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  1. Hey Granny Nogg, just thought I'd drop you a note because I haven't seen you around.  Hope all is going well.


    I just noticed on your profile you have a birthday coming up, my is three days after yours (and two years before, but we'll leave THAT alone!).  Happy Birthday!

  2. Thank you, the support means so much to me. Honest to God, I'd it wasn't for NF, this would throw me completely off my routine rather than be a temporary interruption. I'm just not strong enough to do it on my own. You guys rock, thanks for reading and holding my hands. ....*sent from my tiny particle accelerator*....
  3. Wow so I'm not getting notifications that I had replies. Sorry, I should have checked the thread manually. So where to start? It looks like grandma will be approved for an independent senior retirement home about 15 minutes drive from my house (and 5 from my daughter). They've already reserved the apartment for her. Allen is flying down in a week and we're packing the truck, then he's leaving ahead of us. It's looking like we'll be driving 3-4 days, because grandma has a bad back and we are stopping in Charleston to see my youngest son and his family.
  4. Thank you, everyone. Thought you might get a smile out of this snapshot of grandma taking to the girls - she'd never used headphones before so she's holding the ear buds up to her ears. Made me smile. ....*sent from my tiny particle accelerator*....
  5. Thank you guys so much for the hugs and prayers! I need it badly. An update on my grandma. Allot has happened. First, the landlord had the air conditioning fixed yesterday. That's huge. I don't know how my dad and grandmother endured south Florida in August with no AC! She said it's been broken for the whole four years she's lived here. She told me that she doesn't get cold because she's nothing but bones. And that's true, she looks emaciated to me. But the humidity isn't good for her. I think there was allot of not good things happening inside my dad's head, maybe the whole time his mom
  6. Hi everyone, my father died suddenly on Monday, and I'm flying to Palm Beach to bury him and gather up my 96 year old grandmother and move her to Illinois. I really need the accountability here, so that I stay on track with my challenge. It's all the harder but I need the consistency so I don't get derailed. It'll help me cope with the changes while I go through this valley. ....*sent from my tiny particle accelerator*....
  7. Yay, the Crunchy Knees League! Kinda like the Justice League except we can't sneak up on anybody like Batman because they'd hear our knees a mile away. .. *jk* Thanks on the knee sleeves, ban looming online at the links you guys gave and also amazon, etc. I just last weekend spent $ on more micro plates and 5-pound regular plates, so now I don't have enough money to get a really good pair of the sleeves. So is a cheap pair better than no pair, or should I wait a few months and get the better ones? ....*sent from my tiny particle accelerator*....
  8. Workout log Squats -- still at bodyweight, 3 sets of 10. I widened my stance, it's not quite sumo I think but definitely wider than shoulder width, and then aimed my toes out more, maybe 11 and 1 o'clock. That does seem to help reduce some of the strain on that knee. I tried a set up against a wall-- have you seen that, training to squat upright by using a wall? It stressed my knee, so I didn't do it for the third set. I feel the strain in my knee right now sitting at my desk, so that means ice. :/ Wall Push Ups -- @elastigirl, I gotta tell ya, those GMB wrist ext
  9. Awesome, thanks guys! Hey do you find that wearing the sleeves makes your squat harder to get atg because the fabric is in the way and pinches the back of your knee? My knees and lower thighs are still kinda fleshy so I was wondering about how the sleeves would affect that. Thanks for the link Mark! And yes to rice crispy knees, yikes. Dampening that noise would be helpful indeed.
  10. Yesterday I was a grumpy, whiny, weepy mess. The kind where you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. If I hadn't had a hysterectomy 20 years ago I'd have thought I was having shark week start. Went to the therapist and he made the suggestion of setting my alarm to wake up at the same time every day. He referenced some studies about circadian rhythms, and the things that can happen if you let your sleep cycles get all over the map. He thinks that might be part of my really emo day. Good advice, going to give that a try. I used to be on a schedule like that years ago, and I can fall aslee
  11. Eating feelings. ... sigh. Yesterday was tough. I didn't give in, but it was very very hard not to. Usually I do, and I hate myself afterwards, plus when I eat feelings it's never vegetables. Why couldn't it be vegetables??! No it's always something sweet when I eat my feelings, and then that triggers my sugar cravings for days afterwards. ....*sent from my tiny particle accelerator*....
  12. Same here, and from challenges I'd followed. ....*sent from my tiny particle accelerator*....
  13. Today's breakfast was an Eggwhite Protein shake with frozen blueberries. I had a morning snack of some beef jerky. Lunch was a big Asian chopped salad with char siu on it. I've been trying to have a big salad for lunches lately. I also had a little cubed watermelon I saw at Kroger. It wasn't very good watermelon, so I only ate a little. Dinner was beer battered fish filets, tater tots, and another generous chopped salad. Calories were 1580 out of 1500. Protein was 94, fat 76, carbs 138, fiber 14, and net carbs 124. Hit all my macro targets except the fiber. ....*sent from my tiny
  14. Absolutely is the crafter spirit. "Ooooo shiny" could be our meditation mantra. Self discipline in this area doesn't come easily. Well, I made the decision to cut while I was thinking about my injury today, and only because said jeans dunna fit, so well see how it goes. But it just made sense; lightening the exercise load means I don't need all the extra calories. So turn the injury into something salvageable by losing some fat. Awesome on the fence stakes! And made me smile about the farmer gene. ....*sent from my tiny particle accelerator*....
  15. Sounds like you're going to have some serious fun at that gym! ! ....*sent from my tiny particle accelerator*....
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