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  2. Super late here, but yeah, just straight up ask. I tend to ask my clients what they'd like me to focus on for the session, and that's when you would say "glutes, please!"
  3. I know I already said it on facebook... Seriously I know so much butt stuff.
  4. [Workout - 12/23/2015] Weightlifting (kg) Muscle snatch close grip:25x3x430x2x3 Clean:35x3x240x345x2x4505355x1x2 Snatch pull + below knee:40x2 (2+3)45x4 (2+2)
  5. [Workout - 12/21/2015] Weightlifting (kg) - Garage Gym Snatch pause at knee:25x3x230x2x3 Clean + front squat:35x2 (2+3)40x2 (2+3)45x3 (1+3) https://instagram.com/p/_khmSwpK1M/
  6. It hasn't really been a week since I trained >.> Just an informal comp on Saturday and some technique work. [Workout - 12/16/2015] Weightlifting (kg) Clean straight knee (high hang/no dip):30x3x335x2x4 Front squat + jerk:30x3 (3+2)35x5 (2+2)40 (2+2) Snatch pull pause + pull:40x3 (3+1)45x4 (2+1) Back extensions:15x6x4
  7. Dear RP, I say this entirely in love, support, and friendship. Consider setting aside the "be under 200" goal for a while. As someone who unintentionally bulked and cut this year, the best thing I did was NOT FOCUS ON MY WEIGHT. I tracked and recorded it, but I did not (totally) beat myself up about it. I focused on consistency and habit building, and I feel that the results speak for themselves. I'm stronger, more flexible, and have more endurance than I did a year ago, and I'm the same (or slightly higher) weight at this point. I have less fat and more muscle. I MIGHT have gone up a pant size while I was gaining weight, if I actually wore something other than elastic. Giant pictures in the spoiler section: I eat A LOT AND ALL THE TIME. You are an active individual! It is critical to feed your body for those activities so it can GROW MUSCLE. If you can afford it, try getting a few months of nutrition consulting. Worst case scenario it doesn't work and you're only out a few hundred bucks. Best case scenario is that you outsource the hard-thinking part of food to someone else and you're able to make progress. Having a coach for food is no less valuable than having a coach (or sensei) for training. I'd like to reiterate that I love you, and support just about any life decision you could make. I just can't hold back the frustration I feel when I see you struggling to achieve what I feel is an arbitrary numbers goal and continuing to starve/binge/injure yourself any longer.
  8. [Workout - 12/11/2015] Weightlifting (kg) Snatch:30x3x333x2x235x2x4 Clean:40x345x2x350x2x4 Back squat:50x560x565x4x4
  9. You know it. My arms are all kinds of swole now.
  10. [Workout - 12/7/2015] Weightlifting (kg) Muscle clean + push press:30x4 (2+3)35x4 (2+2) Power snatch blocks:28x3x430x232.5x2x3 Snatch pull + below knee pull:40x2 (2+3)45x4 (2+2) Squat jumps:15x5x5
  11. [Workout - 12/4/2015] Weightlifting (kg) Power snatch:25x3x330x2x43335x1x3 Power clean + power jerk:30x2 (2+2)35x2 (2+2)40x4 (2+2) Snatch pull slow down:35x540x4x345x3x2 Jump blocks:30
  12. Haha thanks I've been slacking a bit since my competition at the end of October/I got sick, but hoping to get more consistent again here soon. Work has been slamming me physical-activity wise so at least I'm not totally sedentary.
  13. [Workout - 11/23/2015] Weightlifting (kg) Clean pull + clean:30 (3+2) 35 (3+2)40 (3+2)45x5 (3+1)48 (3+1) Clean pull blocks:55x465x4x275x3x6 Good mornings seated:15x5x5
  14. [Workout - 11/20/2015] Weightlifting (kg) Snatch blocks: 25x3x2 30x2x2 33x2x2 35 Back squat close feet: 50x4x3 60x4x3 Snatch pull platform: 45x4x4 50x3x3
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