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  2. Super late here, but yeah, just straight up ask. I tend to ask my clients what they'd like me to focus on for the session, and that's when you would say "glutes, please!"
  3. I know I already said it on facebook... Seriously I know so much butt stuff.
  4. [Workout - 12/23/2015] Weightlifting (kg) Muscle snatch close grip:25x3x430x2x3 Clean:35x3x240x345x2x4505355x1x2 Snatch pull + below knee:40x2 (2+3)45x4 (2+2)
  5. [Workout - 12/21/2015] Weightlifting (kg) - Garage Gym Snatch pause at knee:25x3x230x2x3 Clean + front squat:35x2 (2+3)40x2 (2+3)45x3 (1+3) https://instagram.com/p/_khmSwpK1M/
  6. It hasn't really been a week since I trained >.> Just an informal comp on Saturday and some technique work. [Workout - 12/16/2015] Weightlifting (kg) Clean straight knee (high hang/no dip):30x3x335x2x4 Front squat + jerk:30x3 (3+2)35x5 (2+2)40 (2+2) Snatch pull pause + pull:40x3 (3+1)45x4 (2+1) Back extensions:15x6x4
  7. Dear RP, I say this entirely in love, support, and friendship. Consider setting aside the "be under 200" goal for a while. As someone who unintentionally bulked and cut this year, the best thing I did was NOT FOCUS ON MY WEIGHT. I tracked and recorded it, but I did not (totally) beat myself up about it. I focused on consistency and habit building, and I feel that the results speak for themselves. I'm stronger, more flexible, and have more endurance than I did a year ago, and I'm the same (or slightly higher) weight at this point. I have less fat and more muscle. I MIGHT have gone up a
  8. [Workout - 12/11/2015] Weightlifting (kg) Snatch:30x3x333x2x235x2x4 Clean:40x345x2x350x2x4 Back squat:50x560x565x4x4
  9. You know it. My arms are all kinds of swole now.
  10. [Workout - 12/7/2015] Weightlifting (kg) Muscle clean + push press:30x4 (2+3)35x4 (2+2) Power snatch blocks:28x3x430x232.5x2x3 Snatch pull + below knee pull:40x2 (2+3)45x4 (2+2) Squat jumps:15x5x5
  11. [Workout - 12/4/2015] Weightlifting (kg) Power snatch:25x3x330x2x43335x1x3 Power clean + power jerk:30x2 (2+2)35x2 (2+2)40x4 (2+2) Snatch pull slow down:35x540x4x345x3x2 Jump blocks:30
  12. Haha thanks I've been slacking a bit since my competition at the end of October/I got sick, but hoping to get more consistent again here soon. Work has been slamming me physical-activity wise so at least I'm not totally sedentary.
  13. [Workout - 11/23/2015] Weightlifting (kg) Clean pull + clean:30 (3+2) 35 (3+2)40 (3+2)45x5 (3+1)48 (3+1) Clean pull blocks:55x465x4x275x3x6 Good mornings seated:15x5x5
  14. [Workout - 11/20/2015] Weightlifting (kg) Snatch blocks: 25x3x2 30x2x2 33x2x2 35 Back squat close feet: 50x4x3 60x4x3 Snatch pull platform: 45x4x4 50x3x3
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