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  1. Wow, this is an Elf and Hobbit challenge so far--two groups that should naturally excel at relaxing. Go team Hobbit!
  2. Argh, sorry. Job hunting is *so* frustrating--I was out of work for four months last year (even though I've got an in-demand technical specialty) and it was really soul-crushing. But you should have an edge since you're currently employed! That's a big plus vs. people who've been laid off.
  3. Week 3, Monday: Ouch, just missed! 1569 calories--some OJ at breakfast did me in. Still, no alcohol = +5 pts = 91 points. Almost up to book #2!
  4. Go team Hobbit! I'm sorry I didn't do more, but I ended up running around doing other stuff at work (walked five miles, in heels, on concrete one day) and then doing the book fair. Still, you and the other Hobbits stepped up!
  5. Wrapping up week 2--weighed in at 124.6 yesterday, the lightest I've been in about 2 years. Yay! Moving in the right direction. Friday: 1350, no alcohol = 10 pts Saturday: 1439, alcohol = 3 pts Sunday: 1428, alcohol = 3 pts 86 pts total. Spent the weekend at a book festival at Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Had a great time, did a ton of walking, and I'm just glad the calorie counts weren't more out of line than they were.
  6. Nailed it! (It helped that I barely had time to eat yesterday.) 1177 calories. +10 points = 70.
  7. More calories intended during my night off--I would've been OK if I'd skipped the fries. Calories = 1712. Points = 0, total 60.
  8. I'm adding the pushups and squats that I can, but I think my main contribution might be chanting: GO TREWEST GO! GO TREWEST GO!!! I shall try to find an appropriate animated gif tomorrow to express my Hobbit-y cheerleading-ness.
  9. Week 2, Day 2: Right back on track! 1214 calories, no alcohol. +10 pts = 60. Yay!
  10. I like alternating leg & arm exercises when I'm at work, so I'll try to balance squats and pushups for myself.
  11. I'll try to knock out as many of both as I can--hooray for cubicle-friendly exercises! Go Team Hobbit!
  12. Yesterday involved pizza and birthday cake, so I blew past my calorie goal again (2297). But no alcohol! +5 points = 50 points = Book One unlocked!
  13. Could someone add a final 4 miles to my line? My kayak trip yesterday got canceled and turned into a small walking tour. Knowing it would help team Hobbit took a bit of edge off my disappointment.
  14. Good job for getting the exercise in, and good job for diagnosing the unit conversion problem!
  15. OK, my birthday day is complete. I didn't get to go kayaking--bummer. The tour was canceled for various reasons. But I went out walking and exploring the Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center since I was there already and got to see some cool stuff. Then a wonderful dinner out with my husband--no kids! Calories: 2270. No points, but no regrets!
  16. Week 1, Day 6 = 1264 calories. Also a pretty active day, taking the kids to an art festival down in the south of Maryland. But had beer and wine, so +5 pts = 45 points total. Planning on zero for Sunday, but Monday should earn me my first book!
  17. OK, I like wearing shoes (especially my super-comfy work boots, when I get a chance to wear them). But I like food too and I'm quite small of stature, so I still feel Hobbit-y. For the mini-challenge: yay for walking at lunch in nearby state park, and for walk to not-the-closest-to-us playground with the kids before dinner! We'll see how Saturday goes (Widget, my youngest, might be sick), but Sunday there's no guarantees. It's the day before my birthday, and my birthday gift to myself this year is a half-day guided kayak trip. (Last year it was an outdoor rock climbing class.) Great for exercise! Not so great for walking numbers.
  18. Week 1, Day 5, just so I don't forget: 1339 calories, but had some wine as part of that. +5 = 40 points. We'll see how Saturday goes--but Sunday is effectively my birthday, so all bets are off!
  19. Week 1, Day 4: 1386 calories, woohoo! Had a close call when my initial dinner plans didn't work out, but my frozen burrito back-up is still a pretty healthy option and didn't put me over. +10 pts = 35 total.
  20. On Day 3, squeaked under the calorie limit! 1364 calories thanks to some extra walking and making very conservative food choices. +5 points = 25 total. Halfway to Book #1!
  21. BTW, I have just have to share because it makes me SO happy: part of my extra walking came last night when, after dinner when he would often be settling down to play on an iPad, I was talking with my 4 year old about the stars and we decided to walk down to the local park that has the best view of the sky. We went stargazing together! He was so happy and chattering all the way there and back--he also loved playing with my headlamp on the way back. Hooray for clear-but-not-too-chilly autumn nights! And he walked almost all the way there and back (about 6 blocks-ish), I only had to carry him a little bit.
  22. Day 2, nailed it! 1190 calories thanks to a very veggie-heavy dinner and extra walking. (Thanks mini-challenge!) +10 points = 20 so far. I don't expect to get any points on Day 3, but there's a chance I'll be under 1550 if I'm smart about things.
  23. I'll update the spreadsheet tonight, but I got an extra 1.5 miles walking yesterday, winding up at 9700 steps = 4.8 miles; and so far I walked an extra 3/4 mile this morning. Looking good!
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