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  1. Gah! Injuries are the worst. We should banish them from this world....some...how. Sounds like a job for a brigade... of sorts... *looks around*... why yes, I think we are all here. HMMMM. <insert :thinking: emoticon which is somehow not in the set?!> oh... and hi! Hope you heal quickly!
  2. Injuries suck. That is all.

    1. Maggie-Miau


      Aw, they do indeed. I hope you recover quickly and well.

    2. AshPS


      yes, but you are strong and awesome and you can overcome. :)

    3. - Will -

      - Will -

      I second what Miaulin, and Ash said! Give yourself the rest you need, so you can get back to it as soon as possible. You can do it – you can overcome! Keep on striving forward, Cinalyc :D

  3. OH HI! Such timing we have. I just logged on to start all over again with this madness once more. Glad to see you're back at it as well! Baby steps are very good indeed - don't forget about the rules of the rebellion: where you're going is the important part
  4. Sygil

    AshPS-Once Again

    OH HI THERE. I heard you like unicorns. Does this count? So awesome to see that you're back! Sorry to hear about your knee though :/ I blew up my ankle completely and just started walking again, so you're not alone! No thread for me (yet), since I imagine you'll ask Keep up the ranger-woop-wooping! (I don't know what this means - rangers seem pretty odd as far as I can gather, just kick ass okay? )
  5. WOW, YOU PEOPLE ARE ALIVE, HI. I hope you're both doing awesome <3
  6. Excellent Nothing wrong with that - you clearly have bigger fish to fry, and are frying them quite thoroughly! Also.. where are these restaurants anyway? As... everyone probably knows, I didn't participate in the challenge - BUT, I am now practising guitar for 7+ hours every week and actually learning new and useful things and getting better at it, thus completely shattering my prior goal of "play 3 times a week and maybe learn something or whatever." I also did get my squats back up to 225lbs 230lbs tomorrow!
  7. You're probably figuring this out already, given the pristine example above, but how you feel is a direct result of what you do and what you eat. Keep improving those two things, little by little, and you will begin feeling like a million bucks in no time. If you aim for minimal but measurable improvement, and then do it more and more often as you get comfortable with the small changes you make, you get to improve yourself all the freaking time with very little effort. Keep kicking ass! Oh, and P.S. Those who do train with weights on consecutive days do so by targeting different muscle groups, thus working one part of the body while another recovers. This isn't necessary to achieve significant results until you are reaching your limits, and making gains is much more difficult, which I imagine takes many years. It also has a higher demand on your time, so not particularly recommended. Recovery is very important, just ask my silly injuries from overdoing it.
  8. MAYDAY, MAYDAY, BRIGADE DOWN. Weeks 3, 4, and 5, were excellent though, I assure you. I also have no idea what happened, but my calendar says I was busy. I'm also getting my squat back up to 225lbs after having to deload though I did notice my knees caving in on a rep. Boo!
  9. Yep, the real ones can look kind of scary. I would likely avoid them As for me and NF challenges, the shortest explanation is that I decided to lay out every last one of my life goals and work on at least one every day in some way, while continuing to maintain all of my health and fitness goals (which don't tend to change very much recently). This exploded into me constantly being busy to the point that I seriously do not have time to post about anything. This train must keep on trucking. I shouldn't even be posting this right now I might return after I've knocked a few of the bigger goals off the list. Until then, it's really great to hear from you. Good luck with everything! Oh, and thanks again for your help when I first joined NF - this snowball effect of "most productive I've ever been in my entire freaking life" did start there
  10. OHI! Welcome back to NF land. <insert water unicorn> I'm really too lazy to find one... Edit: I lied, and although it was easy to find, it's purdy: Or... apparently there are real ones.
  11. Yeah, I've been tracking my progress using trello boards... Not sure I'd recommend doing it that way though, it can be a little weird to make it work for you.
  12. Hurray Harihead! Now someone just needs to make a new brigade... I want to do a challenge on here and not have it take somuchtime I don't think that's possible, though?! Maybe I'll get less busy... eventually... I'm kind of in the same boat with the "scheduled allofthetime"
  13. Yes, plenty of metal guitarists started with classical training and a foundation in music theory. Many also did not WHY IS IT SO QUIET IN HERE? I'm not even doing a challenge and I seem to be more noisy... (well, I am - just not one that is tracked on here? )
  14. I certainly counts for something. I never got close I don't know why, but I never actually thought about trying to learn power metal songs... probably because I can't stand them after a while. But learning to play them is something else entirely!
  15. Yeah, pretty sure I don't have the patience for that I've been working on my guitar skills though. I found out it feels amazing to play melodies at high speed shred like a badass and actually not screw it up. It's as if I've become one with the guitar. Must find more songs to play... *drool* I wonder what happened to our martial arts friend from a past challenge... I've been pondering doing that recently, too. Oh, swampling! I had a dream I was walking around on my hands and could actually keep my balance it was fun. Maybe I should try that... I can't see it going as well as in the dream, though.
  16. Well, there is all of that raw fish, and the rare blue steak, but I'm sure I'm fine! All of the malnutrition brought with tape worms probably makes it rather difficult to lift increasingly heavier things. Though I'm still not quite up to where I was with squats and deadlifts before I took a 2.5 week "heal ze ankle" break Although I suppose I'm squatting a lot more with better form, so technically I'm ahead of where I was? 200lbs should be easy when I get to it... How's everyone else doing?
  17. I'm really not here, but definitely still doing things... like hitting an all-time (okay, I was obviously lighter as a child) body weight low of 156lbs (-31lbs from when I started on NF, bwahaha). Not sure if due to lifting things and eating clean, or tape worm... but I'm hoping it's the former. I started trying to spin chopsticks... it... didn't go so well. At least it wasn't in a restaurant ?
  18. Those moments where you discover something you didn't know existed that happens to be freaking awesome. Did I mention that's awesome? It's awesome. Seriously, it's nothing more than a self-inflicted barricade. SPIN THEM PENS.
  19. I have no idea what you're talking about! Explain? WHAT'S IT WITH US PEOPLE AND INJURING OUR FOOTSIES? GAH! I hope you heal soon. I'm certainly taking my sweet time Eww, bodyweight exercises I attempted to do a thousand pushups and (as expected) failed not so long ago. My shoulders died, as did muscles I didn't really know I had. It does kind of make me want to do stupid amounts of pushups more often though... What kind of craziness are you learning about your diet? (clearly too lazy to go read anyone's thread because they all have a thousand posts in them)
  20. Awesome work DWD! How's everyone else doing? It's rather quiet around here I may not post very often anymore, but I'm damn well keeping at it and attacking all of the goals one by one. I feel like I've grown wings and I'm learning to fly now... or something! Clearly Gargoyle was the right choice
  21. Hurray! I pretty much program exclusively in C++, going so far as to invoke the black arts of C++11 bestowed upon the particular compiler at hand. I do however use perl, python, and bash scripts for a number of smaller things as well. Building stuff that works is incredibly hard. Building stuff that works correctly in all cases is much harder. Yay programming! Programming aside, I have amazing news. AMAZING NEWS TIME I saw the podiatrist this morning, who verified I've been doing almost everything right with my ankle, and can continue all manner of weight training and even climbing so long as I ice the evil thing and avoid maximum ROM. My only mistakes were judging by pain while climbing rather than strictly avoiding full ROM, and the fact I wasn't icing my ankle after. I should be able to climb with full force if I follow these simple modifications for what I shall just assume is a full 8 weeks. I can officially stop slacking off and just lift things, starting tomorrow! All of this thought about lifting things has made me quite hungry.... *wanders off to the fridge that conveniently follows the team into battle* ...I just pondered making an actual RPG for the brigade where we can target our planks at friendlies who actively take damage and so on. I so don't have the energy to do this, but it'd be so much fun!...I think. *runs away*
  22. Yeeah, writing that story does look like a lot of work! Take it easy buddy, we're not going anywhere and you can always continue when your pizazz returns. I hope the roughness becomes silky smooth soon! Or at least a bit shinier? I third this! I like this idea! I don't have a challenge and I've been taking it uber-easy (I receive judgement of what I'm truly allowed to do tomorrow), but I have been trying to strengthen my weaker bits so that I can actually do a full ROM pull-up, since I totally forgot about wanting to be able to do that. I also even started programming at home for fun again, which I haven't done in a year apparently. Soooo, I guess I'm cheating since I have no actual challenge, but I shall: Do inverted rows and one-arm DB presses to fix muscle imbalances and get closer to full ROM pull-up.Actually get a long lost programming project into a mostly-working stable state! Also, do we have any other programmers...? I get the feeling Swampling is one of these things, since git project Uber vague and I don't know if this is quite what you were thinking of, but... there it is!
  23. I... don't have a challenge yet! I may not even have one. Awaiting judgement on my injuries. This is uh... boring. I shall however stalk this thread and perhaps just go with my battle log until next challenge, whenever I do come back alive. I see I've already joined by way of story anyway!
  24. Excellent! Our army (re?)grows further I personally have no idea what I'm doing next challenge... at all. Must have current ankle status re-evaluated (professionally) and... otherwise I'm sort of lost. I did post a supremely short challenge summary here though. Maybe I should just make next challenge about solving all of these weird problems I've managed to come up with! (right/left muscle imbalances that are visually noticeable, terrible row form, notrowingwithdumbbells, ankle and shoulder eternally not-fully-healing, mobility issues).
  25. HI I have no idea who you are, but I'm sure someone does! Care to allude to your mysterious past with the brigade?
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