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  1. I do every other day... I agree that it's not enough for full recovery only if you take the muscle to complete failure... advanced trained and younger athletes can recover that fast... are you working to failure? I run every day which leans me out and contributes more to ab definition than ab work does... is your goal core strength or aesthetics?
  2. raw fish over vegetables and rice...
  3. i thought I would welcome you back belatedly and properly... sorry I wasn't able to gif-it-out... :-)
  4. these few posts are for my friend tom Kenobi and his family...
  5. ima dude but took this test and I guess ima perfect rectangle like gwinneth paltrow, cameron diaz and jennifer ennis... not bad if I say so myself...
  6. nah... I don't know why this is so funny... but it is... 'nother day at the bridal shop...
  7. shall we wrap it up tonight with a cat and mouse tonight...?
  8. is this a thing that's catching on with women now...? for the record... she's cheating with a cinched bag... hahaha... she's still awesome though...
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