happy right now. I hope everyone else is doing great or that this helps inspire someone who has doubts and fears. Feed your body and take care of yourselves!
  6. Haha I love this!!! Man, I remember watching this scene years ago - but I love it even more now! I must say, the bulk has a minor set back this week! I pulled a muscle in my back about two weeks ago (or so I thought) and the pain didn't seem to diminish so I finally went to a chiropractor on Monday. Turns out my entire upper spine was twisted and pulling the muscle away from my shoulder blade and ribs. So this week is a no weights week. Instead I've been focusing on some HIIT with muscle building exercises that are safe for my lower body and Tabata with the same. But my doctor seems to think that if I keep making smart choices I should be able to get back to some weight lifting for lower body next week I'm still sticking to all of my nutrition though and 1 month assessment is Saturday. I'll admit I am very nervous about the results given I haven't be able to do my workouts of choice this week, but who knows. Maybe my body will respond well to the randomly thrown in tabata!
  7. Ick, this kind of attitude always ruffles my feathers. There is a guy at my gym, though generally nice if not a bit obnoxious, always says he hates lifting while I'm there because he feels like he is less of a man. Or that he feels FORCED to lift more to match me when he can't manage it. The first time it happened I told him not to worry about what I was lifting and that he was doing great and would go up in weight quickly. The second time something similar happened I kind of rolled my eyes, because I dislike that implication that because I am a girl SURELY I should be weaker. The third time I told him he was being sexist and that he has to do some soul searching if that really bothers him SO MUCH. He still says it and I just try to take it as a compliment of being a badass. But it's still really annoying...
  8. Good job getting back on it girl! We all slip up sometimes - we're human! It's good to see you bounce back after a day or two I understand where you're coming from because I can be pretty hard on myself when I lose control. Just another thing to work on I guess. But I think it's great that you're already back on your calorie goals and just know you're getting stronger!!! It's a scary thing to do - and I think even scarier when there is so much conflicting information out there! I really love reading fitness and nutrition articles because I think their fascinating but I will admit that since I started in January I really have cut back. I didn't want anything to psyke myself out of what I was doing and the plan that was laid out in front of me. It really is a body and mind makeover and it's all stuff that takes time! Hopefully when it comes time for you to get the gains you want you can keep coming here and bragging and get all of the great support that has already been shown here. The system really does work and it really is easy. The hard part is all up in the brain
  9. Thank you! I was stressing really hard Thursday and Friday up until my assessment. I just get emotional and worried whenever I have to hop on the scale. I know that the worst that could happen is that maybe I gain some weight which can be lost again, but it's not always so easy to keep ones mind in that sort of positive state. Getting to talk with everyone here has really helped me stay motivated and has put my mind at ease a lot. I hope that anyone else going through this transition continues to post here so we can all keep encouraging each other
  10. Okay guys, i had my two week checkin to make sure im on the right track! Here are the results... Im down 1lb, 0.5% BF, and 2 3/4 inches overall. This may not sounnd like crazy results but i could not be more pleased! This was achieved with eating more and workinh out less which is even better. I cant say i will be 100% at ease all the time with this process just because of these results but its a step in the right direction. Hope this is also encouraging to the others!
  11. I've had a lot of success with Paleo in health aspects. It's gotten me off of a few medications and makes me feel more balanced over all. IF and I did not get along. It really screwed with how I looked at food and it was difficult to go back to regular meals afterwards. After 8 weeks of stress I decided it wasn't for me. I've already got enough stress on my plate - IF doesn't need to add to it haha
  12. Yes, The Zone is what I'm currently using for my meal plan. I was already paleo for quite some time but the calorie counting and pressure I put on myself to be ABSOLUTELY 100% Paleo ALL THE TIME was too much and no longer mentally healthy. I'm an All or NOthing type and I totally understand why it's scary! My coach has me on a 3block plan that is explained in this pdf (IslandGirl_Becks also linked this and it is what I use as my guide!) - so what is reccomended for a medium sized female. You're not prodding at all! From my years of stalking the Nerd Fitness forums I have seen so much support which is why I finally opened up here I want to give support too! And the links above are wonderful and great too! And I actually met my coach at my gym. She is the wife of the Crossfit instructor I go to (they work together) and we became friends through just sharing stories about our weight loss journeys. She had a very similar experience and wanted to help me out. Plus, she is a nerd and loves cosplay too so when she heard I wanted to be a muscle dbz super saiyan she was excited! Ask questions! posts successes! posts worries! Lets all move forward together and be badasses who eat and train like warriors!
  13. Wow, thank you so much! This is really encouraging! I got some negative feed back from people around me when I let them know I was quitting calorie counting and my morning workouts. They said I was being taught to undo all the good habits I had obtained. But I don't think they realize just how hard I was on myself about counting calories and how guilty and awful I felt when I over ate - and even worse when I stuck to it and hadn't seen a pound budge in a year and a half. It's exhausting to feel that pressure all the time, but all people see is you losing the weight so I don't think it registers how it can also be dangerous. There were a few times where I was looking into treatment because I would have slight panic attacks or get angry if somebody messed with my food (omg you added BUTTER to my veggies? I ineed to recalculate EVERYTHING) and I know it wasn't healthy, but I literally needed someone to take my hand. I've been doing this all on my own for years so putting trust in someone else has been scary too! So thank you. Thank you SO much!
  14. Definitely not 2.5k a day! And actually, I was put under strict orders not to count any of my calories for the first month. My coach really wants to break my obsessive cycle with calorie counting (we are working on more than just the physical I suppose). It's hard to turn the switch off since I know about how many cals are in everything I've been eating but I try not to let my brain add it up. If I were to take a rough guess I'd put it somewhere between 1,500-1,700 a day depending on what I'm choosing for my protein. But like I said, I have really put up a mental block and just follow The Zone's 3 block plan. Now that I am not doing my morning HIIT I am just doing my hour crossfit class 6 days a week. After the WOD I usually ask for an extra strength movement to complete (I have a lot more energy so this is never an issue!) I definitely still have moments when I'm eating that I freak out a little bit about the amount of food with the added stress of relinquishing my morning calorie burn. But my coach keeps telling me to breathe through it and think of it as "Your body has been underfed and tired for a very long time. You're giving it the break it needs to grow." Which, I think is very true but still it's a very difficult mental barrier to break through. I have a 2 week check in tomorrow for BF% and Weight to see if things might need to be tweaked I'll let you know what I find out if you want!
  15. oh! Its so cool to hear youre liking Strong Curves! I always feel like my glutes get sore way easier than my other muscles haha I must have not worked them enough in the past either xD Keep me updated on how it's all going! I bet that pullup is closer than you think!
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