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  1. August 7, 2015 A horse! Let us get back on it. Exercise None. Food Breakfast: A banana and granola bar. Lunch: I made nice soup! Sweet potato and carrot with some apple and roast cauliflower. It was good, but I'm really hungry. Dinner: Chicken sandwich and a donut. Late: Pizza and carrots at Luke's birthday party. Alcohol: A gin and tonic which turned out to be way stronger than I thought. Notes Things to try - yoga, swimming, that bodyweight workout. I didn't eat enough for breakfast and lunch, I think... and that made 'dinner' way out of whack.
  2. May 14, 2015 Exercise None. Unless you count walks with Jen. Food Breakfast: Hot chocolate and muffin. Lunch: No lunch today, too busy at work. Dinner: Some macaroni and leftover Chinese food with my folks. Notes Long weekend. Lots to do.
  3. May 13, 2015 Exercise Walked from work to the theatre. Food Breakfast: Croissant and tea. Lunch: The rest of the tomato soup and sweet potato. Snack: Almonds. Dinner: Tried and failed to eat on Broadway and Granville again. Went home and had leftover Indian food around 11. Notes Hold on.
  4. May 12, 2015 Exercise Nooooone. I slept in til seven. Food Breakfast: Oatmeal and a hash brown. Lunch: Roasted sweet potato. Dinner: Ugh, pizza. So much pizza. I made myself sick. Notes I have lost my glasses and it makes every work day a misery.
  5. I get knocked down... but I get up again! Y'never gonna keep me down! (Did you know that Chumbawumba was an incredibly diverse anarcho-punk band that made fabulous music for over 35 years?) May 11, 2015 Exercise 6am walk/run, mo-fos. About forty-five minutes, around Trout Lake. And then straight to pilates. I feel like a goddamn virtuous person, then I remembered my roomie does this every day.Food Breakfast: Croissant and teaLunch: Homemade tomato soup and roasted cauliflower.Dinner: Tried to find food on Granville - bought a beef smokie but it was gross, so I didn't eat it.Late: Hot choco
  6. Ugh. I could go back in my mind to record everything that happened this long weekend. But I'm not going to. I've had a really hard time this week, and if I'm being honest, for the past couple weeks as well. Things that are good: I've moved from long periods of fasting interspersed with bingeing to a new 'normal' of three meals a day plus a snack.I still enjoy pilates and can see myself doing them long-term.I've cut back on pastries and hot chocolate.I have held to the pizza twice a month rule.Things that are bad: Now that I'm eating regularly, I spend way more money on food since my plan
  7. Thanks Elastigirl. I'm trying to re-focus and pick a new, more specific goal going forwards. Struggling to hang onto my drive.
  8. April 1, 2015 Exercise None. Zero. Food Breakfast: Oatmeal and a hash brown. Lunch: Caesar salad with chicken. Snack: The most delicious and inappropriate brownie. Dinner: Butter chicken with rice and naan. I feel good because the restaurant we were at served an enormous portion and I was able to stop eating at an appropriate time and take the rest home. Notes I have thoughts about where I am right now fitness-wise and I am going to write them down when I have time.
  9. March 31, 2015 Exercise Pilates with Katherine! We were both very proud that we did our workout even though Lisa is away on vacation. Food Breakfast: Croissant and tea. Lunch: Green beans and tomato soup with a roll. Dinner: Thwarted by bacon! I went to the Portside for the show and ordered a kale salad, no bacon. Don't know where the mixup was, but lo there was bacon indeed. So I ate my friends potato skins instead. A poor substitute. I get frustrated when I make an effort to do something properly and it doesn't go, then I get discouraged and give up. Which is probably the real issue no
  10. Sort of. The work I am looking for now is contract-based, so I'm not jumping from one full-time job to another. I just couldn't handle staring at a screen all day. Excited to get back on set. Nervous about not having... benefits. Or a regular salary. I knew I had to quit when I started crying at work a lot. But it is scary to leave something secure, even if you are unhappy there.
  11. Trying out a new thing where I record as I go along, so I don't have to wrack my brains at the end of the day to remember what I ate. March 30, 2015 Exercise Walked 30 minutes. Food Breakfast: Pineapple and a small amount of cottage cheese. Tea. Lunch: Green beans with almonds, and a knish from Solly's. Snack: Cinnamon bun. Dinner: Leftover spaghetti. Notes I gave notice at my job today! Terrified, but excited at the same time.
  12. March 29, 2015 Exercise Did pilates (by myself) and stretched and walked. Finally. Food Breakfast: Peanut butter and honey on toast. For some reason I feel like honey is healthier than jam... but my smart-brain is telling me that is not true? Lunch: Leftover piazza and a nectarine. Dinner: I was not hungry, so I didn't eat dinner. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing. Notes Back to work tomorrow, eugh.
  13. ...not good. I mean, I'm tracking food and exercise, but it's mostly just depressing me. Food has been a little better - I've been eating breakfast every morning, mostly because I started bringing oatmeal to work. Exercise... it goes up and down. I just did a pilates set at home, which I guess is a good thing. Trying not to completely fall off the wagon, but I'm pretty much chilling on the back, definitely not driving.
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